mass adopt signups!

Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!
  • to make this super simple, j fill out the form below! thank you <3 also feel free to add anything to the code bc i'm v forgetful w these things aaaaaaah

    1. [code][b]PARENT X PARENT[/b]
    2. [b]AGE:[/b]
    3. [b]SPECIES:[/b]
    4. [b]RELATIONS:[/b]
    5. [b]RULES:[/b]
    6. [b]OTHER:[/b]
    7. [/code]

    she is a flower, but she isn't soft;

    when her petals fall, they hit like bullets


    queen sangria tormenta million, dawningcrown and healinghand of solaris kingdom

    siggie art by meghan & avatar art by antiigone♡

  • Code
    1. [b]NPC X NPC [/b] (siblings to Lavinia)
    2. [b]AGE:[/b] 6-12 months
    3. [b]SPECIES:[/b] domestic feline
    4. [b]RELATIONS:[/b] Lavinia is a Sunguard (HP) of Solaris Kingdom and low key adopted by Marigold (King/Dustbreaker) of Solaris Kingdom
    5. [b]RULES:[/b] Stay in Solaris Kingdom for at least 2 weeks real time. you can go wild with pelt colors, Vinnie has nebula-like patterns on her smoke grey fur that swirl around so go crazy lol.
    6. [b]OTHER:[/b] This is kind of a plot litter? I think. These kids live with their parents until they are six months old at which point they get kicked out and told never to return again. During those six months they go through intense learning and training to prepare them for life on their own, getting trained in hunting, fighting, reading, writing, and conflict resolution among other things if you wish (for example Vinnie learned about astronomy and Hellenism). They are treated well by their parents and told that it is taboo to return home after their six month birthday, so they willingly leave in order to protect their family. They may or may not have knowledge about the clans/groups that live in Agrelos (Ex. Vinnie did not). for more info pm @array

    fly me to the moon let me play among the stars ✧・゚:*

    let me see what spring is like on jupiter and mars

  • Code
    1. [b]NPC X NPC[/b] (adopted nieces/nephews of meenah)
    2. [b]AGE:[/b] any younger than 5yrs
    3. [b]SPECIES:[/b] any, but meenah is a wolf
    4. [b]RELATIONS:[/b] meenah is the current duskbreaker (deputy) of solaris kingdom. she is also a former dawningcrown (leader), as well as an ex-leader of volary flights. her mother, iowa, was an ex-healer apprentice of volary flights, and her father, vella, was an ex-deputy of skyclan. her grandmother on vella’s side, dahlia coulter, was an ex-leader of koe. her family on iowa’s side is full of ex-hps of volary flights.
    5. [b]RULES:[/b] - pre-existing characters are allowed!
    6. - must stay in solaris kingdom for at least 2 weeks real-time
    7. - dual-alliances are allowed
    8. - may pick any from the following surnames: invidia, starke, grimm, kuchiki, ciel-areveries, pendragon
    9. [b]OTHER:[/b] want a drunk auntie for your character? come to solaris kingdom, meenah will adopt them. dm dragonkind for questions or other info!


    meenah invidia + absinthe break + storage

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  • lmao why not?

  • Code
    1. [b]NPC x NPC[/b] (adopted by denvercity)
    2. [b]AGE:[/b] 1 year old 
    3. [b]SPECIES:[/b] any species
    4. [b]RELATIONS:[/b] denvercity is the son of rainkissed/snapshot and flamenco. flamenco is the former oracle of bhr. rainkissed is the former medicine cat of shadow veil and thunderlands. rainkissed is the daughter of trackerjacker and pitchperfect and the sister to kissingbeehives, relating them to the resurgam family. trackerjacker is the son of beadedfeather and frogsplash while pitchperfect is the daughter of wildfire and irony. 
    5. [b]RULES:[/b] they can carry resurgam surname. please stay active in solaris kingdom for two weeks at least!
    6. [b]OTHER:[/b] 2 slots. denvercity is casually roleplayed and mostly live in the mountains above solaris kingdom, but can sometimes come down to visit the kids.



  • - art by Meenah <3

    sk trailblazer - male - 8 months - savannah x mainecoon hybrid - mentored by sangria - suga x sarangeral