Angel Does Commissions ! (OPEN)

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  • Uh yeah-

    I finally got my paypal working and, like, i can finally start taking commissions. The money is mostly going to be just spending money but it'll also help feed my stinky little cat, Jacky, and help me save up for a new PC! I do work normally in a full-time fast food job so, I'm sorry if my turn around time is a bit slow and hence why I only have three slots currently. I will DM with my paypal once the form is complete <33

    I can only really draw feral animals but I'm also working on anthros, so feel free to throw either at me!



    Sketchy - $5

    Flatcolor - $10

    Shaded - $12


    Sketch - $15

    Flatcolor - $17

    Shaded - $20

    I also offer the ability for me to make you a custom design! The custom designs begin at as little as $10 and, depending on how complex you'd like (mutations, personality, accessories, aesthetic board, etc) increases gradually! I may also eventually link adopts you can offer on aswell.


    1. Username:
    2. Which one would you like?(custom/headshot/fullbody/etc):
    3. Shaded, Flat, or Sketch?:
    4. Description/references(both preferred):
    5. -Accessories:
    6. Pose:
    7. Emotion:
    8. Other:


    - Username - paid/unpaid - status

    - Username - paid/unpaid - status

    - Username - paid/unpaid - status

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  • Username:  goddess.

    Which one would you like?(custom/headshot/fullbody/etc): Headshot

    Shaded, Flat, or Sketch?: Flat

    Description/references(both preferred): a large wolf with fluffy steel blue fur with amber eyes and very long ears, lighter gray fur around the muzzle and dark ears

    -Accessories: main accessory are small blue hoop earrings

    - reference (essentially looks like this except w/ the different colored fur and no collar and the dark black markings on the snout)

    Pose: n/a

    Emotion: disgruntled or angry

    Other: your art do be really good i always think so when you post it in the sv server :shy: if you can't get ahold of me on here since i'm not super active on my main account you can dm me on discord @ mars 🌙#6969 <3

    also could the headshot have the same color background as his eye color? tysm <3

    you drive me crazy

    in the loveliest way

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