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  • ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ "You're going to burn yourself like that," Summer said as she quirked an eyebrow at the person busily working on the campfire pit in front of them all. It was getting towards sunset, which means that it was near time for smores, songs, games, and whatever it was that people did around a campfire in the middle of summer. As for her, though, she had taken up a perch on a nearby log that served as a bench with a can of soda in hand and a bag of marshmallows nearby. Her future task, smores, was already decided. Their location was fairly nice, all things considered. They were, ironically, settled on a beachfront where the firepit in the middle of the sand had no chance of catching anything flammable on fire, at least unless no one tipped themselves into it. The property they were on was about a mile hike from where they now sat, but even in the dark, it was no dangerous path to traverse. Plus, it meant that they didn't run the chance of getting the cops called on them for noise complaints, and so long as they kept things civil, even some of the younger ones that may have tagged along could have a good time building sandcastles and roasting smores in the remaining light, and the older ones could go off and swim, play games, and do what they liked. "Please be careful, I really don't want to have to haul anyone out of here for an ambulance," she added, even though her gaze was already drifting and she neatly crossed one leg over the other where her red swim-suit coverup dress could settle around her person more neatly.

    //figured this could start as your typical beach-out sort of human!au and turn a little paranormal and mystery-esque after a few posts :eyes: have fun with it, please cause chaos


    trad. skyclan warrior tags penned by hanele

  • maybe the smartest thing anyone had done that evening was stick a glass of wine into turtle's hand, and tell her to relax. for all her skills, the one thing she's never been good at is camping things. did she enjoy the outdoors? yes. was she good at the outdoors? no. she took comfort in classic literature and a glass of wine, not bugs and potential pyromania, and generally tried to avoid these things. but apparently, leaving her house was good-- and, after a prolonged week of summerschool classes, teaching teenagers who wanted to be anywhere else, the promise of wine was enough to drag her out.

    she's not dressed for a beach, really. still wearing her dress from work, a cream colored polyester thing with a modest cut and little blue flowers painted on it, and a dark blue cardigan covering bony shoulders, in her hand not holding the wine-filled solo cup she carries the kitten heels she'd worn all day, bare feet digging excitedly into the sand as she traipses along. mousy brown hair is in a sagging bun at the back of her head, glasses slipping down a freckled nose, and while a tiredness lingers in green eyes, there's a sense of relief there, a peace. she likes being around these people, her friends; she's just introverted by nature, and takes a natural solace to firelight and a good book.

    she sits on the log beside summer, legs stretching out, and smiles at the girl. "ten bucks says someone's gonna be personifying disco inferno before the night's over," she muses to the girl with a warm smile, lifting the glass to her lips to let the cold rose slip down her throat, awaiting the warmth of the fire.



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  • "Oh quiet down, I've had enough"

    "I guess it's now or never" — Sparkflower

    Spring was the last person who should be anywhere near fire. She was an accident prone child who normally had a bunch of cuts and bruises from how many times she had fallen or...gotten caught in something. Her blonde hair was frizzy and long, but tied up in a loose pony tail while she wore a long hoodie that looked like a dress on her, and of course there was always a goofy grin that creased on her lips. She quickly skipped over towards the two adults happily. "Hello! Can I join ya?" she asked them cheerfully. Spring beamed up at them before offering her hand towards them "Name is Spring by the way!" she said towards them, having no sense of stranger danger clearly. "Lets be friends!" she spoke happily.

    "I want no trouble"

    "Speak" "Thoughts"

    「 I took a photograph of me———— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝ I got no faith— Information

    Sparkpaw/flower/8 moons/Skyclan MCA/Female

    penned by Ravenwatcher

  • ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰For Turtle's dislike of being outdoors, judging by her cute outfit and the fact that the glass of wine in her hand signaled more of a dinner party than a bonfire cookout, Summer could only flash a coy little smirk at her friend alongside of her at her challenging words. "Bet," she answered back easily, half of a laugh bubbling at her lips as she set her meager can of soda down on the log next to her. Sundress aside, her nearly platinum blonde hair had been twisted up into a messy bun with a few bobby pins to keep it in place, but a lone strand curled against the edge of her features to frame it, no matter her attempts to brush it out of the way.

    She was in the middle of one such attempt to secure it behind her ear when a young voice perked up from next to them, making Summer sit up slightly to regard the child before them. Cute. That coy half-smirk still on her lips, though it had melted somewhat more into a smile, she extended her hand forward to the child first. "Spring, huh? That's funny. I'm Summer," she answered back neatly, looking around their surroundings for a moment. Well, it was kid friendly, so long as they kept it that way. "Sure, so long as you don't mind scary stories and marshmallow roasting." There was a distinct pause as she sent half a glance towards Turtle. "Your parents do know where you are, right? We can keep an eye on you, but I don't want anyone thinking we kidnapped you."


    trad. skyclan warrior tags penned by hanele