That Thing Is No Dinosaur (roleplay)

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  • The summer sun glowers down upon the theme park with no mercy. It's pretty hot with the sun beating down from a cloudless sky and the air is humid, even for the dinosaurs. The many assets lounge lazily by the lakes in their enclosures and the majority of the park's visitors and personnel flee into air-conditioned buildings to take refuge from the heat. But not the ones who have no choice but to do their jobs out in the summer sun. Allison is one such person.

    Having been born and raised in Florida, the woman is accustomed to the heat and doesn't mind working in the sun's rays. Alice walks undeterred by the humidity towards the indoraptor paddock where the entire pack resides, carrying two heavy buckets filled with raw meat and chunks of bone, one in each hand. Usually they feed the hybrids live prey such as goats, but today she has been told to feed them slabs of raw meat and bones to gnaw on so the raptors won't wear themselves out by hunting in this heat.

    The woman quietly walks up to the large window on the slightly elevated feeding platform, keeping an eye on the trees and underbrush nearby, and slides it open. She dumps one bucket through the window and whistles shrilly to let the hybrids know that it's feeding time. That done, she slides the window shut and proceeds to go towards the training paddocks where some of the handlers will be working with select groups of indoraptors. There's a couple already out with their raptors but many of the paddocks are empty due to how early in the morning it is.

    Alice jogs up the stairs to one of the viewing platforms and sets the second bucket of meat by the feet of a handler who had requested her to get the meat for them. That job done, she turns and walks back towards the primary paddock to see if anything else needs to be done. Maybe she should find Jenny and see if they'll be exercising the squad today.

    Meanwhile, the sleek black beast peers out of the forest cover of the indoraptor enclosure, cunning amber eyes glued to the spot where a redheaded woman had been seconds before. Opening her nostrils, the hybrid easily scents fresh meat near the window that the human feed the pack from. A low noise of content rolls against her throat as Indigo leisurely makes her way over to the pile of raw meat and bone dumped into the paddock. She halts halfway there and raises herself onto her hindlegs, issuing a few caws into the air before running the rest of the way to the food provided to them by the humans.



    Laying out in the sun was another female of the hybrid species called indoraptors, snoozing atop a large boulder and stretched out lazily across its uneven surface. The black and white tail gently swayed across the boulder every so often. The majority of the thick limb hung off the edge and so was one of the female's arms, golden eyes shut as she sunned herself despite the humidity in the air. The female named Lord Have Mercy seemed unbothered by the harsh rats of the sun or the humidity of the air. What did bother her was the human disrupting her lazy leisure time.

    Mercy groaned an irritated huff and lifted her multi-hued head begrudgingly at the shrill whistle suddenly penetrating her sensitive ears. But she knew the whistle meant it was feeding time and she was admittedly a bit hungry. The call of Indigo further encouraged the bulky female to move. Exhaling sharply in a snort, she hefted herself up and slunk off the boulder with her claws clicking and dragging in the stone surface. Mercy guessed she could forgive the redhead human for disturbing, albeit begrudgingly.

    Mercy strode for the sliding door window that the humans would sometimes feed them through, humming disinterestedly as Indigo rushed towards the offering of meat. Normally the chimera indoraptor would rush to the food as well and try to bully her way into snatching the largest piece, but today Mercy was feeling lazy in the heat. So instead, she took her good time in getting to the meat pile.

    Not particularly minding being in close proximity to Indigo, Mercy was too confident in herself to be intimidated by the larger female, she trotted up to the pile and sat back on her hind legs. Extending her claws, she delicately dug through the pile of raw meat to pick out her choice of the cuts. She settled for picking out a thick strip, quite a juicy cut, and brought the strip of meat into her jaws. Happy with her pick, Mercy settled down nearby to eat. Close enough that she could easily go back for seconds but well away from the inevitable feeding frenzy that she was anticipating.



  • A great white beast lounges in the cool shade the underbrush provides as opposed to soaking up the warmth of the great blazing orb in the sky. The sun doesn't tend to agree with his pale scales when it's rays are particularly harsh, the lack of pigmentation causing quite a bit of discomfort for the albino when he's out in the sun for too long - too much sun can prove fatal to albino reptiles and doesn't do his already questionable eyesight any favors. Whiskey tends to avoid prolonged exposure to sun rays on days like these. Usually nothing can coax him out of the cover of the shade when the heat is this harsh. Nothing except for food. The albino's head abruptly snaps up and swivels a bit to his left, pale eyes searching. A whistle trills through the enclosure and the Indoraptor perks his head up even more. He recognizes the tone of that whistle and knows it is feeding time. The white male rises to his feet and trots in the direction the whistle had come from. When he reaches the edge of the forest, Whiskey spots a couple of of the other Indos already there and he gives a brief caw to let them know he's approaching. He jogs forward on his hindlegs to the pile of meat, understandably wary of the two girls already there. He keeps his distance from them, hastily swiping up a long bone with chunks of meat and gristle hanging off it in his claws. Whiskey quickly strides off into the shade of some nearby trees with his prize clutched in his taloned fingers, plopping down onto his belly to chew on the bone and strip the flesh from it.

    The frilled beast known as Dynasty darts right by his snout a few seconds later, having been lurking in the underbrush just waiting for the human girl he recognizes as one of his handlers to give them food. Smaller than most of his packmates but faster than a larger size would have allowed, the gray-and-red male's agility more than makes up for what he lacks in bulk. He displays this perfectly in the way he ducks straight under a towering Indigo and grabs a sizeable chunk of flesh from the pile of meat. Not wishing to test his luck this early in the morning, Dynasty swivels and dashes away hoping to avoid the wrath of the females as he flees into the underbrush with his prize of meat. Ruffling his frill proudly at his own thieving prowess, the male settles down in the foliage and digs into his meal.

    Watching the Indoraptors flock to the food one by one is a man also standing on the observation platform of the enclosure, Matt knows that when the Indoraptors are feeding is the perfect time to observe them, as they tend to creep out of the cover of the underbrush and into the open to eat even if some of them dart right back into the shade. He leans onto the wall and looks over each of the beasts in turn. So similar yet simultaneously so different from the velociraptors he'd been training before. He's been training raptors for years and being around the intelligent animals for so long has taught the man quite a few things and gave him the experience he required to upgrade to handling Indoraptors. Like how it taught him which ones work well with each other. Eyes ever watchful, the man notes every Indoraptor that emerges. His vigilant gaze searches for the rest of his squad.

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  • Zephyr-Raptor.jpg

    ☽ Zephyr ☽

    Female • Indoraptor • Interaction: Open

    A sharp whistle pierces the thick morning air. Two cobalt eyes flick open. The large black beast unfolds herself from her lazy morning nap in the scratched up dirt under a large boulder type structure. Pulling herself to her feet, Zephyr moves forward, shaking vigorously to rid the dirt from her iridescent scales. The indoraptor pauses for a moment, tilting her head to listen to the others trampling through the enclosure to reach their breakfast, before she herself charges into the underbrush towards the feeding station. Their enclosure is fairly large, and Zee prefers to hang towards the back, farthest away from the handlers and indoraptors alike. She prefers her solitude, and has all but claimed the large rock at the back as her hang out spot.

    Zephyr approaches the feeding station, her nostrils flaring as she draws in the scent of the raw meat and bones. Peering through the darkened undergrowth of the enclosure, Zee shifts impatiently. While most of the indoraptors are nose first in the food pile, she prefers to keep her sharp eyes keen on the trainers standing on the observation deck. She knows the routine, she is aware that the handlers tend to view the beasts during their most vulnerable moment, and she likes to display dominance during this time. Making a series of clicks, she raises her scales, rattling them together in warning as she slips out of her of hiding place. Her jaw parts, saliva dripping from her teeth. An airy hiss escapes her, much like a venomous snake. Her killing claw tapping the dirt floor. The summer heat beats hard against her black scales, and she immediately feels the prickling temperature shift. Her sharp azure eyes pining like a parrots, the beast tilts her head up and to the side slightly so that she can view the handlers better. Zephyr flares her nostrils, scenting her familiar trainer Matt. Bobbing her head slightly, the female flicks her third eyelids up over her eyes to moisten them, before she shifts her gaze down to the food pile. Taking inventory of the other creatures around her, the indoraptor known as Zephyr approaches her breakfast.

    As a loner, she is one of the last to arrive, however her large size and fierce nature easily allow her to fit amongst the ranks regardless of when she eats. Zee noses through the pile, selecting a thick piece of beef chuck, she uses her front talons to hold it in place while she rips a large piece off, tilting her head up and swallowing it whole, her sharp teeth snapping together audibly as her powerful jaw works its magic. The dominant female is not shy about her eating habits, and chooses to tear into the beef in the open, with little to no hesitation.