• Hi all!

    I'll be joining soon with a kit, and was wondering if there where any she-cat's that would be open to adopting them?

    sorrelstep is definitely not the mom type but sorrel could definitely be a big sister type of role model for them! :> i know it's not the same lol but sorrel would make sure to look out for them and teach them bad words like darn uwu



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  • Hi there! I have been absent on this site for almost 3 years now, but I have recently rediscovered it. I was looking through my old character biographies and I found myself inspired by the idea of introducing the last one I ever made, Somnambulist, a loner, into one of the major clans. When I did a little review of the recent Thunderclan history and it's new location, I thought it could be really interesting to throw her into the mix! To maybe stir up some internal tensions, I was thinking that she might be discovered by the Bone Tree and that as a loner/wanderer, her dreams took her there; maybe this plus her unfamiliarity will lead to some wariness/superstition? She is a rather whimsical, enigmatic character, and used to be very opposed to the idea of joining a clan, so I think she could also be a very controversial addition to the clan for some smaller scale plotting. I'm very open to expanding upon these ideas and I also totally understand if they don't mesh well with the overarching plot right now! Let me know.

    If any of this does sound appealing, then I would be requesting a joining ceremony (I think?) so that she can officially become a member of the clan.

    Type of Ceremony Needed: Joining ceremony

    Current Name: Somnambulist

    New Name: (if applicable) Sparrowpaw

    Mentor: (if applicable)

    Two traits: (warrior ceremony only)

    Other: (anything needed to be specified?) I would need a mentor for her, since despite being of age to be a warrior, I am assuming she would temporarily be made into an apprentice due to her lack of training

  • track on hounds account <3

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  • yes! welcome to TC!

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