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  • GENERAL INFO — *+:☽

    ( olive, olivepaw, olivebranch / cis male )

    — 6 moons / ages semi-realistically, will double age until warriorhood

    — thunderclan / apprentice

    — used to live in bloodclan

    — former stray, taken in by dualeyes


    ( npc x npc / adopted by dualeyes )

    — single / hopeless romantic

    — bisexual, leans towards women / crushes extremely easily

    AESTHETIC — *+:☽

    — tall grey tabby with high white / ref

    — as an apprentice, he's lithe, with mainly grey fur. he has white on his muzzle and cheeks, moving down to his chest, and it also covers most of his limbs. he was named for his large green eyes. he has long legs, making a bit taller than some of his fellow apprentices. he's not very remarkable in terms of his appearance; he's a simple tabby cat.

    — he wears two small olive branches behind his left ear.

    PERSONALITY — *+:☽

    ( personality type here / lawful good )

    — quiet / loyal / obedient / faithful

    — nervous / anxious / hesitant / cowardly

    — once a former city cat, olivepaw was taken in by a bloodclan warrior, dualeyes, and then taken to thunderclan. despite hailing from the city, he's undeniably soft-hearted and out-of-the-way, making one wonder how he ever would have survived without his adoptive mother. however, he has a good heart, and strives to do good, to prove his worth as a non-native thunderclan warrior.

    INTERACTION — *+:☽

    ( easy physically / easy mentally )

    — will start not fights / will finish not them / will run away / is afraid of confrontation

    — attack in underline and @/OLIVEPAW;

    — healing and passive powerplay allowed

    OTHER — *+:☽

    — penned by madster

    ⁠— i'm trying not to try too hard!

    thunderclan apprentice / tags / played by madster

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