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Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!
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    carnivorouscarnival crimson - hp of sr - founder of crimson family - tags


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    GENERAL ;;

    ◦ CarnivorousCarnival Crimson / Blood-Witch

    — cisgender female [she/her] / sapphic [bisexual with strong female lean]

    — physically 2 years / May 13th 2020

    ◦ sanguine ruins / third tier & physician / lifesaver, devoted, lion, twisted, strategist

    ◦ immortal witch / dangerous spitfire


    ◦ npc xx npc [gen 1] / adopted by no-one / unknown

    ◦ complicated / interested / crushing on Henri, Mikhalistyn, Annalysia, Speedfreak / ½ Carnalysia, Mikhavil, Carnivalfreak

    — polyamorous [discovering] / lonely / easily wooed

    ◦ mentored by no one / mentoring Absalom


    ◦ Albino Egyptian Wolf / main body / health: [physically: 96% | mentally: 72%] / ref by zeph

    — Carnival is a beautiful albino wolf, her body structure similar to a Jackal but standing at a surprising 22" at the shoulder and a 66" length, her long legs pristine of scars and her pale pink skin showing beneath thinner parts of her soft, snowy alabaster pelt. Once sporting a pair, the woman now only retains one single reddish-violet eye, her right one to be specific, the other eye having been frozen and cleanly ripped out of the socket. Carnival right back leg was broken and healed wrong, leaving her to walk with a limp, though don't let that injury leave you underestimating her. Carnival is muscular, lean, and built from years of travel and equipped with venomous fangs that emit a thick, black neurotoxin, she is not one you want on her bad side.

    — carries a hand-made scythe, tattered cape

    — wears a rose-gold loop septum piercing that she had done by Bloodpoppy

    — wears a choker of predator teeth

    — carni's scent is a mixture of the desert, spider lillies, blood, herbs and smoke


    ◦ mbti / ravenclaw / melancholic / chaotic neutral

    ◦ adaptable / loyal / organized / passionate / deceptive / motherly

    ◦ unpredictable / amoral / compulsive / cold / moody / narcissistic

    — Carnival is a complex and intricate character, putting her down in simple traits being quite... difficult.Her melancholic personality leads those to believe the opposite of what she is, though the personality only explains her reserved, analytical, and anxiety and is a building bridge upon the rest. Her passionate nature mixed with her compulsive and unpredictability leads to many different outcomes at any given moment, whether it's typical interactions with her clanmates, interacting with those she thinks she has an interest in, or torturing prisoners, she can turn on a dime. In typical day-to-day interaction, Carnival is quiet, observant, and a type to go-with-the-flow, though she isn't afraid to share her opinion and thoughts, explaining the exact reasons why she dislikes certain people or why a situation can be bad. Carnival is an easily wooed, hopeless romantic character deep down and would do anything to feel wanted and loved. When it comes to her family, Carnival's passion takes a more gentle, motherly stance and truly loves her family, willing to do almost anything for them so long as it doesn't go against the Red God and the Ruins. In battle is when she comes alive, an adaptability unmatched as she fights without true powers, using her small size to be aggressive and overwhelming in her attacks, a vicious little woman to take on.


    ◦ physically mediocre / mentally adept

    — high battle & medical experience

    — her emotional manip is currently going haywire, meaning she's more susceptible to other's emotions and more likely to accidentally lash out with the power.

    — starts fights / will run / no kill/maim

    — medical knowledge / will kill / will attack children

    ◦ can powerplay peaceful or nonviolent actions

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    ◦ attack in underline or tag @/CARNIVOROUSCARNIVAL



    carnivorouscarnival crimson - hp of sr - founder of crimson family - tags


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    • breezeblocks | please don't go, i'll eat you whole / i loved you so, i loved you so
    • slow dancing in the dark | when i'm slow dancing in the dark / don't follow me, you'll end up in my arms
    • cherry wine | the way she tells me i'm hers and she's mine / open hand or closed fist would be fine
    • oceanographer's choice | i don't mean it when i tell you / that i don't love you anymore
    • someone new | and so i fall in love just a little, oh, a little bit / everyday with someone new
    • the moss | or she, who leapt up mountains, while whistling up a tune / and swapped her songs with swallows while riding on a broom
    • jimmy, he whispers | god knows you're on my mind / you can't try to tell him otherwise
    • novocaine | same old shit / runnin' my mouth until she busts my lip
    • my name is carnival | rise and fall, spin and call, and my name is carnival
    • animal | we're sick like animals / we play pretend
    • handlebars | i can hand out a million vaccinations / or let 'em all die of exasperation
    • angel of small death and the codeine dream | freshly disowned in some frozen devotion / no more alone or myself i could be
    • welcome to castle irwell | first love does not mean best love. / and best friends don't mean best friends forever
    • dead to me | try to talk some sense to myself, but i won't listen / i'm what god made of me
    • oh no!!! | first they incite the violence / turn around and then they invite the violence / burn it down and i think i need some guidance
    • 6:00 | we all just looking for a piece of the pie / we went blind, going eye for an eye
    • blood // water | beg me for mercy / admit you were toxic / you poisoned me just for / another dollar in your pocket
    • roses | oops i did it again / use tulips to make amends / 'cause she don't like roses
    • poor george | poor george / i wanna love you, but now everything's a crime / poor george / take my mind, but you can't take me alive
    • car radio | sometimes quiet is violent / i find it hard to hide it / my pride is no longer inside / it's on my sleeve
    • lover is a day | realistically i can't leave now / but i'm okay as long as you / keep me from going crazy



    carnivorouscarnival crimson - hp of sr - founder of crimson family - tags


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    herb satchel // usually on her person:

    ✦ Carni's herb Satchel. It's pretty self-explanatory, usually filled with basic first-aid herbs and items, maybe carries a few vials of venom and poison on her. It's a dyed black, tanned hide satchel she wears beneath her cape.

    cape // usually on her person:

    ✦ Carni's cape. It's what she uses to protect her vulnerable body from the Harrow Desert's cruel sun, made of beautiful velvet that is black toward the top and a bright crimson red to the bottom. It's just long enough to not drag, her little white paws barely able to peek beneath it. It's held on her person by a silver brooch that looks like a small bat, the cape if not worn resting comfortably on her shoulders. It's light enough to not overheat her but thick enough to protect her from the sun.

    nose ring // always on her person:

    ✦ A simple rose gold hoop that she had Bloodpoppy fashion into a nose ring. It was once just a piece of thick jewelry wire but once she got Boppy to pierce her nose, she has refused to take it off. Despite her warm body temp, the metal stays nice and cool to the touch, usually used to gently boop those she likes.

    bone choker // usually on her person:

    ✦ A gift from Constellationdreamer, the choker is fashioned on a thin strand of leather and made of predator teeth. It's mostly canine teeth but there are a few of feline and reptilian teeth in there. She painted it herself with blood and berry red paint to stand out better against her pale white fur and it rests comfortably up on her neck so the longest of the bones bounce on her collar bone.

    canteen // sometimes on her person:

    ✦ A simple bone canteen she fashioned from an old horn. It's plugged with cork and held together with melted candle-wax and a sand-cement mixture on the outside. It's also painted with runes of purity and cleansing to keep her water clean and fresh-though you can argue if it works or not.

    frog necklace // always on her person:

    ✦ A necklace she crafted for Speedfreak that resembles a frog. The wood it was crafted from that once was bleached white now looks stained a greenish black, hanging loosely from her neck to carefully bounce below her chest. The necklace itself was gifted to Speedfreak before he died but once she killed him, she took the necklace and refuses to take it off, even during her capture she kept it on.



    carnivorouscarnival crimson - hp of sr - founder of crimson family - tags


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    • KISS ME, SON OF GOD || Capture & Torture | Once she reached his flank, she would withdraw her scythe, careful to not pump her venom into the specialized grooves, and stared almost curiously at the flank, wondering where to start. How about... She would put pressure on her broken leg, a pained whine erupting from her throat but the determination and anger pushing through as she reared back and aimed to slam the blunt edge of her blade straight on his shoulders with all her combined force and weight, hoping to hear a familiar crack, and perhaps to see some blood seep through. She didn't weigh much but her body really didn't want to be on that injured leg, practically throwing herself down onto him to double her weight before she would whip her head and probably accidentally knick or slice him a bit. It was always a struggle to get back to three working legs, wincing as she pulled the injured body part back up to her stomach with a strangled gasp. That didn't feel right to her, no. How could this blind fool walk when she couldn't, when Absalom couldn't? She let her scythe drop, her breath wheezes but her rage unbridled still, as she limped toward the front of him again, her eye narrowed to look at his paws, curious of which one she wished to ruin similar to how her's was. "Got anything else, friend?" She muttered coldly.

    • RUNS THROUGH HIM WITH A BROADSWORD! || Capture & Torture | Anger. It was flashing over her, making her bare her teeth and face pull back into an enraged snarl as he just kept thrashing, kicking at her. Why wasn't he responding?! Why was he just thrashing? She would let a monstrous growl rip through her as she aimed a bite at one of his back legs, right on his stifle, ripping her head as she felt the bone pull almost carelessly from it's socket before she dropped it and turned to his other leg. That one she aimed a brutal crunching bite right at his upper thigh, gritting her jaw tighter and tighter until she felt the bone snap between them before letting go like she didn't just ruin his ability to walk. Why didn't he respond? Why was he just kicking, and kicking, and kicking?! She grit her teeth tight, lifting her paws to the catsune's throat, softly digging her nails into his skin, as she dunked his head back under, pulling and dunking him over and over as growls ripped through her.

    • vicious delicious;; sanguine ruins raid | The intended target quickly changed but she didn’t care who it was. Her single eye glared down at the fox pinned beneath her. She wasn’t much bigger than him, but size never stopped her. Her teeth were bared as she looked down at him, paw raised to smack into his chest, feel ribs crack beneath her paw. It felt good as he gasped breathlessly, the sound like music. Shortlived, as most were, when the emotions of fear hit her and she wanted it over with. Never can enjoy a good torture, huh? The thuds as pebbles slammed into her hooded form just annoyed her, nothing to make her stop what she wanted. Her jaws parted, lips pulled back as venom dripped thickly from her teeth and jaws, spattering his fur, before she lunged forward, aiming to dig those large teeth right into his throat, severing an artery as she clenched her jaws as strong as she can, blood erupting into her alabaster mouth, kicks slamming into her chest and stomach, nails scratching her pelt and tearing her cape. And with her paw holding him in place, she jerked her head, ripping sinew and muscle as she pulled and pulled, a waterfall of blood spilling from her jaws and splattering the ground around her until, finally it gave way and she ripped his throat out. Her head jerked back from the force, stumbling as her drenched pelt now dripped more with Sanctuarian blood.

    • demons of pain;; open + infection | She killed him. When he gnashed his jaws, something self-preserving kicked in and she just... her scythe stuck out his temple as she stared back, her shoulders shaking and body rigid from shock, as though still processing what she had done. Carni wasn't a good person. Carni was never a good person, not even in her own eyes. But she never thought she'd be the one to kill someone she cared about. Bile rose up in the back of her throat, her stomach clenching as she finally tore herself away and hurled her guts up away from him, coughing and dry-heaving as tears and sobs racked her body. I killed him. I sent him to his death and killed him. She puked again, shaking as her body became weak, so so weak, with grief and self-hatred. Her throat stung, hoarse as she just kept dry-heaving.
      You're beautiful, you know.
      I'm sorry.



    carnivorouscarnival crimson - hp of sr - founder of crimson family - tags


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