Plot with resident sweetheart succubus

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    Sugar Sweet Succubus

    This is roma, my new lil baby child. She's a hedonistic dumb blonde that has nothing but love in her heart for everyone and everything! She's open to literally EVERYTHING

    Interaction ideas ::

    (((Big note, she can shapeshift into a male and will do so if y/c prefers guys))

    -- waking up together after a one-night stand

    -- Flirting with each other while going on a tour

    -- her playing tag/hide and seek/ etc. with y/c

    -- She reads your mind and discovers you're in pain, offers to lend a ear while she makes you a hot coco

    -- Talk behind people's backs about how great they are

    -- gush about current romances together / plan love gifts and missions

    -- teach her how to hunt/fight

    -- teach her about how great birds are

    -- eat some cake together! Or drink some sweet tea!

    "Speaking" // Using powers

  • AH she seems like such a cute, fun character omg !!!

    el has a tendency to carry a lot of her issues silently/use training as a way to distract herself !! so maybe she can be teaching / training roman to fight,, or maybe just teach her abt the birds !! and they can get to know each other and maybe she could try to get el to open up?? :0 and they can bond !

    Every time I think I'm better,
    Pickin' my head up, getting nowhere

  • OOOF im so sorry I thought I responded!

    im hella down for all of that yES! she'll flirt the whole time though just a warning

    who makes? ;3