plot with thunderclan's resident hand-biter

  • TAGS ☆彡cherrypaw is the daughter of crimsoncry and featherlight, and located in thunderclan. like her fire-hued fur, she's very hot tempered, and aggressively loyal to thunderclan. she doesn't take well to outsiders, but she can be polite, as long as the same amount of respect is given back. she won't get along with bloodclanners (usually) and has a hard time holding her tongue against those not aligned to a clan. she's always down to fight, although she tries not to look for them. now that her dad is currently missing/'dead', she's kind out of it, and will be more annoying and snappish then usual.

    open to:

    -- friends, best friends, simple acquaintances, interactions, etc (kinda hard to befriend her if not in thunderclan)

    -- rivals, friend-enemies, down-right enemies (easy to do (':)

    -- open to anything else potentially (gimme gimme plots)

    -- unrequited crushes (y/c on her; won't end well for outsiders; prolly won't notice them until confessed to)

    iffy on:

    -- romance (preferably long term over short term ; has to develop icly ; it's more likely to happen with someone in thunderclan)

    closed to:

    -- death, maiming, capture, torture, etc

    all opinions are ic || played by happeh

  • " — rivals / sort-of-enemies with olivepaw? he's a timid boy so he's very easily intimidated and she could insult him for it :0

    ⁠— i'm trying not to try too hard!

    thunderclan apprentice / tags / played by madster

  • definitely! she won't consider him an actual 'thunderclanner' so that can totally play into their relationship (':

    do you want their first (second?) interaction to be in a specific way for the private thread or should i just make it?

    all opinions are ic || played by happeh