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    What was he, stupid? Yeah, that's exactly what Ikeasbitch was. A stupid bitch.

    The man would be found outside by the Oriental Garden, a sharp needle in his paws as his tongue slightly poked out of his mouth, blue eyes crossing as his grip began to shake before slamming the needle down on the ground. "Shit!" He'd yell, mostly to himself, but he was always much louder than he intended to be. He had been in the Drowned Empire for a couple weeks since it was mostly just him there now and he could just relax for a while, but he found himself bored out of his mind so he came back to the Dynasty, and had been here for a couple hours or so now. He had entirely missed the raid - which he would feel bad about once he figured out that he had missed it - so he was just now sitting like an idiot outside of the palace contemplating if a septum piercing was really worth it. He eyed the gold ring that lay in the ground, and with a mumble under his breath, shrugged his skinny shoulders. "Oh . . . fuck it."

    Grabbing the needle again, his tongue slipped past his lips as he concentrated on the placement of the needle against his nose . . . and with one swift motion, stabbed it into his flesh. "OH, FUCK!" The curse was followed by a lengthy amount of words close to it, his eyes watering as he held his paw up against the newly pierced area and reached the other shaky paw down to grab the gold ring. He quickly put it into place, feeling as if he had to sneeze as tears streamed down his face. "Ha . . . wasn't so bad," he murmured more to reassure himself as he wiped the salty droplets off his cheeks, throwing his paws up with glee as a smile with the similar emotion flashed onto his blonde fur. "I did it!" Kea announced to no one in particular as he fell onto his back with a exhale through his nose, foot now tapping the ground as he waited for the pain to go away. You would have never known that he had just been crying just moments before his outburst.


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  • ☆☆☆ well, sven had missed quite a lot in the past while, despite not really being all too absent. mari supposed that, with wounds from three raids over the course of a week still peppering his hide (not to mention an embarrassing, not quite scabbed over stab wound from... well, ria had kept him as far away from his crutches as possible as he recovered from it), he was one of the people who was most around his two respective clans, and yet he felt as if he wasn't caught up at all on the goings-on of either.

    ☆☆☆ such was the fate of being present at all, he supposed. the nightscout was living down an awful headache when he heard a familiar fellow yelping about something, so naturally marigold found himself padding over. and what he saw was a seemingly prideful ikeasbitch, showing off a new piercing to seemingly nobody as he laid there. "looks nice, 'f you ask me," marigold said, giving sven a quick but firm nod in greeting. though he was frankly far too much of a coward to get anything pierced, regardless of how handsome he thought many people were with them, he supposed he may as well at least comment on that latter bit before backtracking if anything of the former was suggested.



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  • Callisto was entirely unfamiliar with Ikeasbitch, having arrived at the Dark Dynasty during the canine's extended stay at his other home. On the other hand, Callisto was almost intimately familiar with a slurry of curses, and hearing a messy string of them from the courtyard was a sure-fire way to get the guy's attention. Broad paws carried him rather slowly toward the newly pierced Kea, eyebrows quirked in just above the line of his sunglasses as he neared. Moving with much speed - or really even precision, sometimes he just kind of tipped over - was an incredible challenge for Callisto has he favored his injured leg, hovering it above the soil a few inches as he hobbled over. At the very least his leg didn't feel like it was going to fall off at any given moment, nor did it feel like his nerves had been set on fire and left to burn. No, now he just looked like an absolute fucking moron limping around and still trying to socialize when it was pretty fucking clear that Callisto should be sitting on his ass and giving his body a break. However. Callisto was nothing if not self-destructive. Seemed Ikeasbitch shared the sentiment, blood trickling from a hole in his nose that his face had not come pre-equipped with. Gross, okay, he could've worded that better. Thank fucking God that stayed a thought and didn't progress to spoken words.

    "Th' fuck?" Was instead what Callisto would offer, voice teetering between amused and bemused. Callisto studied the new piercing that Kea had given himself, lips quirking up into a smirk. Marigold's compliments caught his attention, and Cal quietly shuffled that information to the back of his mind to deal with later. Mari seemed to be more a straight-laced guy, but maybe that was why he enjoyed them. Into bad guys, eh? Wow, he really shouldn't be analyzing this right now. Let the guy like what he likes - Hell, maybe he was lying and just trying to boost Kea's self-image over the matter... Nah, lying didn't exactly match Cal's proper gentleman image of Marigold. Anyway. "You do that yourself?" It was a stupid fucking question because obviously the guy did it himself. "Does look pretty fuckin' sick, though." Cal wasn't entirely sure whether he absolutely loved the piercing or absolutely hated the piercing. He figured that at the very least, for irony's sake, it was a nice addition. "Worth the pain? Willin' to pierce someone else?" Was Cal volunteering? Fuck, maybe.

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  • "it won't look 'cool' no more if it gets infected later on," huffed the rose-colored feline, shaking her head as she approached. her imaginary eyebrows knitted with slight concern as she looked on over to ikea, not having seen him around in a while. she couldn't help but be slightly envious despite wanting everyone here to be remain safe. clan battles felt... overwhelming, it was like watching mini nations wage war against each other. it was something that she didn't think she could handle despite what others might think. "if it starts itchin' or burnin' or somethin', you better let me or someone else know." she would rather not have a piercing by the tone of her voice, but she realized that this was something she possibly couldn't talk them out of.

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