genetics please <33

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  • Sooo I need genetics for one pure bred oriental longhair she-cat with green eyes and one pure bred maine coon brown mackerel tabby tom with amber eyes. I have refs!

    The oriental

    The Maine Coon


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  • Blue ticked tabby Oriental LH x Brown mackerel tabby Maine Coon LH

    Brown mackerel tabby, brown ticked tabby, blue mackerel tabby, blue ticked tabby, black, blue

    Kits can have any realistic eye color except blue.

    Kits will all be longhaired.

    Kits may show some Oriental and/or Maine Coon physical breed traits.

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    Cats, lions, dogs, horses, rats, parrots - whatever the species is, there's probably a geneticist who can do the litter. We can also do genetics for realistic hybrid litters (check the list of realistic pairings linked in the sticky at the top of the board).
    If you want more options for a litter, just let us know!