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  • Exploring the world outside of the coven's borders had always made Mason a little jumpy. He was excited at the possibilities of finding lost gems and meeting creatures that seem kinda strange in this world. The winged tabby had used an excuse of a practice flight in order to leave alone. He wasn't quite sure if anyone would be upset; especially if he came back unscathed. His wings could carry him for quite a while but sadly they'd give out sooner or later. It was fascinating for the time being as he soared above unfamiliar lands, brown eyes filled with awe. This expression quickly shifted as the pain in his wings started, causing the tabby to make a rough landing onto the land below. He tumbled a few times, finally coming to stop close to one of the many trees that claimed this territory.

    A pained exhale came from the small male as he tried to get himself together. This was territory that he knew nothing about nor about the creatures that called this area home. There had been no plans to come so closely to other groups as not all of them were nice. A few tears tried to escape his brown eyes but a paw was raised to wipe them away. A whimper did however break the silence as he tried to flex his wings which only resulted in a sudden sharp pain. Yes, he'd absolutely outdone himself from flying so far away from home. It would take at least a few hours before Mason was capable of making the trip home. This only tripled the percentage having the tabby meet whatever inhabitants called this jungle home.


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    //Since he hadn't formally been brought to the flights I decided he'd crash land there. I hope that's alright as this seemed a little better :)

    Legrandite R.K.H.

    There's an endless road to rediscover

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    [indent] Flying was not an easy thing to learn. As a hybrid it wasn't as easy as throwing him off a cliff or a tree and forcing him to learn like any other bird - he wasn't like any other bird. Frankly, at six moons old, he was far too old by owl standards to still not know how to fly, and yet by lion standards he was way to you to even consider leaving the metaphorical nest. And that didn't even take into account the fact that his wings were far larger and heavier than his sibling's, making him an even bigger anomaly. There where no griffins in this clan, or even in most of agrelos to seek advice from, leaving him constantly unsure what he should do. In the meantime, however, Grand was comfortable keeping his wings tucked at his side, choosing to roam the ground rather than fly high over the lush green canopy. Frankly, it was much safer with his talons and paws on solid ground, a sentiment that would feel more certain when he overheard another winged hybrid crash into the forest nearby.

    Shoving his way through the thick foliage, Grand would call, "Is everything okay?" before his eyes fell upon the whimpering feline. It wasn't difficult to put two and two together from the gingerly held wing to the broken branches littering the floor. Grand briefly winces, feeling a sympathetic phantom pain in his own wing at the idea of such a rough landing.

    Making his way over to the tabby, Grand quickly introduces, "My name's Legrandite Reikkenson-Kowalki-Harbinger, i'm a Shaman here in the Volary Flights, I can help if you're hurt"


    and that's the way it's supposed to be!