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    A fox and wolf hybrid with four wings sat upon the beach, licking her paw. She looked out at the water, a frown on her face. Boorrr-ring, she thought to herself. This was no fun, she wanted something to do, not sit around on the beach with the flopping fish and crabs, the seagulls flying about. Time to think of something fun, maybe I can throw a fish at someone, that would be fun! The female stood up, her small body going down to the water before scooping up a fish that was wiggling in her paw. Then, she waited. Someone would see her, someone who was curious, and she would attempt to toss the fish towards their face as soon as she saw someone.

    that our destinies were tied, i would die for you

    i put my trust in you, i came more than you know

    ( my heart is broken in two as i watch the freezing snow )

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  • "Some sort of virtue eh?"

    "Kindness is such a simple thing" — Scarlet Rivion

    It had not been her, luckily who had been slapped in the face with a fish but...someone else and of course she had witness the whole thing which made the female gasp and her gaze turn to look at her daughter "Naeva Rivion Asimov!" she gasped in surprised at her daughter and her actions. How could they do something like that? Didn't they know they could get someone seriously hurt by throwing a fish like that? Her tail swished while a serious look appeared in the sunset gaze of the upset mother.

    "What could this be?"

    "Speak" "Thoughts"


    Had me in a trance

    Guess you must have had me hypnotized

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    Varian was just going about his day, eating a crab when he saw a fish fly across the beach, hitting an unsuspecting person. Well, today is going to be quite exciting. He male just backed up a bit, he really shouldn't get involved in family matters, it wasn't his problem, so he would just continue munching on his crab as he slowly backed away from the scene at hand.


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    Well shit. This was not good. Her mother never used her full name, but there it was, all three names coming to light. "Hi, mom," she said with a small, nervous grin. It wasn't supposed to go this way at all, not in the slightest.


    that our destinies were tied, i would die for you

    i put my trust in you, i came more than you know

    ( my heart is broken in two as i watch the freezing snow )

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  • Why don't we rewrite the stars?

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    "Aw, don't be too hard on her Scarlet," Driftingcosmos would laugh, gliding down to stand beside the woman. He smiles at the fox-wolf pup, adding, "That was some nice skills mini-Scar. I've never seen a pup your age fish so well so young!" Sitting down, the dragon-cat would curl his fluffy tail over his paws, saying with a peacable yawn, "Y'know, Scar, if you need to get the little one's energy out, you should have her fish for the clan! We could have a feast and properly welcome our one-man fishing crew!"




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    Throwing fish was an odd pastime. One Chaotictides didn't see the appeal of. It was disrespectful to both the fish and the victim of the child's projectile. It was also rather unclean. Fish were meant to be caught, prepared, and eaten. Not played with. Who could know what ancient grime resided in the scales of such mindless creatures. Especially those oblivious enough to be plucked so easily from their watery home by the claws of a child. Driftingcosmos was spinning the situation in a positive light, a trait of his she had come to accept as inescapable by now. He liked to see the best in people. He liked to see the best in her. And she hated herself for letting him. She hated herself for giving in to how easy it was and how pleasant it was to pretend she was better than she was. To pretend she was good enough to stand beside him, clouded blue gaze alight with an affection she wished she could press down into nothingness.

    "Fishing for food is a far more productive use of your energy." Tic adds on pointedly, attention focused on Naeva now, though her attitude was skillfully left out of her tone. There was no sense in snapping at a child.



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