Clarification for Traditional Restriction/Rules!

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  • Hello FeralFronters!

    We've had a fair amount of questions come in about the new restrictions to Traditional. In an attempt to try and keep our intended result from this, staff have been discussing this for a while and how to proceed.

    Staff are viewing the restrictions as two routes that a character can take. The MEDICINE route, which would be a medicine cat or a medicine cat apprentice. Or the LEADERSHIP route, which would be the leader or the deputy.

    The current restrictions don't solve the problem of refreshing the high positions as intended. Due to that, staff have decided to make it a blanket term for all high positions. However! It is not a one high position and bam done. Since there are two routes, you can have one of each in a single Clan. So if you have a medicine cat OR a medicine cat apprentice, you'll go into a cooldown for the MEDICINE route. If you have a leader OR a deputy, you'll go into a cooldown for the LEADERSHIP route.

    This is still just for the single Clan you have that character in. For example, I have a SkyClan leader, that leadership is done, I go into cooldown now for SkyClan leadership route. I can still get a medicine cat apprentice/medicine cat in SkyClan. And vice versa. But since I was only leader in SkyClan, I can still be a deputy or leader in any other Clan.

    A last bit of clarification: this does count regardless of how long you were in the position. So if you played a deputy for one month, or you played a deputy for 1 year, you'll have the same cooldown period. But it only counts for the high positions mentioned - any role below those aren't included in these restrictions.

    Now, the final piece to be said. Due to these changes to include all high positions, we wanted to shorten the cooldown period. Instead of a full year after, we're making it 6 months from the time you as a roleplayer leave the position.

    Thank you for the patience as we work through the details. :) Have a great day and happy roleplaying!

    PLEASE NOTE! I am having to juggle a lot in real life right now. Due to that, I am having a hard time accessing the site to respond to conversations/questions/requests in a timely manner. If you need immediate/quicker responses, please message another staff member. Thank you guys for the patience and I hope to return as I normally would have been within a few weeks. :)