plot with a quiet, old apprentice

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  • Hi! I'm Rayton, Tinypaw's roleplayer. I would love to have some more plots with Tiny, especially so I can keep a good bit of muse for her, since I love her so much. She is an older apprentice, 18 moons to be exact. She had left Darkclan, where she was born, at around 9 moons. Then, she came back around 7 moons later. She came back after something happened where she was staying, and has yet to tell anyone about it, as she has purposely hid it. She is pretty shy and stays out of everyones way, taking notice to try to avoid the Queens and Kits, and the den they also stay in. While she was away, she ended up having a litter of 3 kits, who all passed away. One of the three, the one she carries the most guilt for, was murdered by her mate, which has caused a few emotion issues for her, but she tries to keep everything sealed away, as she wants no one to know as she feels ashamed.

    open to ->

    *interaction threads

    *friends, acquaintances, enemies, etc.

    *romance (she would be very scared to get in a romance, as during her time away she had a mate, and the relationship ended badly)

    *if you have any ideas, most likely i'll be open to it

    closed to ->

    *litters (if she ever had a litter it would be as an accident, as she is afraid to have kits again

    *murder, death, capture

    when in doubt

    let your heart lead your fowards, not back

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  • sunnybee- that sounds great! Tinypaw would love to have another friend even if she didn't know they were worried cause she is one of the quiet ones Would you like to do some sort of like, interaction maybe? Tinypaw doing something on her own maybe, being quiet as usual ofc and him coming up to her or something? Also, I can make the thread if you like~

    when in doubt

    let your heart lead your fowards, not back

    tags. | played by main.

  • Friends with mothflame maybe? They could have thread where he tries to offer her some extra training to try and help her finally get her Warrior name and they could bond that way?