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    and that's the way it's supposed to be!



    ─────────────────────────────────────────────── ・ 。゚☆

    GENERAL ・ 。゚☆

    Legrandite Reikkenson-Kowalki-Harbringer

    -- Cis-gender male / he/him / Biromantic demisexual

    -- 7 months physically / mentally 13-year-old human / Ages on the 1st of every month [starting May 2020]

    -- Volary Flights Shaman + Guardian Dove / Cockatiel, Harpy titles

    APPEARANCE ・ 。゚☆

    Reference (not including wings)

    Legrandite necklace

    About the size of an adult German shepherd = 2.5 ft as a adolescent cub

    Adult size will be slightly taller than average at 4.2 ft (three years)

    Right off the bat Legrandite is large. Maybe not the biggest in the litter, and aided in part by a good posture and a proud air about him, but there's no denying -- he's a big one. Despite still being only a cub, he already harbors thick legs, a massive wingspan and broad shoulders connecting both. His entire form is clad in near pure white armor save for a frosting of pale grey, almost lavender in hue, over his spine and the back of his wings. The base of his wings are dusted in black freckles commonly seen in snowy owls. These freckles extend around his neck, down his back until it reaches his tail, which then become steadily thicker until tiger-like rings form along his thick, rudder like tail. Faded pinstripes appear at the ankles of each foreleg, similar to stripes found circling his round head. At the end of his front feet Legrandite brandishes impressively sharp hooks for talons, constantly unsheathed. Sharply pointed lynx-like ears stand perked at his head, tipped in onyx and subtly striped henceforth. Beneath those two attuned ears reside piercing amber eyes. His occulars hold a pale orange hue, similar to his name sake gemstone. A gradient of more notably orange blends into a sharper yellow near his pupil. The top of his head is flat, turning bullet shaped towards his small, but no less deadly beak with eyes close to his nose. His entire physique is very stream-lined for optimal speed. He is actually a lot lighter than he appears, but he does his best to hide that fact.


    / Lawful good /

    Ravenclaw /

    Loyal, Brave, Open-hearted, Efficient / Ambitious, Ambivert, Intelligent, Perfectionist / Stubborn, Strong-willed, A bit Close-minded, Controlling

    A born leader, Legrandite has always had the aptitude for thinking on his feet and sticking to his word. Hard working till the day he dies, his main goal is simply to do what's right and make his parents proud. Legrandite, as much as he refuses to admit it, is also a massive people pleaser. He enjoys making people smile, and spending time with others. Though it's hard to get his head out of his plans and schedules, he always appreciates a good time with his friends. He's a sucker for puns and when he becomes interested in something like a story or a unique prey he'll babble for hours on his interest.

    He's also a massive bloody worry-wort. When things don't go as planned he tends to panic rather easily, and it's difficult for him to control his emotions when he becomes upset. It doesn't help that he is absolutely horrid at handling his stress, either taking it out on others or himself with excessive grooming or lack of eating. He holds grudges with a passion and doesn't forgive anyone easily. However his loyalty knows no bounds and if you earn his trust you'll be rewarded with a man that'll risk anything to keep you safe.

    Legrandite holds himself to a very high expectations. A perfectionist in everything he does, often beating himself up if he fails at anything. For that, he has a terrible habit of being very controlling, especially when he wants to keep others safe and thinks his way is the only way to go about that. Though he isn't a fighter at heart, his temper will often get him into not a few scuffles. Still, he often means well and when he feels he's wronged someone he'll stop at nothing to make things right.


    gen 2, Atlas x Freya (adopted) / siblings Malachite, Faeton, (Littermates) Marrok (adopted by Atlas) Takyon (Adopted by Freya)

    ・ No children, adopted or otherwise

    ・ [0] crushes / single

    ・ trusts Freya, Marrok / Close with Lucifer, lavinia, Midas, Takyon/ Enemies Cupidcrush(rival)

    ・ Mentored by Autopilot

    Single / Crushing on Midas

    Friends with Lucifer, lavinia, Midas, Takyon


    Medium physical difficulty / Easy mental difficulty

    Always open to friendships / easy to befriend / doesn't Trust quickly / Will be hard to reach romantically

    Maybe start fights / Will end fights / Will show mercy

    Will not harm kits / Enjoys taunting his enemies

    Mention account and write in bold when attacking

    Ask for capture or injury / Closed to death and Maiming

    Any passive or peaceful interactions may be powerplayed

    NOTES ・ 。゚☆


    Aesthetics are deep greys, storm clouds, and Lightning

    ・ Prone to Anxiety attacks that can result in exessive grooming and feather plucking


    and that's the way it's supposed to be!


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