LET IT WASH AWAY -- leaf boat race (wt)!

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  • ➤➣➤ The young cream tabby kitten had a big task on his hands, gifted to him by Otterspirit earlier that day. He was completely oblivious to the fact that kittens probably weren't supposed to ask for weekly tasks, but he had been bored and wanted to contribute, so Otterspirit's creativity had landed Owlkit here. He'd spent all morning gathering leaves, vines, and twigs just outside the nursery, begging help from apprentices and warriors who could leave camp unsupervised. He sorted them carefully, lovingly, into neat piles so that they would be ready for others to rifle through when Owlkit announced the start of the competition. He was so excited, and only hoped that enough of his Clanmates would be interested in participating. If nothing else, spending time near the river would be a welcome respite from the intense heat of early greenleaf.

    Finally, everything was ready. The kitten cleared his throat, trying to stand up tall and proud in the center of camp so that everyone would take him seriously. "Cats of RiverClan," he yowled, high-pitched kitten voice barely cutting through the mundane noises of the camp's activities as he tried to emulate the calm authority of Gladestar or Tempestwing. "If anybody wants to compete in a leaf boat race this afternoon, come over to the nursery to hear about the rules and the special prize!" He probably could've done that more eloquently, but he was a kitten after all. Eager to see who would assemble themselves, the fluffy kitten nervously shifted his weight from one paw to the other, quickly double-checking all of his stacks of materials one last time as he waited for his Clanmates.

    // ty |otterspirit| for the best wt prompt of all time!!!

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  • Leaf boat race? Man, that sounded awesome. He had absolutely no clue how to make leaf boats, in fact, he had never seen one as far as he could remember. It did sound interesting though, and as a cat who loved to craft little sculptures out of rocks and pebbles and twoleg trash, Pantherfang figured he wouldn't be half bad at it.

    The young warrior padded over to the nursery where Owlkit had carefully taken the time to assemble neat little leaf piles for the contestants of the race. Would it be weird if he participated? Was this a "kids only" thing? Pantherfang was hardly older than the average apprentice, so he didn't think it would be a big deal, though he would feel like the world's biggest foxheart if he ended up winning this race against a bunch of kittens. "Want me to join?" he would ask, letting Owlkit decide. "I've never made a leaf boat before. I hope mine doesn't sink, ha."



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  • ➤➣➤ Relief surged through the kitten as Pantherfang approached. He didn't know the warrior very well, but if he showed up for Owlkit's boat race that was a mark in his favor! Owlkit beamed up at the black tom, trying his hardest not to shoot sparks of excitement out from his fur. "Yes, Pantherfang, I would love it if you joined!" he meowed, clearly pleased. "I've never made one either, but Otterspirit told me this was my weekly task and so now here I am! I've got all the materials. As soon as a few more folks come join I can tell you the rules."

    He hoped at least a few more individuals decided to play along, though he knew that the warriors and apprentices of the Clan were keeping themselves very busy these days with camp maintenance, training, and hunting. He didn't blame them, all of those things were certainly important. But so was having fun! And this boat race, if it turned out to be nothing else, would definitely be fun. "Have you ever made anything out of leaves that wasn't a boat?" he asked Pantherfang, suddenly curious. What else could this stack of material be turned into if no one showed up?

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  • WHEN TOMORROW COMES — tempestwing — riverclan — tags

    "I once made a pretty decent disguise out of mud and leaves when I was about your age," Tempestwing mused, eyes cast skyward as she relived a memory from her kithood. StarClan, that had been so long ago ... She purred softly, forgetting her strained relationship with her missing brother for a few heartbeats. "Cyclonebluster didn't forgive me for jumping out at him for about a moon and a half! But I don't really know how to make little leaf floats for racing. Maybe we can just guess and hope for the best."

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