history has it's eyes on you [nine lives ceremony]

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    Although it was hard for the cats still below sometimes, StarClan was always watching over them. Friends, family, lovers, enemies... no matter who they were, they were still guided and overseen by the cats in the heavens. Driftingstar had led his Clan with all he could give, his life stripped from him suddenly by a crashing boulder. He had one moment been in his Clan's home, the next, padding among the stars. He had been angry, at first, but peace had found its way into his heart. Driftingstar loved his Clan. He wished he could have told them good-bye. But Eaglestar had taken the Clan to a new horizon, and he was so proud of what they had become. His family, his home, still thrived. And now, who to take the place of his former deputy and friend but his own apprentice! The now older, developed, and strong Oakridge stood before the council of StarClan, wide-eyed. Driftingstar couldn't help but grin ear-to-ear. The young tom had come so far, and there was nothing but pride and admiration in the blue tabby's heart for him.

    As Clovershade stepped back from her life of empathy, Driftingstar stepped up to take his place. His blue eyes shone with more than just the light of the stars as he gazed at Oakridge. Oakstar. "Hey there," He greeted, lowering his head to lick his former apprentice's forehead. "I didn't get to say it before, well, everything happened, but... thank you. For being a faithful apprentice, a loyal warrior, a brother to me. I have missed you every day, but have watched you grow into such an amazing cat. I knew you were going to be great, Oakridge, but you have outdone yourself. Congratulations." The blue tabby let out a small huff, smiling. "I remember teaching you to hunt and crouch and keep your feet balanced on rocks. Remember that? You were such a fast learner. Nothing fazed you. You were always kind, strong, curious, a good listener... everything a leader should be. And now here you are, in front of me, ready to continue the legacy of DarkClan. I am so proud of you."

    He let a breath of a moment pass. Driftingstar could't help but give one last lesson; it was the mentor in him. "Don't try to compare yourself to leaders before you. Everyone has their own path. I know you will do good and great things for the Clan. Don't be afraid to make hard decisions, even if others don't agree with it. But, that being said, always listen to those you trust. Do what's best for the Clan. I know you will; others may not see it at first, but you have a pure heart. I know you will do what's right, you just have to have the courage to stand for what you believe."

    And now the moment had come. A life. Driftingstar's own life-giving ceremony was but a mere memory now in his own mind. He hoped that his life would give his apprentice what he needed to continue his journey and fight for what was right. For DarkClan. Perhaps someday he could walk once again in the rocky, leaf-strewn paths of his old home. However, it was time for Oakstar to lead, to protect, to shine.

    "I know you don't exactly need this, but I am giving you a life of courage. Fight for what's right. Stand up for those who don't have a voice. Be the light in a dark world and show others that it's possible to stand together. Lead with your head high. You are so brave already, but take this life and use it for good." He touched his nose to Oakstar's and offered one last smile. "Know I am always with you, and am so proud of you, Oakstar."



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  • ・゚ ✦ ° why do love and hate sound just the same to me - He had been thinking, quietly hoping, that Driftingstar would make an appearance at his ceremony. The tom had been the best mentor a cat could ask for - a brother and a friend all at once - and he had taught Oakridge everything that he still held close to his chest. Losing his mentor had been a blow of grief that the blue rosette tom had been unprepared for. Oakridge had been captured by Twolegs, swept away and forced to trek across the lands to near death before he had been returned home with the guidance of a stranger.

    Only to find that his home had been changed by mudslides and rockfalls, and his mentor crushed beneath a boulder. Oakridge hadn't been there to help him, to save him. Hadn't been their to grieve him, say goodbye. He hadn't been there to watch Eaglestar ascend to leadership in Driftingstar's place. For moons, the tom had felt cheated, but he had made his peace with it eventually.

    Now, his mentor stood before him again, recounting memories and offering praise and Oakridge couldn't find his voice through his grief and his happiness.

    Before he could even think of something to say, Driftingstar was leaning in and passing a life over to him. The rush of energy was intense, left the almost-leader gritting his teeth against it and gasping in air. The courage was quick to follow, filling his veins like fire, like the light of all the stars pulsing in his blood. The blue rosette tom nearly collapsed when the feeling faded, leaving him feeling like he was coming down too fast from an adrenaline high. Peering up at his old mentor with emotional golden eyes, Oakridge had a quiet realization that he was now physically older than Driftingstar would ever be.

    "Thank you," Oakridge managed to gasp out, putting everything he was feeling and unable to say into his tone. "For everything. I promise I'll make you proud."

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    darkclan ✦ leader ✦ 25 moons ✦ tom ✦ dayspring x ridgelily

    penned by hanakosong - TAGS

  • she is one of the last to step forward, a tinge of fear lurching in her belly as she watches her starry clanmates pad towards the tom one by one. hidden in the back by a sea of others, sorrelstar watches with a mixture of pride and apprehension as oakridge receives each of his lives. now it's her turn, and she can only hope that he'll want to listen to what she has to say. a soft twinkle in her golden eyes, which strike bright against the misty, starriness of her fur, she steps forward, lean paws guiding her to stand in front of the man. she looks at him for a moment, this tom whom she'd never gotten to know but for their fights. darkclan and shadowclan are so similar- it pains her to remember the way they lived- at war, and the way she died. "oakridge," she speaks and her voice is soft, comforting, like a velvety wind. "maybe you didn't expect to see me here. after all, i suppose we were not what you'd call... friends." a soft laugh passes through her lips, and she sighs. "but as i watch my clan and yours from the stars, i cannot help but feel immense pride for what you living cats have accomplished. certainly the old friendship between our clans is never going to be the same, but you've helped patch it up a great deal."

    she's almost rambling, but she stops herself before she can ask after her old clanmates, after the life she'd left behind. this is oakridge's moment, and his alone. "i'm proud of you, and proud that i have been allowed to gift you with a life. with this life, i give you forgiveness." she closes her eyes and presses her nose to the man's forehead, allowing the frosty feeling to seep into him. "there will come times when you need to forgive. from speaking soft words to an apologetic child, to roaring out a punishment to a code breaking warrior, both of these situations require the strength and courage to forgive. i forgave my clanmates for their crimes just as i forgave pitchstar for his, or briarthorn for hers. mistakes happen, feelings get in the way, and a wise leader needs to be able to see past all of that and into the heart of what makes a clan cat a clan cat."

    she steps back, blinking at him, the ghost of a smile lingering on her maw. "love and friendship define us, they give us a reason to wake up. forgive the ones you hold dear to you. watch over your clan well."


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