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    libertas, iustitia, fidem

    The Court of Halcyon, sometimes referred to as simply the Halcyon Court, is a group of holy knights who believe in dispensing justice and liberty as led by their faith. They are a proud and highly ceremonial group who see themselves as divinely tasked to bring unity to the land through Naleren's teachings of peace and good deeds, using the Luxum religion as a positive guiding force in their crusade. As a proclan they value diplomacy, social prowess, and strategy; the Court ultimately aims to maintain order by ridding of evils through trials and law, but they are unafraid of war.

    The Court has existed as a pillar of Agrelos for decades, once a growing empire and force to be reckoned with. That all changed when the worlds merged — the sudden arrival of new and powerful groups shattered the Court's hold over the continent of Orcadia and forced them into the shadows. Now, with Naleren's blessing to guide them, they have reappeared with new strength and new numbers, hoping to carve out a place for themselves in Agrelos once more.

  • hierarchy.

    GRAND JUSTICE Leader. They are entrusted with the highest power over the group and are expected to make daily decisions on their behalf. However, the Justice's word is not automatically law; their authority is meant to be checked by the rest of the group. If the clan is not in agreement about something, they have the right to a trial or vote that may override the Justice.

    Icarus, played by Elliot

    INQUISITOR Deputy. Next-in-line to be Justice and aids them in their day-to-day duties and decision-making.

    Reese, played by Astromoens

    MAGISTRATE COUNCIL Assistant deputies. They serve as a council to the Justice and for trials. Each presides over a sphere of influence that they may personally select upon promotion. For example, Magistrate of arts, Magistrate of war, Magistrate of diplomatic affairs, et cetera.

    Selah Eden, played by Raytonkiwi / Magistrate of Religion

    CHAPLAINS Healers and religious leaders. Not only do they have medicinal knowledge, but they have sworn to use it for good to uphold and share Naleren's teachings.

    Icarus, played by Elliot

    CHAPLAIN TRAINEES Those in training to become Chaplains. Learning the ways of medicine and faith.

    Ianthe, played by Nya

    COURTIERS High position. These members have proven their worth and are tasked with enforcing the laws, upholding traditions, and being the Justice's trusted guard.

    Daegu, played by Symmetry

    HERALDS A semi-high position and stepping stone to further recognition, these members have shown potential and serve as messengers and a welcoming committee who aid in general upkeep of the group.

    Ianthe, played by Nya

    TEMPLARS Members. Holy knights. They have sworn an oath to uphold the Templar's Code. All members may collectively be referred to as Templars of the Court, including high positions, as despite the added responsibilities of climbing the rank ladder they are all held to the same code and are considered equals in the eyes of both Naleren and the law.


    SQUIRES Apprentices or those who have not yet been knighted.


    TITLES are given to members to recognize their hard work and contributions in particular areas. These are awarded by the leader during meetings based on in character achievements.

    RANGER These members have been recognized for their great promise.

    Recipients: Daegu, Reese, Amadeus, Kagenosuke, Selah, Ianthe

    BARD These members are known for their sociability and willingness to help welcome newcomers into the Court.

    Recipients: Reese, Selah

    CLERICS These members have proven themselves knowledgeable about herbs and are skilled in the art of healing.

    Recipients: Ianthe

    MONK These members are devout followers of the Luxum faith who have helped to spread Naleren's good word.

    Recipients: Selah

    BARBARIAN These members are skilled at warfare and have proven themselves in battle as among the fiercest of the Court.

    Recipients: None!

    WIZARD These members are advanced diplomats or strategists who have demonstrated their sharp minds and social prowess.

    Recipients: None!

    ARTIFICER These members have contributed meaningful ideas and innovations to the well-being of the clan.

    Recipients: Reese

    PALADIN These members have proven their loyalty over time and exhibit all of the upstanding qualities of a true holy knight.

    Recipients: None!

    JACK OF ALL TRADES A special title given to those who have mastered all three trades.

    Recipients: None!

    CAMPAIGN LEADER A special title given to those who have successfully led a campaign.

    Recipients: None!

  • territory.

    THE BLEAK WILDS: A wild, craggy moor where the cold northern winds whip fiercely []. Hills roll on as far as the eye can see, a sprawling expanse occasionally shrouded by fog and subject to dreary rains. Surfaces of rock jut out from the plains in unpredictable places, and the stretches of weathered grass are dotted by well-trodden trails and trickling streams often half-frozen during the winter months. The wilds can be treacherous to navigate, but those persistent enough to make it their home know its paths well.

    THE VILLAGE: A combination of a few sod-roofed [] homes that nearly blend into the plains and many medieval-style pitched tents []. Members are free to take either as a home; while the houses serve as a more permanent place of residence that fortify their camp from invaders and tend to contain essential equipment, tents are often be used by Templars who are frequently out on campaigns so that they may be packed up and taken with them. Scattered campfires are often lit to keep away the chill of the northern winds. There is a large central tent where most public events are held, and banners and flags bearing the Court’s coat of arms flutter in the breeze throughout camp. Stables at the outskirts are used to house some of the horses.

    THE UNDERGROUND BASE: In the heart of the village is an entrance into the hillside itself [], obscured by most angles until one approaches it up close. This is the entrance to the Court's secret base, located in a large hollow in the earth. While members generally sleep above the surface in the provided homes, the repurposed caves contain some of their most sacred and heavily-guarded cultural locations and artifacts. Only members of the Court are permitted to enter; no outsiders may know its secrets, a rule enforced with utmost seriousness. Once an entirely natural system of caves, over time the walls have been reinforced by ached pillars and smooth stone walls with dusty floors. A few wooden furnishings exist in the occupied rooms, which are dimly lit by eternally-glowing torches mounted to the walls [].

    The central room is cavernously large, with high ceilings and a small altar at one end. The wall behind the altar is exposed cave rock covered in pawprints from the Knighting ceremony. Members often come here to pray to Naleren, and religious ceremonies are held here where there is room for all to gather. There are a handful of other miscellaneous rooms connected to this main area, including a war strategy room and the Chaplain's quarters where herbs and the sick or wounded are hidden away in case of attack. There's also a library lined by dozens of dusty shelves and hundreds of books, with a few old rugs, chairs, tables, candles, and other furnishings laid out []. Old relics, artifacts, and other written records important to the Court's history are kept and displayed in the library. Finally, there are a few bare cave passages and areas that lead deeper into the hillside, but most members are discouraged from exploring these due to the dangers they may potentially hold.

    THE TELEPORTERS: Splitting off from the central chamber is an even larger room filled with swirling vortexes, smaller versions of the ones that span all of Agrelos. These are used by members of the Court to jump across the plains. Since the distance these go is much shorter, the only side-effect is a slight residual heat. Most of the Court believes this chamber and the teleporters it houses are the reason the caves of their base exist in the first place, a source of hidden magic beneath the wilds gifted to them by Naleren so that they may swiftly respond to threats. Each leads to a different location: Lake Minos, the farm, the village entrance, and near each of their four borders. Note that these teleporters are only one-way, so that enemies or strangers cannot use them against the Court to invade their base. There are a couple other teleporters scattered across the moors that go between landmarks, mostly strategically hidden behind rocks and trees where only Templars would know to look.

    THE FARM: Situated near the lake is an old farm. Some stray herds of sheep and cows that roam the wilds are believed to have originated from the farm years ago when it was human-owned. Though most of its fields of crops have not survived the harsh winters without tending, a sprawling orchard remains. Apples appear to be the dominant tree, though there are a few other varieties that come into season at different points of the year.

    LAKE MINOS: This lake is a freshwater lake located just south of Whispering Pines in the Bleak Wilds. The clear water can provide a refreshing drink to any traveler in need. The lake is cold, but shallow for a good distance before it drops off very deep at its most center (Quoted from the Codex).

  • traditions.

    RELIGION: The Court’s official religion is Luxum, which follows Naleren. The Court is tolerant of other religions and does not enforce their own with any strictness despite being very vocal about it. Instead, they use Naleren's teachings of good deeds and peace as a positive guiding force and seek to share this doctrine with as many others as possible so that they may one day bring order and justice to the clans. Prayer sessions, sermons, and missionary trips are all common. There is an altar for worship, but offerings are looked down upon, as it's believed that it’s better to do good for others than to give material items.

    TRIALS & VOTES: A cornerstone of the group, trials are used to settle clan disputes, both internal and external, but namely when someone is accused of a crime. Other groups are free to ask the Court to try their criminals as well; the Court asks nothing in return, as bringing justice is their ultimate goal. Trials operate as follows: a jury is chosen of three members of the clan by the Magistrates, which is then approved of by the Justice. A trial takes place in which the prosecutor (whoever officially brought the crime to trial, may be assigned from the Courtiers) and defendant (the accused) both make their cases. They may each call upon one witness if so desired. With the Inquisitor presiding, the jury and council of Magistrates then deliberate and come to a verdict along with a recommendation for the sentence. In the event there is a split vote, the Inquisitor may serve as a tiebreaker. The Justice then announces the verdict and decides the punishment, if any. If the defendant refuses to attend their trial or attempts to flee the clan prior, they’re made fair game under the assumption that it is an admission of guilt. Defendants found guilty who attempt to flee may be treated similarly, though it is always preferred if they can be brought in to serve their punishment. In addition to trials, most major clan decisions are put to a public vote. If no vote is made prior to an announcement, one must be held if it is requested by at least three members. This outcome can override the Justice's initial decision, however trial outcomes and their accompanying punishments may not be overridden. Standard promotions and demotions also cannot be voted upon to avoid OOC issues, unless there is also an IC reason.

    TEMPLAR'S CODE & KNIGHTING: No member is considered a full Templar until they take an oath to uphold the Templar's Code and are thus knighted at a once-monthly ceremony conducted by the Justice. During this ceremony Templars are also typically presented with a personalized weapon made by the clan blacksmiths as either a welcoming or coming-of-age gift. Newly-made Templars are made to cut their paw with a ceremonial dagger and press it to the wall behind the altar to bind their loyalty to the Court.

    HORSES: A Templar's closest companion is their noble steed. Known to roam the moors where they make their home, it is tradition for members of the Court to select and then tame their very own horse. These creatures are highly respected and treated as partners, not pets, though they are frequently used in both travel and battle alike. Larger members may be excluded from riding for the safety of the horses, though they may still take one as a companion to look after if so desired.

    TRADES: All Templars are expected to be involved in warfare and politics and/or take up healing and spirituality, but there are three trades that are highly valued due to their significance in the Court’s culture. Members are often encouraged to take up at least one of these crafts, though they are by no means forced to. You can find the guide to the Court's trades as well as the accompanying mastery and apprenticeship programs here!

    • Blacksmiths are important due to the Court's use of swords and other forged weapons, as well as their significance in the Knighting ceremony. Ceremonial objects such as chalices, daggers, and amulets are crafted by the blacksmiths.
    • Tailors create fabrics and clothing. Owning and wearing garments is a sign of high status prized among the Court; in particular, cloaks are popular to protect from the harsh winds of the wilds, often made of furs from prey animals or yarn spun from the sheep that roam the moors. Flags with the Court's emblem are made by tailors as well.
    • Dragoons are the expert cavalry of the Court, trained in handling the horses. They are skilled in taming and teaching other members how to ride them, and do the daily tasks of stable upkeep, feeding, and ensuring the health of the animals. Most partake in shows of jousting during the Court's festivals and events.

    SAINTS: Former leaders and members of great importance or cultural impact are made Saints in a special, holy ceremony performed by the Chaplains. This is often posthumous, but not always, as in death Saints are believed to watch over and protect those they served when they were alive. As such, Saints are named for the area of influence or occupation that had an impact on. For example: Fluffypelt, Patron Saint of Soldiers. A list of all Saints can be found in the library, along with displayed relics that were associated with them (often their former weapons).
    ‣ There are no saints yet!

    CAMPAIGNS: The Court holds outposts across many of the uncharted territories, usually a smaller collection of tents and a flag bearing the coat of arms. Large patrols are often sent out to stay at these outposts for approximately a week at a time. This is in order to gather resources, collect intel, and ensure that the Court's mark remains strong across Agrelos so that it may prevent anticlans and other bad groups from settling or expanding their borders. These campaigns may have more specific goals depending on the situation, such as a warfare or territorial objective, or the Court may simply wish to spread Naleren's message. Regardless, returning campaigns are always greeted with a large feast to celebrate the Court's conquests. Check out our full guide on campaigns here!

    COAT OF ARMS: The Court's coat of arms is a white shield with red stripes in the shape of the letter H, with a golden lion wielding a sword on top. This emblem may be engraved, embroidered, and painted on a number of things to show pride by members of the Court. Additionally, it is frequently made into flags, which are always carried on diplomatic, warfare, and missionary trips. To lose a flag is a great dishonor, and all attempts should be made to return it. The Court's motto is also libertas, iustitia, fidem, a Latin phrase meaning liberty, justice, faith.

    AMULETS: Small charms roughly in the shape of the coat of arms but with a crystal in its center where the lion emblem would typically be. These are gifted to members upon being given a promotion or title and are made by the blacksmiths from spare material, though each is a unique gemstone harvested from the caves. Most Templars tie them around their weapons, as they're said to bring luck and protection in return for their service in the Court.

    PILGRIMAGES: A spiritual journey undertaken by Naleren's most dedicated followers. A Templar will travel alone to the holy site of the Yawning Grotto and spend the night at the mouth of the cave, where it is said that Naleren's voice can be heard most clearly. This is a very personal quest and there are no doubt perils during the trip, however it is believed that those who complete it may have a spiritual awakening or become newly blessed (some have reported having strange dreams and waking to find new powers or mutations as a gift from the goddess herself). It is traditional for Chaplains to have completed this journey prior to their promotion, though not absolutely necessary.

  • politics & laws.

    ALIGNMENT: Proclan. The Court of Halcyon’s utmost aim is to uphold Naleren’s teachings of peace and good deeds, as well as to bring justice and order to the other clans. However, they will not hesitate to go to war for this cause.

    ALLIES: Wind Haven*, Dark Dynasty*, Solaris Kingdom*, Coven of Elysia*

    NEUTRALS: All not listed

    ENEMIES: None

    * Trial alliance

    THE TEMPLAR'S CODE is the IC laws of the Court of Halcyon, listed as follows. All Templars are expected to know the code by heart and follow it without question. The code is written in full on a scroll displayed in the library and additions or amendments must be put to a vote. Only the italicized part is typically memorized.

    • Fellow Templars should be treated with respect. Injuring or killing a member of the Court will be met with punishment.
    • Horses are to be treated as equals. Purposeful harm to one's own or another's horse will be punished. Eating horse meat is also strictly prohibited.
    • A true Templar's aim must be to spread peace and justice. Attempting to incite conflict with other groups through verbal or physical means without permission is not allowed. Diplomacy must be the first attempted avenue at conflict resolution; if it fails, order must be restored by whatever means necessary.
    • A true Templar must be loyal. Giving sensitive information to other groups is forbidden. Conflicts of interest, such as dual alliances or relationships of any kind within enemy clans, are highly frowned upon and may be punished at the Justice's discretion.
    • All suspected criminals have a right to a trial by jury. Those who flee at any point in their trial can be made free game under the assumption that this is an admission of guilt, but all attempts must be made to bring them in alive to serve their punishment.
    • Templars have the right to vote on decisions that may impact the group. If three or more members request a vote after an announcement is made by the Justice, by law one must be held. The result of this vote may override the Justice's initial decision.
    • The word of higher-ups should be respected. However, their word is not automatically law, not even the Justice's. The power of high positions should be checked, if necessary, through the trials and voting systems. Though they must be listened to, the Justice is expected to lead on the group's behalf at all times; if this is not the case, their decisions may be overridden with a vote. Anyone found abusing their power may be put to a trial.
    • Sexual violence of any kind is forbidden.
    • Capture or harm of children from any group is forbidden.

  • hub & other.

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