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Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!
  • There once was a cat bathed in gold. He was surrounded by the whispering ghosts of his ancestors and his beloved family, finding love and friendship in the most gruesome of places. There they lived in a graveyard of their own minds. There they tainted their thoughts with irrationality due to the customs they knew from youth. However there was no suffering; they lived surrendered to false prophets that promised them protection and madness.

    But it all fell apart. Lotus disappeared and without someone to guide them all chaos ensued. The spirits angered by the disorder, took revenge on Fenrir by taking his beloved. Without Osiris he truly was nothing. His darker half, his shadow, his dear with a crown made of bones was lost... and so was Fenrir's heart. In shambles was all he had ever known and lost was his paws. He wandered the outstretches of the grove and into territories he never had the courage to explore... And in these foreign lands came the attack.

    He did not have long to react to the shuffling behind him. In moments there was cats tearing down his large form, taking advantage of his hunger deprived state and ripping him to pieces. It took him all he could to shake them off and run into the unknown, blood gushing from his throat and the stub of where his tail used to be. He was blinded by scarlet before long, dripping into his eyes from his torn ear, having to stop to collect himself. He was badly shaken and could barely catch his breathe. The cat bathed in gold was scuffed and stained.

    But here was where he found comfort. The scent of familiar alighted his eyes and sparked hope in his chest. Like a moth to a flame he followed it blindly, walking till he could no longer, and passing out in what his mind dully realized would be his final resting place.

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  • it had not been long before poet had settled himself upon foreign lands. as blasphemous as it had all felt, he had lent his body and trust to the circling spirits, heeding their words as dutifully as he would have led out lotus'. they spoke of these lands, and here he would be found, examining the new herbs and the weak-minded. trudging along their day, as poet would try to enter their heads and examine their thought processes.

    but the shaman would never escape the ghosts, and it seemed as if one had taken to follow him all the way here. eyes, blinded and holy, staring down at the figure before him. the sight was muddled, a blurred mess that had only reminded him that he will need to make more of his remedy. he was sure hemlock would happily indulge in the teller's need. a horrid and crooked paw to the familiar features of his higher up, affirming that he, indeed, was not as dead as he had looked. it would have been an easy fix, to say. if poet had only been left in the shrouded lands, appearing in the dense fog, then he could have helped fenrir to the best of his abilities.

    but poet was a fair man, and will leave the job to those who hold title to it. though, their way would take much, much longer. it had seemed that clan cats were not truly capable as poet had thought previously. their knowledge in the medicines was traditional and weak, it had never seemed to advanced any further. "and so falls the fool. have you come back from the grave, simply to die again? pathetic. i expected greater from you, fenrir." his worry had faded, logging the injuries and the blood loss. yes, a very easy fix indeed, just simply time-consuming.

    oh well, he'll simply call for the medic of these lands. perhaps he could lend assistance.




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  • he hated being bothered. he was still healing from his... incident with someone from his past. so, it was safe to say he was bitter. but was this new? he was always that way, and no one was safe from his attitude, with the exception of owlgaze, and sometimes hickorygaze. owlgaze was always so kind to him, and took him under his wing when he was younger, and hickoryroot... well.. that was a different story. as the medicine cat limped out of the camp, eventually reaching the scene with a snort of agitation. "you had to send for me, and not owlgaze?" his former mentor was probably better for the job, anyways. he wasn't exactly good at the entire bedside manner aspect of it. "you want me to treat you, or would you rather bleed out, because I can just let it happen. I don't have to do anything." he twitched his nose with irritation, looking at poet for a moment, nodding to the other, before looking at the injuried cat.







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  • TAGS ☆彡you'll help him, won't you spider? it was a genuine question, a curious one. spider was rather beat up himself, wasn't he? maybe he'd need help then, and although sunny didn't know a lot about herbs, he could help! or find someone more qualified to, that was for sure! you know him? he'd also prompt to poet, blinking at the other curiously.

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  • ・゚ ✦ ° why do love and hate sound just the same to me - Having followed Spidervenom when the summons came for the medicine cat, Oakstar's eyes narrowed slightly, golden hues flicking between Poet and Fenrir with a healthy coloring of suspicion. He wanted to trust his Clanmates, but Poet was fairly knew around here, and Oakstar knew little about him besides the countenance with which he carried himself. And this was a stranger apparently acquainted with Poet, leaving Oakstar further befuddled and on edge. Regardless, the blue tom squared his shoulders and approached with Spidervenom.

    "What is going on here?" A simple question, but one that demanded answer.

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  • ★ the sight of the starry night

    he finds it funny that others call for his former apprentice now instead of him, but then again, spider is a fully grown medicine cat. still, as he enters camp to head to his den he sees his friend exiting, on his way obviously to deal with some injury. catching up with the pale man as they close in on the collapsed tom, owlgaze hurries on his paws, concern in his features as he draws up close to his friend's other side. a soft reproachful look is sent to spidervenom at his rough words, but there's hardly any venom in it. "if he wishes it, of course we'll help him," he speaks as oakstar does. "you two know each other i presume?" he'll add to the leader's query, a glint of curiosity in his gleaming eyes. poet, while having only joined days ago, has taken an interest in the herbs of this area, and owlgaze wonders if perhaps the male had been connected to his own spirits as owlgaze is connected to starclan. this might mean that the mottled dark tom and this stranger come from the same home. curious how fate winds two lives together.


    ( he couldn't be saved )


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  • the seconds had fallen, and the influx of felines had risen. had it been in the hushed lands that they had grown in, poet would only truly be dealing with a the higher ranks. osiris, possibly fussing over an injured fenrir or inquiring about bones. lotus, as naive and pure-hearted, would truly be concerned. but that was likely it, aside from himself and hemlock. it would have been such an excellent time for a lesson, his child's education doesn't deserve to falter due to a spirit-whispered move. a sidelong glance to the sacred role that had spoke. refusing service was uncommon, and poet wasn't sure what spidervenom had expected from a cat who seemed dead anyways. perhaps he wanted fenrir to gurgle on his own blood and beg for help. "oh yes, you could say he had once been in charge of me." sunnybee had carried on the conversation, and so poet had answered the question.

    oh fenrir, once beloved lion to their unworthy eyes. and there was no osiris by his side. and with no moon, the sun will falter. what a tragic tale, but poet would suspend his sympathy until privacy would find the two of them. "a pleasant reunion, oakstar. it appears that an old friend had dropped in." fenrir had always been much stronger than poet, and with little ambition, the former never sought his destruction. his lover carried macabre interests, which ultimately benefited poet in the end. there was no use for ill-blood between them, but poet was almost positive he had died before. or perhaps it was a night of heavy hallucinations.

    "i'm doubting he'll utter a word, having been quiet for so long. so i'll speak on his behalf, he'll be wanting the relief of healing." another, more older healer. spidervenom was much easier to figure out, so poet had never spent much of his time picking apart owlgaze. and owlgaze, following like an obedient dog, had continued the questioning. "yes, yes. we had worked together for many moons. isn't that right, fenrir?" the end of his speech was not directly meant to be answered, a taunting, perhaps. perhaps it was a symptom of withdrawal that had made him so desperate in his departure. it required further testing.



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