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  • Her peruse around BloodClan territory had yet to yield anything particularly interesting. To her, it was all the same. A bit of civilization here, a bit of forest there. Landmarks hardly stuck out, as she’d lived around the twolegs for so long that she had grown bored of their strange contraptions and various places within the confines of the Twolegplace. Really, Wendigo had just been familiarizing herself with the territory. If she was going to live here, she had to know her way around. She didn’t want to seem like some silly tyro leaving the train yard for the first time after being promoted. If she was going to prove herself worthy of the title of ripper, especially coming from kittypet roots, she had to start immediately. By now, within her first few days, she had all but explored every inch of the land within their borders, and was now doing her best to memorize it. It was becoming a tedious task, especially because she felt as though she was being overly cautious by exploring whenever she got the free time.

    Deciding this would be her last explorative trip, Wendigo started back into the dense group of trees that disguised BloodClan’s camp from onlookers. She kept her nose and eyes peeled for the potential animal that might conveniently find its way in her path. She wouldn’t go out of the way to bring something back to the Clan, but if she happened to find something, she’d catch it. As she strolled through the woods, budding foliage and dried leaves crackling beneath her thunderous paws, something off in the distance caught her attention. Beneath the tangled branches of a thorn bush rested a peculiar looking object, with sharp points branching off of one another.

    Wendigo was curious naturally. She passed closer only to find the object to be the shed antlers of a deer. She had seen the creatures before, had noticed the impressive rack on their heads, and had wondered what it would be like to have those there. Figuring the antlers must’ve come from a dead deer (though they were likely the result of a buck shedding his antlers in the colder months), Wendigo leaned down and pawed at them gently. The antlers were sturdy and the points were sharp. She leaned in and tried them on her teeth. The sensation of her teeth against the smooth grooves of the antlers were satisfying. She had to have these! Picking the antler up by the end of one of the points, Wendigo began to drag it with her back to camp in the similar way a dog would carry a large stick in its mouth.


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  • Vortex had heard the cat dragging something heavy in the leaves, and padded over to help. "Hi Wendigo, whatcha g-" He stared at the odd thing in her mouth. "I- Was it attached to the deer?" he enquired. His black pelt shook as he shook himself. "N- Nevermind, let me help you." The large tom bit into the antler, smiling at how good it felt to gnaw at, and began to bring it back to camp.

  • * Sinclair had never felt the need to prove himself, not to anyone. Well, excluding himself, maybe. Nonchalance took hold of him as he swiped a mittened paw over the crown of his head, tongue scraping across his black pads with every loop and cycle. He didn't need to feel the veneration and piety of a high position or notoriety to view himself in high regard. The dividends of his trading lifestyle stacked beneath the floorboards, and the notoriety surrounding him and his trade-reliant conduct were proof enough that his business-savvy lifestyle had garnered him all the treasures and reputation he could hope for when he joined. Or maybe the reason he didn't feel the need to prove himself worthy of anything was because he didn't care about what Bloodclan thought of him in the slightest.

    His paw halted in its cyclical motion the moment his gaze caught on the peculiar cluster Wendigo approached the train station in tow, white toes resting just at the crest of his brow. Frozen in place, enamoured by the strange but organic object she lugged behind her. His paw dropped carefully, murky green eyes narrowing the slightest bit as she neared. He wasn't sure what the thing was that she had locked in her teeth, but he wanted it. He couldn't curb his own greed, and the impulse to throw a deal onto the table only further grew as Vortex expressed his own interest in the bones. He got to his paws, approaching the pair with his classic, deal-making grin (one that came off far more wicked than he'd intended.) "Hoh— Hohoh— Look at that..." The chuckle tumbled through a hungry smile, eyes tracing along the delicate curves and grooves of the ivory framework. "I'd kill to have something like this in my room..." Shadowed eyes slipped to Wendigo's own searing glare, a pristine mitten lifting to press into one of the branches' dull points. "Unless it can be traded for... That is...?" He donned his charmless iniquity, greedy nature bleeding through the seams in his slipping charisma.