Lending Paws [BxG Male Dog Needed PAFP]

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  • Plot:

    Muse A is a vixen fox who is currently expecting pups. They’re on their own and they have to hunt small animals since they can’t exactly leap up and tackle down a deer. Muse A is suddenly shot by a Hunter so they flew to a nearby house and slip inside via a doggy door where they’re hiding from the hunter. Muse B is the dog of the owner of the house. They’re returning home with said owner from a daily walk. When they get inside, they’re met with the sight of an injured Muse A and instead of finishing the job that the hunter could not, Muse B and their owner are sympathetic and kind. Muse A gets to stay there to heal and they eventually have pups. Even when Muse A heals, they don’t want to leave.


    3 years old

    Black and Red fox

    Expecting pups

    Pain. That’s all she felt. Blood soaked her fur as Calypso was making a break for the opposite direction. A hunter had shot her and she was limping but her hind leg wasn’t injured... she had been shot in the front leg which was obviously a maim shot. But Calypso was filled with determination to get to safety but her health wasn’t on her mind... the health of her curled up unborn pups were on her mind. It’s been 46 days since she first knew she was expecting and well... foxes carry for at least 49 days if not more. Calypso shook her head and was limping far away with the sight of a house.

    Calypso pushes herself and she scrambled up the steps and saw an opening... a doggy door. Or well... a flap. She skidded inside the house and looked around. A dog bed was in her sights so she limped over to it and plopped herself down. Whining, Calypso licked at her injured paw to stop the bleeding, the tangy coppery smell of blood on her tongue.