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  • It had been a few days now since he had been attacked by the Cinnabar Lake. To Percy it still felt surreal - he honestly barely even remembered the events that had occurred that night, since he had been sleeping so much since then that it had all felt like some cruel nightmare. He wished that was all it had been, but sadly, he unfortunately had to deal with it in the real world. More scars to add to his already slightly alarming collection. He went from having only one scar on his face to three now - or was it four? - more scars that littered his already extremely battered back, some new ones on his stomach, and ones on his neck that weren't visible under his thick mane - which he was truly thankful for more than usual in that moment. God, maybe he needed some type of armor or something, because at this point he was wondering if he'd have any skin that would be untouched.

    Today was his first day that he had begun to finally be able to stay awake. He would be in and out constantly, seeing blurry images of Elara and Adeline constantly hovering over him before passing out again. If anything, he'd only be up for about two minutes max before falling into a conflicted sleep again, dreams plagued by the nightmare fuel of the spirits of his parents and of zombies chasing him. But what helped him through all that, what got him through it all, was Elara. He thought about her constantly in her dreams, often seeing her and reaching out to her only for her to fall out of his grasp or disappear before he even got close to her. His dreams would sometimes glitch out in a way to show snow and a figure lost in its midst, but he never knew who it was. He soon began to wonder if the figure was Elara, since the vision of sorts would always appear after she had vanished, but he didn't want to bother her about it. After all, she seemed to be in no danger - only traveling through a snow storm. Wasn't so bad ( he tried to convince himself this constantly ).

    Despite Adeline's wishes, Percy found himself gathering whatever strength he had to crawl himself out of the infirmary - well, half of him, at least - to look around and see if he had missed anything. It didn't look like he had, but how was he going to know laying around like the lazy ass he felt like he was being? But he didn't want to move anymore, his muscles screaming at him to just stay put before he injured himself more. Jesus, how long would it take for him to be back on his feet? Hopefully not too long - he would most likely be up and walking right now if he wanted to. Instead he just lay there with his head on his paws, trying not to drift back off to sleep as he watched everyone move around inside the Gaia tree.


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    they've seen me in the daylight !

    Felix could understand the need to get out, frankly. He'd pretty much entirely recovered from the worst of his concussion, really only struggling from occasional coordination problems and .. a lot of headaches, but people still felt the need to try and shove him back inside to rest. He didn't need it. One little headache wasn't gonna get him down, after all. As such, he could hardly fault the lion for his presence outside. The question was -- would greeting him only agitate him?
    Felix, after all, did -- frequently annoy people, and Percy .. hardly needed that, right now.

    "Hi, Percy," He chirrs, his voice quiet as he smiles at the lion. Attempting to appear as tame and neutral as possible. Not -- weird and quirky and unlikable. Though, that was unavoidable, wasn't it? "It's good to see you out, how do you feel? Do you -- Do you want to hear what's been going on?" It's suffocating, putting himself out there to greet the lion knowing he'll get nothing but a negative response. But -- it's not going to stop him. He could just, leave, after all, and then he'd at least have tried, for better or worse.


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    Percy's condition was something Grave had tried to keep out of her mind. Not that she wasn't worried for him, because she absolutely was, she had been there after he had limped back to camp after all. The Lupurca had tried her best to keep things under control until Adeline had arrived, and now that she thought about it maybe she should have found a little 'thank you for keeping us all intact' present for the elder bear. Regardless, Grave had been trying to keep her head clear about the whole incident because if she didn't, it'd become yet another event keeping her awake at night. There was nothing more she could do but let him heal up, and getting overly anxious about it wouldn't help anybody. Still, as she saw the lion drag himself out of the infirmary she couldn't help but let out a little sigh of relief.

    "You know. I feel as if I should say something responsible. About you not resting in the infirmary." Came her torn and ravaged voice as she approached, stopping a respectful distance away and giving the injured feline a polite dip of her head. "But I suppose I'll let you off this time. I'm not going to stop Adeline if she tries to drag you back in there, though." Grave continued, a hint of a smile finding a place onto her features as she spoke. No doubt the others would come rushing over soon, and so she decided to hang back and give him some space. She imagined the last thing Percy wanted was to be swarmed by horde of concerned sancturians.

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    "OH no you don't!" Adeline was rarely far from the den nowadays, as it seemed every few seconds someone was getting hurt and needed her to fetch something for them. Plus, she had suspected that her recent patient might prove... troublesome. And he was proving it indeed. Busting over, the exhausted harbinger begin to try and shoo Percy back into the den. "Inside! Now. No buts," she chided sternly, mother mode in full swing.

    The bear was so focused on her patient, it took her several moments to register the presence of Felix and Grave. The instant she did, however, she shot Grave a smile and Felix a cautionary glance. "Grave, lovely to see you. Felix, how's your head feeling? Percy is giving you a real run for your money as my most difficult patient." Exasperated as she sounded, her voice had an edge of playfulness to it, and her eyes sparkled with amusement. Troublesome as her dear patients were, they were dear patients nonetheless.

  • There were just too many things going on as of late in the Sanctuary, and it was honestly hard for Hev to keep up, not to mention the strange sort of frightened feeling that was always at the back of his mind. Too much blood for him, it made him afraid, how could everyone handle it? So, seeing Percy out and about, it somehow gave him a sense of peace throughout all the chaos.

    But, alas, the lion was beginning to be shooed inside by Adeline, and though Hev doubted he would listen to the harbinger's insistence, it made for a funny scene nonetheless. Taking his place beside Grave, Heaven would snort as he watched the humor of what was going on in front of him, no doubt going to get a lashing at by Percy because of his reaction. Ah well, it was funny to Heaven, what could anyone expect? "Difficult? I'm not surprised..." he commented, a brow lifting in Adeline's direction.



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  • Percy's ears perked up at the sound of Felix's voice, the roll of his hazel eyes expressive in the distaste that the other gave him. "Mm," was his reply as he moved his head more away from the serval, eyes lingering on him however as the male took in his trying tone, attempting to be less annoying than usual. He supposed he was thankful for it - at least he wouldn't develop a headache now. "Better. And - yes - that would be appreciated," he gave a groggy movement of his head resembling a nod to Felix, head lolling to the side as he looked up to see Grave. Funny how he was having to look up to people now. A soft murmur of a chuckle left his chapped lips at her comments, giving a mediocre shrug of his injured shoulders. "Good. Wouldn't want to have to fight against you for it." It was clear he was in no condition to do so, but he liked the idea of thinking he could.

    "Oh, great," were the words of some form of regret and annoyance as Adeline's words hit his ears, a frown appearing on his face for the first time since he had met her. He had always been kind to Adeline - more so than he would like to admit - but it felt like she was taking advantage of the generosity now. He knew she was looking out for him, trying to have him heal up and such, but he just couldn't take another damn day in that infirmary for the time being. "Adeline, please. I just need a few minutes of fresh air - the herbal scents are just getting to me," he'd complain to her as she began to talk to the others, expression scrunching up in aggravation as she compared him to Felix. "But I've been sleeping this whole time, Adeline -" he was cut off by Heavensdoor, who's comment was received with a smirk of mockery. "I know door is in your name, but who the fuck left the door open for you?" Probably didn't make any sense since he was still out of it from the constant sleeping and amount of herbs he had been taking under Adeline's supervision, but he thought it was pretty clever if he thought so himself.



    "Oh, for the stars' sake - " the wolf had taken an hour, an hour,to go on a hunting patrol. Just to get some fresh air, get herself out of the infirmary (at Adeline's silent urging, too,) and it seemed that Percy had taken a page out of her book. The differences, of course, were the gashes and wounds adorning Percy's form. Dandelionfluff tossed her catch, a nice-sized meadow rabbit, to a nearby npc and trotted up closer, ocean blue attention focused on the black lion. He was a worse patient than she was.

    "Percy," she hummed quietly, a pleading request behind her eyes and tone. She said nothing else, pressing her side to his in an attempt to get him to lean on her, and hopefully allow her to guide him back to his sickbed. "I said that I promised, if anything interesting happens, I'll tell you. Anyone you want to see, I'll bring to you," she reminded him softly. Perhaps it was inconsiderate of her to force him back into the infirmary, but it truly was for his own good. If he had to stay an extra few weeks because he had refused to follow Adeline's orders, she was sure that he would implode completely.

    "when you're fast asleep"

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    they've seen me in the daylight !

    Oh, his attempts were appreciated! Nevermind, pack it up lads, no more depression. Percy's tolerance is the highest level of honor Felix has ever received.

    ... Felix was not a difficult person to cheer up.

    "Oh, I'm glad," Ears perking back up, he smiles, relieved. His head had been hurting too bad to help, but he'd still been there. And .. he and Dandelionfluff were close, so it was of importance to Felix that the guy was safe. "So --" He breaks off at Adeline's presence, stifling a sheepish laugh. Ooh, busted.

    "My head's fine. Just some headaches, that's all," He reassures. The concussion was gone, he just .. had to face the consequences of his overworking. Headaches aren't a big deal, anyways. Nothing compared to .. this. "I mean, I can't blame him," He chirrs, teasing. Considering how upset people were with him working during his concussion, he's impressed someone else has taken his crown.

    "Does it really hurt to let him stay out?" Felix wonders -- it's something of a genuine question, head tilted. "I mean .. as long as he's not exerting himself .. It's just the outdoors," He points out, uncertain. He hardly knows enough about medicine to make a call, and he'd certainly agree that the trip outside may have been ill-advised, but now that he was here ...


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