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    She had been thinking a lot since her discussion with Icefeather. It seemed hadnโ€™t been the only medicine cat with bad luck. Of course, she knew about her half sisterโ€™s disappearance, but she had not known about her first apprentice...her poor mentor. Maybe, just maybe, the third time would be the charm for her, as it was for Icefeather. Only problem was, StarClan was still absent. There was little chance she would receive any sort of sign, and that frightened her - what if she made a bad choice?

    Oliveslip sat just outside the camp, delicately plucking stalks of chervil. The plantโ€™s sweet scent was quite soothing, and she found herself taking her time to enjoy it, as well as the warm morning air. Oliveslip had not used thyme in over a week. It was a struggle; she found herself instinctively reaching behind her ear for a leaf, or turning towards the shelf they sat on, but she had refrained. Icefeather was right - there was a better outlet. She leaned down to smell a particularly leafy stalk, humming contently. This was...nice. She felt happier than sheโ€™d been in a while. Nothing was completely back to normal yet, but she was getting there.

    Birds flittered overhead, and the small taupe tabby turned her head upwards to them. Ah, crows. Tasty creatures, but she still preferred frogs. As she moved to look back down to the chervil, her gaze flicked to a long branch, a single crow perched on it. And it was asleep. Tipping her head to one side, Oliveslipโ€™s dark amber orbs fixed on the sleeping crow, pricking her oval-shaped ears. None of the other crows were acknowledging it, even though they were taking off. It just sat there, snoozing in the sunlight. What an...odd coincidence, right? Furrowing her brows, she looked back down to her work, finishing up quickly now. Only a few moments passed, yet Oliveslip couldnโ€™t help but look back up to the branch. Her eyes widened. It was gone. She didnโ€™t hear it take off...

    Entering camp, she made a beeline for the medicine den, dropping the freshly-picked chervil stalks on their respective shelf, before hesitating in front of the meeting rock. What if she was wrong? No. She had to trust her gut, and her gut was telling her this time, it would be different. Adrenaline pumping through her, Oliveslip scaled the rock in a few short leaps, wide eyes nervously looking down at the other cats. โ€œUm...S-ShadowClan, I-I have an uh, announcement to make.โ€ Gulping, she prayed to StarClan for strength, and possibly a steady voice if they had one to spare. โ€œUm, s-so I think Iโ€™ve received a sign...a sigh regarding a new m-medicine cat apprentice,โ€ she meowed, a lick of uncertainty in her tone. Shaking out her fur, she continued, her voice a bit more optimistic now. โ€œI-If StarClan wills it, and she accepts...the new medicine cat apprentice of ShadowClan will be Crowsleep.โ€

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  • The molly had been absentmindedly watching the sky that showed from where she laid within camp. Watching as a flock of crows flew across the sky and one quietly lagging behind. She didn't think anything of it. Didn't find any significance about the avians that moved farther and farther away from her. Yet it was the sudden rustle of the camp entrance that had her looked down and away from the sky. She watched as Oliveslip quickly moved into the medicine den and then she came back out just as quickly. Looking to the meeting rock that sat as a symbol of Briarstar's leadership. Her eyes slowly blinked and she tilted her head as the other bounded up onto it. Had something happened? Alarm didn't show on her face, no, there was nothing signifying a emotional response but she did move. She made her way closer to the rock and sat down. Holding her head up to look at the woman she would pull her large ears forward to hear what she had to say. The words slowly came trickling out and she realized then that she was talking about Starclan having given her a sign.

    A sign for a new medicine cat apprentice. She was curious about who it would be but the shock that resonated through her being when her name was called was sharp. Starclan...made a sign for her? Slowly the molly would blink her odd colored eyes and the silence progressed for a longer moment still. She was uncertain, unsure yet she felt a pulling in her heart. Was it a purpose then that she was given a chance? Seen by those dead cats as not being damned? A breath left her s she gave a slow nod of her head. "I will accept... and I will do as best that I can."


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  • โžคโžฃโžค Willownose felt for the medicine cat, who had lost several apprentices to disappearances and other ill fates in recent moons. It must be so hard, to undergo such repetitive and deep loss. She often wondered who the woman would choose to be her new apprentice, sensing that Oliveslip might be inclined to choose very carefully this time. So when the medicine cat bounded up onto the rock, looking a bit nervous, Willownose paid close attention. Was this it, the announcement they had been waiting for?

    She had received a sign, and Crowsleep was to be her new apprentice. A heavy beat of silence held the camp, enthralled, as they waited for the warrior's response. Willownose was holding her breath, though she hadn't realized it. Would she accept? I will accept... and I will do as best that I can. Willownose's breath left her tight lungs in a quiet whoosh. How wonderful for Oliveslip, and for Crowsleep. "Congratulations, Crowsleep," the dilute calico purred, blinking her eyes slowly at the warrior. The two of them were not close, hadn't ever really talked, but Willownose was extremely pleased for the woman. "I hope you find true fulfillment in this new path." She nodded her head in Oliveslip's direction, too, hoping to convey to the medicine cat how genuinely happy she was for both of them.

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  • Part of Wolfthroat mourns the loss of a warrior such as Crowsleep. They needed as many of them as they could get, and the she-cat seemed skilled. For a young cat, that was. But he knows as well as anyone that the whims of StarClan must be obeyed. He could never see himself taking such a path and was of course thankfully that StarClan hadn't seemed fit to call him onto it. Nearing six years old, the feline assumes they won't bother. Let the warrior be stuck in his ways. That he would be grateful for. Yet this moment feels like one that he can't be entirely grateful. The warrior's expression is indecipherable, but underneath it lies worry. He tries to clear it, and steps closer to the younger cats and dips his head with a subtle smile for Crowsleep. "Will you still train when you have the time?"

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  • tags โ€” Indeed, they were losing a valuable warrior here. But they were also gaining a new medicine cat apprentice, and that was a victory. After Gingerpaw, and Grizzlypaw, it was what ShadowClan needed, and more importantly it was what Oliveslip needed. Crowsleep would do her proud, and the rest of them too, in the months to come. Besides, it wasn't as if the older molly was going to lose her hunting and fighting skills upon ascending to the rank of medicine cat apprentice - it would still be the same, almost, except that Crowsleep now had another duty and that was to heal. A very important duty, he might add.

    For that reason, Stagheart was pleased for her, evident by the wide and toothy grin that split his creamy muzzle apart, eyes merrily aglow. "Congratulations Crowsleep! You'll do a great job"


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  • Finding fulfillment? Was that what this was all about? So that she didn't feel like she was on the edge of losing herself to something darker. Because it was always there waiting. Waiting for her to do something that went against everything she was trying to prove herself. Flicking her tail slightly the molly would give a light nod to Willownose then. Taking her words into great consideration as she hoped that she too would find that fulfillment in her life. Although the next question that was asked of her made her odd colored orbs turn to look at the older warrior. Would she have the time? Perhaps but sue didn't plan on giving up her warrior duties just like that. "Yes, I plan to keep my training up as often as I can." Though her claws were made for combat it was now time to teach them how to heal as well. She sighed softly, feeling like it would be a daunting path before she gave a soft nod toward Stagheart who also came forth with his own congratulations. "Thank you. I'm not confident in plants but I'm sure it will grow. In time.


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    Foxflame had been wondering when Oliveslip would choose a new apprentice. She had lost several recently, and he had been quite worried for the medicine cat. He didn't doubt that his worry was most likely shared at least by the majority of his Clanmates, and he couldn't help but wonder if cats from other Clans had felt concerned about ShadowClan's medicine cat too. Foxflame remembered that he had met Grizzlyfang on the other side of the ShadowClan border quite recently, and he had inquired about his former mentor. Foxflame had told him that she was probably okay, but had feared that perhaps he had lied to the massive tabby. Hopefully now, his words would be truth. Hopefully Crowsleep would stick around for much, much longer.

    "Whoa, congratulations Crowsleep!" the dark furred warrior bounced over, a huge smile on his face as his amber eyes flicked from Crowsleep to Oliveslip and back again. He hoped that both of them had gained joy from this development. "Man, you're gonna be such a good medicine cat! I'm so glad you've been chosen!" Honestly, Foxflame barely knew Crowsleep, though he still believed that his words were the truth. Crowsleep wouldn't be alone - she had the support of her mentor. He touched his feathery tail to Crowsleep's shoulder, giving the new medicine cat apprentice a toothy smile.

    "this is about you."