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  • "Ooh, Haveners, it's the bestest time of the week. Aren't you going to gather around? Aren't you going to listen with every fiber of your being?" From anyone else the words could have been a vibrant cheer like the first rays of sun, waking Agrelos to something important. It could have been said with humor, or a laugh. It could have been replaced by words of a far more serious nature, clean cut and out to dry. From the somali, however, the words are laced with the frustration of a specialised weapon unable to fulfill that speciality. Juba hadn't come back in the time she had given him. She can't go after him without leaving someone soft or low ranking in charge. And still, she grins.

    The itch to leaves creeps up, up, up over her spine and shoulders, fingers of it thrumming against her throat. Too many eyes waiting for the meeting reminds her of just how useless being General makes her in relation to her purpose. They wait, so she begins. "We have oh so much fresh meet this week. Our newest members are York , WARCRIMES , Applebutter ( kerosene ), ALAKSIEJ S.I. , and ARLO DONATELLI . Nebula Reaver-Break and Draco Reaver-Break came back to us like homing pigeons." A strange lot of joiners, this one. Riddled with murderers and not all of them obvious.

    "Alaksiej and Glitterglitch get the Ward title, easy as that. PRISMNIGHT gets a shout-out for showing his face around again, and Ver Million will step up to Prior now that her ward restrictions are lifted." Despite her grin and status as a General of a peaceful clan, she leaves no room for protest. Juba had agreed to it, after all, and she's eager to fill the empty armory of Haveners with capable fighters like the current Wards. "If you want to bulk out our empty ranks, apply. Helps us know where you want to go, applying."

    Knowing that the bulk of the meeting is almost done the urge to teleport away tightens around her throat, squeezing words past sharp teeth, quick-smart. "The Sanctuary has invited us to a picnic. We're trial allies for now but play nice, or you won't be playing for a while, no siree." Allies had been plaguing their borders lately, setting S on edge, dousing her in suspicion. It needs to be balanced. "Someone host weekly tasks or I will, and you won't be happy, oh no. That's all for the happy Haven life, so if that's all you're here for, you're dismissed."

    She waits a moment for some creatures to filter out, noting them, using her grin in the place of a snarl.

    "Juba is missing." The most exciting part of the week and the most frustration. That tone that had laced the meeting's commencement returns in full force. "There was no sign of struggle and no obvious scent, but he hasn't been here for a few days, hide or hair. Ideas, plans, and reasons to get him back, now."

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  • i think death is bad for everyone... it's always the same. it's rather fair in it's treatment —

    Grasstuft hadn't really noticed there were so many joiners, or that Juba was missing. He remembered in the meetings he wanted joiners so bad, and the moment they got some he poofed. The young man wasn't close with him, but he did hope he was alright. In his paws, as he sat on his haunches and listened to the meeting was his little egg. Grassy was hunched over, like he didn't want to be seen, his knew way of life. Trying to live in the shadows and go unnoticed in the crowd, to blend in.


  • Was this her third or second meeting? She can't tell but it's been a few now, more then she would've believed time passed quickly here in the shadow of the mountain even if nothing hectic had happened. It's odd to know she's been here for almost a month now. She's healed a great bit since she arrived and though she's still clearly in pain as she staggers over to sit in the crowd she isn't as wretched looking as she was when she first arrived. She can push a little more weight onto her broken paw, and no longer needs to flop down onto her side to rest every few minutes. No today she stands wings clumsily spread slightly to make sure she doesn't topple but it's the strongest shes looked in a while. Her ears perk as S goes about giving her announcements in her usual strange way, she nods her head when her own name is mentioned accepting the rank she's been given with little complaint. She doesn't know how long she will keep it, doesn't know why she's considered for a promotion at all but she's never contested a promotion before and she wouldn't now. She just couldn't fuck them over for putting their trust in her, but maybe that was bound to happen no matter what.

    She mostly just boredly listens until Juba's disappearance is brought up, she'd been worried for the shepherd and she hoped he'd just come waltzing back in but he never did. Something was wrong and now S was bringing it up in a meeting asking for help with finding him in her own way. ”We should visit all our allies or send out letters to see if they have information” Ver would woof raising her voice so she could be heard ”If we go the letter route I don't mind lending my birds to help deliver them” Ghost and Phantom had gotten much better at listening to her now that she was injured which was both relieving and annoying, she wished they'd been like that before. They'd normally just spent their days lazily in the pines beforehand and only went out when she managed to wrangle Mercy's former pet Bluebell into hunting with her. But now they seemed to always be close to her as if they could tell she needed them more then ever.


  • Another meeting, a very different and unfamiliar territory. Unlike back home or in the Veil he wasn't exactly accustomed to the times and days that meetings occurred, it wasn't like he knew when to show up and where just by looking up at the sun. And he couldn't hear the call for a meeting so he'd just made it a habit to follow other Haveners around whenever they were in large groups all making their way to one place. Sure it meant some of them gave him strange looks but he couldn't bring himself to care when his stay here was surely only temporary. Their opinions meant as much to him as the death of his mother. Which was not at all.

    But he'd figured it out eventually and he was here at the meeting with S sitting on top of a rock, his black eyes never focusing on one thing and instead lazily looking around the open expanse of territory that made up the meeting "room." None of this pertained to him, not even when she proclaimed his and Glitter's name for the ward title, his head only echoing the stark reminder that this was temporary, this place wasn't his home. It never would be. It was just a nice little getaway from hell with his best friend.

  • this was her first meeting here, wasn't it? the femme was rather relieved that she had been here during the time, not somewhere jostled up in the jungle. it wouldn't exactly be appropriate to miss this one.. especially with the welcome that was offered to her and her name called out above her. she pulls herself on up forwards, settling down not too far, but a slight distance away from the others. nothing to do with them other than the fact she was not too familiar with them all. a couple faces the canine could recognize from being greeted at the wind haven border, but that did not exactly mean she knew them or that it made them friends. albeit her name being spoken out, not much of this seemed to apply much in the girl's ears. promotions and titles? names unknown to her. though the picnic sounds.. nice? a good time and chance to meet up and get to know her new clanmates and their potential allies.

    applebutter closes her blinded eye, tipping her head down and peering at the dirt underfoot. no rudeness was intended... but there was not much getting her interest into this meeting and that made it hard to focus.. and the words 'meeting dismissed' sounded joyous on her ears. except.. she kept speaking. this aspect a bit more serious than the rest. applebutter does not know who this missing individual is, but it is worrying. "i hate to say im unfamilar with them, but if you need any help searching..?" she offers.

  • The familiarity of meetings was much welcome, though the tone was much different than what he was used to. While he was happy to listen, he missed the warm tones that Jericho had painted his meetings with. Times must have changed, and in this way it wasn't better. In his opinion at least.

    The guy gave a small nod to recognize his welcoming, a small smile spreading on his face hearing that Nebula was also back. Hey, that was one familiar face at least. He made note of the picnic and planned to attend, and his face fell at the announcement that someone was missing. "If there's any way I can help, let me know." The tom said. He didn;t have experience with that kind of thing, but did want to help if he could.

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  • Mismatched eyes fall onto each Havener in turn as they speak, as that itch to leave makes itself uncomfortably known to her. Ver's idea annoys her enough to distract from the itch. The Haven is still too weak to be telling everyone of further injury, to damn them to being cast aside for strong allies. To doom them to raids. Telling all their allies that a General is missing is only a slight step up from telling their enemies. Ooh, the allies should be less likely to attack them, make no mistake, but that would be some slippery news going to a lot of fumbling hands. Word could get out. It's only marginally better. She grits her teeth.

    No one else offers new ideas, but she does recognise those who speak - Draco, the lost boy come home, and Applebutter, a woman she doesn't yet know. All agreeing to help with a plan the somali dislikes. All offering to help the only plan they have. "Letters it is. We'll organise them in private, get them out quick-smart." The last syllable has hardly left her mouth before she vanishes from the Shepard's Stone, off to scratch her itch.

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