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  • She heard stories of this place, all of her life she had been told about the glorious stone. How it shone under the moonlight and practically lit up the entire cave. It was a shame that even though she'd get to set eyes on the stone herself, it wouldn't be radiating light. The moon was once again no where to be seen from beneath the dark and heavy clouds... it still looked like a tempest was being conjured up. Like another storm was about to hit... and she couldn't help but note when she neared the entrance of mother-mouth it looked especially bad here. StarClan isn't making these thunderbolts are they? She can't help but wonder... why would they destroy the owl tree? Just for a sign? She didn't quite understood it, their omens had been quite loud and clear that they needed to leave but they also needed to have time! They couldn't just drop everything and go, her clan wasn't ready. She wasn't ready.

    The calico follows Mollypaw to the mouth of the cave, taking in a deep breath... she begins to move through it. It was pitch black, even with her eyes wide open she couldn't see within the cave. The only reason she managed not to bump into any walls was because she luckily had whiskers to guide her. After some time the cave opens up, and her jaw drops slightly.

    The stone!

    It wasn't lit up but... stars it was still beautiful!

    She takes a few moments to childishly investigate it with awe, looking it up and down. Before being reminded of why she was here, and all her childish excitement faded away.

    "So I just... touch my nose to it and then sleep?" The calico asks Mollypaw for confirmation, who presumably confirmed or denied it before possibly constructing her on what to do. Laying down, she does nothing but sit there for a few moments... shaking slightly in fear. What if they didn't accept her? What if something bad happened somehow?

    But she had to do it. She had to.

    Forcing herself to take the leap, she presses her nose to the cool stone and closes her eyes... and waits.

    After what felt like an eternity, but was probably only a pawful of seconds she opens her emerald eyes to find herself laying in a small clearing surrounded by birch trees. Flowers of multiple colors stood within it, and in the distance there was the faint sound of cheerful birdsong. Everywhere seemed to be glittered with stars, I'm here.

    I'm in StarClan.

    And upon that realization, nine StarClanner's appear before her at the edge of the clearing. Startled, Pumpkin steps back.

    It was time.

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ He had warned Pumpkinstrut prior to their descent into Mothermouth that she could not speak once they entered. Her questions were answered before they entered, and he gestured to her to place her nose against the stone after she stared at it in awe for a few moments. Watching her lay down and almost instantly fall asleep, Molly sighed, blue eyes straying from the soon to be leader to land on the shimmering, smooth rock.

    He felt a pull towards the stone, and his chest ached. He hadn't heard from StarClan in moons, and now he was faced with a choice. Leave with ThunderClan and likely never see his family again, or give up the path he had sworn to follow and stay behind with his family at the barn. It hardly seemed like a fair choice, but it was one he would have to make. Eventually deciding to throw caution to the wind, Molly lay down a few paces from Pumpkinstrut and stretched to press his own nose to the Moonstone. Maybe he would be granted some guidance here.

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    Whiteheart: Senior Warrior of ThunderClan

    Loudpaw: Apprentice of ThunderClan

    Starlingkit: Kit of RiverClan
    Waspfang: Warrior of ShadowClan

    Heatherpaw: Apprentice of ShadowClan
    Houndpaw: Apprentice of SkyClan

    Hivestalker: Warrior of DarkClan

    Feverpaw: Apprentice of DarkClan

    Lionpaw: Apprentice of WindClan


  • How long had it been? Since he'd seen a Thunderclan leader rise to the occasion so quickly in succession of their predecessor? It pained him but with the current events of their home as they knew it; both of the living below and their starry home now. So much was changing in so little time. There were things they could not foresee anymore, and honestly, with all the uncertainty, there was one thing that stood true... Starclan and their living descendants had to band together to survive. Looking down upon his old friend's daughter, the old tom could only feel a sense of pride as he looked upon the mottled she-cat. That awe-struck determined gaze, the same gaze he'd had when he first saw Starclan for the first time all those moons ago. Some time it had been for sure... As he joined his fellow Starclanners, walking alongside one another, he took in the sight of the young feathery white young tom who'd accompanied Pumpkinstrut. Casting a warm smile that reached his yellow green eye, he hoped he'd be able to give the young soul a little encouragement to follow his heart's desires later.

    Seeing as he made the first move, breaking apart from the semi-circular line of Starclan cats, Blackstar gave the young femme a small nod. Flamestar hadn't joined their ranks yet, so he wished the young deputy that her mother wouldn't anytime soon. The heavily scarred tom carried his past with pride as he towered above Pumpkinstrut. "Greetings young one. You've grown into a fine deputy, now becoming a leader. For your first life, I wish to share impart these words of wisdom to you. Outright, I had been born to two loners. My sister, brothers and I made four ill-fated siblings; misguided and unhappy. We were made to be dark-minded and quite the danger to those that came to meet our bloodied claws. A split in our paths came when I witnessed my blood-thirsty father slaughter my sister, her kits, and her mate, all because of a whim and the fact the tom was not one of ours. That savagery woke me up to reality. Although, admittedly, I had enjoyed in all of that in that dark point of my life, there was something my soul longed for. To touch and feel the light of a good life." Staring past the painted she-cat, he resumed his recollection of his memories. "The last thing I did, as the eldest of all my siblings was run away, only to realize I needed to stop the madness. Taking my partially brainwashed, kit brother and ending that monster, I lived a different life. I started that change. Nonetheless still bloody, and very much still lacking. But I had met Thunderclan, and a little before that, found and lost my first love. In all those experiences I had learned quite a lot about myself and those I chanced meeting. Looking back, I realize there are many things I wish to change and do differently. But then again, we would not be living our lives if we did everything so perfectly. Living, we can constantly think, is this the right thing to do? How can I do this? Am I enough? Will I ever be enough...?" In the heat of his speech, it was like the blazing fires of his chaotic youth seemed to ignite a different sense around them. Continuing, he now focused his eye on Pumpkinstrut. He did not know the depths of her "Again, it is not easy. We learn from those mistakes, regrets, advice from those around us, or even just watching a situation unfold even if it does not pertain to you or anyone close to you... that knowledge is gained in time. But, you must know, it is yours to use. If, and only, if you take hold of it."

    With a sudden blur, the large muscular tom pressed his heavily, marred maw to the tri-colored leader-to-be. There was so much to give and take when you had a life full of many different experiences. Love was hot and passionate; fear was chilling and dark. Strong poignant emotions that could never leave your soul. Wisdom is an intrinsic factor in one's life when you take a step back to realize it. When you realize change is needed, even though it could lead to difficult decisions, or losing yourself in the process; when leading a clan wisdom was the root of many aspects to guiding those under your protection and care. This was a responsibility so crushing, and yet, equally so terrifying. With wisdom, you can kill or be killed. Like a thundering storm, the heaviness of this life would weigh down. When he'd been granted the same eye-opening experience, Blackstorm, as he had been known back then found that the change begun within, the innate wisdom he'd refused to acknowledge was something he would forever be thankful for. "My dear, lead with a sound heart, use this life of wisdom to protect Thunderclan with all you are. When you change within yourself, life shifts on the outside as well, just as it will for your clan."

    Stepping back, the faint stars that scattered across the melanistic bengal's pelt seemed to dance as Blackstar silently regarded the Thunderclan successor. He prayed that this life he gave would be a long lasting lesson throughout her days as a Thunderclan leader. Softly, he whispered his encouragement. "It won't be easy... have faith in the wisdom you have. You are a wise cat with many moons ahead of you."

    Looking to his grandson as he passed by- Molly, really resembled his mate and daughter so much- he could only look with a sad smile. Black knew the conflict of the young feathery white tom. He did not know whether them meeting in the starry skies would help, but all he knew was that his kin had it in them. To follow their heart's desires and choose the place they belonged. "Mollypaw? Don't be afraid of what your heart says. You belong wherever it leads you to. Your family will always be your family, your loved ones yours; no matter where you are."

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    "i wait for the morning."

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  • Next up was Squirrelpaw. She hadn't known Pumpkinstrut back when she was still alive. But the apprentice kept tabs on Thunderclan when she could. The molly never dreamed of being leader or anything like that. But she had wished to become a warrior. All of that was taken because of hesitation. So, the she-cat stepped forward at her turn. Offering the brand new leader a sheepish nod. "I want to give you the life of certainty." she starts, aiming to press her nose against their shoulder and transfer them another extra life. "With this life, may you always find a path you feel certain in." Squirrelpaw then leaned back to her spot, looking them over with bright green eyes. Her pelt covered in stars but it was easy to see that this apprentice had once been a skinny little thing. "Certainty can be hard to find, even harder as leader. You'll come across many problems, and very few will have clear answers. But always be certain in yourself, in your clan mates." the starclanner gave them another nod, making their way back to the stars. Glancing over their shoulder, "Good luck Pumpkinstar."

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    ◇ ◆ ◇ It had been so many moons since the scarlet feline had made any sort of contact with the Clans. Perhaps it was when she scared the bugs out of the couple of mousebrained Clanners who thought that disturbing their ancestors was the best place to announce their love for one another. That was a fun party to crash, Scarletfox will admit that much. But not having lived with her Clanmates in ThunderClan was rough, especially watching all the battles they were forced into. How much Scarletfox wanted to leap down from StarClan and sink her claws into those who hurt her Clanmates were overwhelming. But nonetheless, ThunderClan pulled through in the end. Seeing that Flamestar was losing her way was an interesting sight to see. What was even more interesting was Flamestar's accident which led to Pumpkinstrut stepping up and taking on the role of leader. That was something else in Scarletfox's eyes. Sure Pumpkinstrut was the deputy for her mother, but taking reign when her mother was down for the count was a tough burden to bare. But seeing how ThunderClan reacted to the news and the new leadership showed that everything was going to be alright. Of course, that wasn't something Scarletfox would ever admit to the calico leader.

    Stepping forward through the starry sky that lay at her paws, the scarlet warrior found herself facing one of the living. A feline from her birth-clan was awaiting the life that the fox-tailed warrior was humbled to give her. With the scars that once reaked her body covered by a starry light, Scarletfox's naturally, narrowed eyes glowed on sight of Pumpkinstrut. The seeing the colorful pelt of the future leader was pleasing to the former ThunderClanner; it reminded her of a grumpy, crimson tomcat that still walked among the living that she once knew. Scarletfox did not know Pumpkinstrut for a long period of time, since she was sentenced to the elders' den not long after her rejoining to ThunderClan. Scarletfox had known her mother, Flameseeker better than Pumpkinstrut. It was pitty what happened to Flamestar, but that was in the past now. Swishing her fox-like tail long to the ground, Scarletfox twitched her starred whiskers to indicate that she was ready to speak.

    "Like mother, like daughter. You've got quite the path ahead of you, Pumpkinstrut. Or shall I call you, Pumpkinstar now. My name is Scarletfox, and I was a warrior of ThunderClan. Born and raised in ThunderClan until a great storm rocked the clan, sending my sister and I memoryless into the great unknown. While "Weak" and "Feeble" are not terms I would like to associate with, that's what I was when searching for a new residence. With no memory of my home, I joined a clan that knew nothing of ThunderClan's existence. At their mercy I stood, but we all have to start somewhere. I had a mate and then kits in EagleClan. I worked my way up to the top. Throughout my Clan, I was known as "The Greatest Warrior of EagleClan" for I was an excellent fighter and was stubborn and logical. There was nothing anyone could do to break me, and if they tried I fought back. I was the best of the best, and I believed that my actions were the only just ones. However, when my kits grew up, they banished me from the Clan. I had every right to overturn their decision, but sometimes it's best to fold your tail and accept humiliation." Scarletfox explained. Granted, knowing this information was not necessary when giving the calico she-cat the life, maybe it'll give her a better understanding of how many cats have seen different forms of life. Pumpkinstar would know nothing of Scarletfox's history, nor would it be something she would remember for every long. But at the same time, knowing unnecessary details sometimes helped explain the bigger meaning. "See the bigger picture rather than peering through a narrow hole. If you don't, you may find yourself in a sticky situation. A friend of mine taught me that swallowing your pride doesn't mean you're weak, it means you have the guts to say your wrong. That's a hard thing to do, but I'm sure you'll figure it out. With that, I give you the life of Humility." The narrow-faced warrior stepped back a couple of steps after touching noses with the new leader. This was the first life Scarletfox had ever given to a cat, and was she happy to give one to a ThunderClanner. While Pumpkinstar was not the same cat as her old friend, Foreststar, Scarletfox could see something bright in the calico's eyes. This something reminded the scarlet warrior of the great leader she served under. There was going to be good times and bad times, but no matter what, Scarletfox knew that ThunderClan was in good paws.

    "Be proud of yourself, Pumpkinstar. You have achieved much before leadership and you will achieve even more. But don't let your pride drag you down. Understand that others have more experience than you do. Just because you are the leader now does not mean you hold all the answers. Allow others to guide you while you guide ThunderClan. There's no shame in being humble."




    Whiteheart: Senior Warrior of ThunderClan

    Loudpaw: Apprentice of ThunderClan

    Starlingkit: Kit of RiverClan
    Waspfang: Warrior of ShadowClan

    Heatherpaw: Apprentice of ShadowClan
    Houndpaw: Apprentice of SkyClan

    Hivestalker: Warrior of DarkClan

    Feverpaw: Apprentice of DarkClan

    Lionpaw: Apprentice of WindClan


  • ✧—

    She had waited patiently as her new clan mates began to step forth to grant Pumpkinstrut her well-deserved nine lives. It was so strange to see an able-bodied feline amongst the dead. Seeing the familiar painted fae that stood before everyone caused a bittersweet smile to bless the warrior's features. She was certainly homesick; she missed her family, her friends, and her clan. There was so many things she wanted to tell them, though all in time. In her heart, Blazinglife knew she would see them again.

    At last, it was her turn to step forth. Her russet fur was forever well groomed now, and stars dusted at her paws as she gracefully stepped in front of her former deputy. "Hello, Pumpkinstrut." The Somali smiled, her glowing peridot eyes showering warmth upon the calico. In her eyes, Pumpkinstrut was always a top notch warrior and deputy. Blazinglife had always looked at to her, had always deemed her worthy if being a role model. She had wished countless times that one day, she would follow in the Deputy's paw steps and earn her nine lives as well. But alas, StarClan had another plan for her. Her gaze flickered and became more firm, meeting the new leader's gaze with intensity. "I had always been taught to defend your clan, even at the cost of your life." Her tone bellowed throughout the clearing, clear and strong as she spoke. "Those words forever have been branded into my brain. For someone so young like me, you never take it quite as seriously as you think. Everyone wishes for everlasting life, the ability to grow old and peacefully pass away from old age. I had wished that too, surrounded by my family and friends as I slipped into unconsciousness." Blazinglife's eyes shown disappointment for a moment; but as soon as it had appeared, it had vanished again. "But, life is never garunteed. None of us truly know when our final days have come. I fought beside my clan during the raid of dogs and BloodClan. I gave my own life so that my clan mates could live, I sacrificed and truly felt what it was like to die for my clan as a warrior." With that, the young warrior stepped forwards to touch her salmon hued nose against Pumpkinstrut's, a surge of energy would pass from her and into the calico. This life was soft to the touch at first, but soon grew insanely hot quickly as if a fire were blazing through her and into the fae that stoof before her. "With this life Pumpkinstrut, I give you the life of Mentorship. Use your intelligence to pass along to the younger generations of ThunderClan. May they be enlightened in your wisdom for many moons, may they learn from you and look up to you, and may they give their lives for the well being of ThunderClan, just as I was taught."

    Blazinglife had stepped back from Pumpkinstrut with a beautiful smile upon her maw. "I also have a favor to ask of you." The warrior began, her gaze flicking towards her once more. "Please tell Whiteheart that I do not blame him. I never did, and he shouldn't blame himself for my death. He was one of my best friends...and I love him dearly. I'm forever thankful for all he taught me." Stars danced along her angular face, highlighting her features like a silhouette of fire. She gave Pumpkinstrut one last nod before turning on her heel and gliding back towards the group of star dusted warriors, and disappeared into the mist.



  • Coming forward after Blazinglife was a she-cat with a hauntingly familiar flame hued pelt. Her eyes were a light shade of green, and her chest and paws were a gentle shade of cream. Her eyes glowed with pride as she rest her gaze upon the Molly in front of her. "My my, how you have grown into such a strong, beautiful cat." the stranger would purr, the corners of her jaws pulling back into a warm smile. "I am your grandmother, Lily. I have watched over you since you were born, and I have always known that you would be special. You have the heart of your mother. I wish I could have been a part of your life, but alas my destiny was to give my life so that Flame would find Thunderclan. She may not know it, but I was once a clan cat too." her gaze would twinkle, but she did not elaborate.

    "You may not be a mother right now, but even so, the clan is your kits, and you are their mother. Take care of them as a mother would her children. With this life, I give you Motherly Love." She would lean forward and press her nose against Pumpkinstrut's. A sudden surge of warmth, love, ferocity, and pride would storm into the calico's body.

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