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  • Mary had finally decided that it was time to return to her home in the Sanguine Ruins after what felt like an endless two month escape, but she had one stop to make before setting foot back in that desert. Along with the news of the Red God showing up and taking over, she'd heard word that one of her brothers was now living in the Painted Brigade. Normally Mary wouldn't dare set foot on the territory of another clan without someone else to help her, let alone one as frightening as the Brigade, but her time out on her own had really forced her to learn to do things on her own. And that had been her goal, hadn't it? After all the trauma she'd faced in the Ruins that was merely brushed off as another day in the life of an anti-clan, she'd realized that she wasn't going to make it if she kept on living the way she had. She needed to grow a backbone and become competent enough to at least survive the hardships that her birth clan would always throw at her.

    Although, the reign of the Red God hadn't been something she would ever be ready to confront. Mary had actually been planning on returning a few days ago, but after learning of the God's presence she'd stayed away. Now that he was gone, she could finally go home. After she stopped and saw Angel. It had been ages since she'd talked to either one of her brothers, and at one point in their lives Mary had relied on them for everything. Not having them around at all had been a hard reality to face. The blind white wolf had cautiously parked herself on the Brigade's border, her heart pounding in her chest as she remained alert to any unfamiliar scents or sounds. She had no way of really finding Angel, apart from asking someone where he was and hoping they didn't kill her on the spot. Which is what she had settled on doing. Hesitantly, the former nurse whispered out into the wind. "Angel, are you out here..?" It was a long shot, but eventually she would catch someone's attention.

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  • Angel never knew how to properly state how he felt about his siblings in words, "i love you" was just not apart of his vocabulary and if given the chance he'd gladly throw them verbally under the bus if it mean't his peers would like him more and he's sure he has in the past. Regardless though he'd always tried to be a decent brother even if he mostly spent his days with his littermates either tackling and tugging on the ears and fur of Brennan or simply sitting besides his sister wondering how exactly he should play with her without breaking her like the fragile thing she was. He always struggled to understand her blindness when he was little and even now he didn't quite know how to deal with her disability sure her teeth were just as sharp but was it right to tug at her ears if she couldn't even see the attack coming? Was she forever just damned to be the doll to sit and look pretty and to forever be protected or was she barely any different then he and Brennan? He doesn't really know and he figures he may never know - he hasn't seen them in so long as he knows that fault is only his own deep down even if he'd say the opposite if asked.

    He almost assumes he's hallucinating when her voice rings out close to the border, he had avoided the scent believing it was only a longer but clearly it wasn't. His head picks up and he spots her porcelain visage close by and despite everything he's taught himself he runs, practically scampering towards her tail wagging behind him. He's bigger than her now - perhaps even bigger than their brother his body filling out quickly and his horns growing out as the days pass. She looks different as well though out of the both of them he knows it's only he who'd ever be able to see the differences. For that reason he forces his tail to stop and pants trying to smooth out his expression to stop smiling, it's not like she can see but others certainly can. ”Mary” he barks his voice cracking slightly into a higher pitch as if he was still in the first stages of puberty ”It's been so long? Are you okay?” he comes closer to sniff at her checking with concern to make sure she wasn't injured or something.

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