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    /so the way this thread will work oocly is you can get a number from this random number generator and if you get 1,3,5,7, or 9, your character will make a wrong turn/run into a dead end/be otherwise stopped from reaching the end of the maze. if you get 2,4,6, or 8, your character will get closer to completing the maze. after you get 3 even numbers, you'll reach the end of the maze. also, if your character chooses to restart the maze, you'll also have to restart your count. so, for example, if you had gotten 1 even number but your character decides to restart, you'll be counted as having 0 even numbers. you'll receive a badge when your character completes the maze! if you have any questions, just let me know! i hope y'all enjoy! <3

    It would be nice to use her powers for something good instead of for violence. With all the conflict lately, she was almost always using her abilities to fight or to disguise herself in the Exiles. This was the sort of magic she always wanted to do. She had gotten Calina's permission to use the tunnels for her maze, but she had wanted to make it a little more difficult than that. The leader had expressed some concern that the tunnels might collapse with plants running throughout them, but Ulla had assured her she would be able to return it to normal without risking the structural integrity of the tunnels themselves, and she was fairly certain she was correct. She just had to be careful to not root any of the larger branches in the tunnels themselves, but instead root them outside and then weave them on top of the tunnel. She was sure that would be less dangerous and it would allower her to make multiple branching paths in each tunnel, which would hopefully make the maze a little more difficult. Once she was done creating the greenery, she then used her light manipulation to make the light reflect off of everything a bit brighter, creating the illusion of a thin layer of mist. This wouldn't make anything more difficult, but Ulla did think that it made the entire scene look rather interesting. To finish it all off, she allowed some small lights to float around like fireflies, adding to the overall ambiance of the scene.

    Once it was all completed, she felt like she had struck a nice balance of difficulty and had managed to make it look pretty in the process. She couldn't resist putting a snack table outside the entrance of the maze, filled with pastries and a variety of juices. She decided not to provide any alcohol, both because she didn't particularly care for it herself and because she felt like sending people into a dimly lit tunnel turned maze while they were drunk was likely a bad idea. She waited for a few people to arrive, watching as her clanmates milled around as well as some of their allies. Once enough people were gathered, she cleared her throat and faced the crowd. "Hello everyone! Thank you all for coming out to Shadow Veil's maze event! Feel free to help yourself to any of the snacks provided or to go directly into the maze itself. I know that it might be a little disorienting, so if you ever need to restart because you think you're too lost to continue or feel frightened, just tap on some of the nearest plant life and I'll be able to feel it and come find you. I'd also like those with elemental powers to refrain from using them inside for the safety of everyone else. Obviously, if you use elemental powers around your body, that is perfectly fine, so long as they aren't causing any real damage to the plants or to anyone you might run into. Unless you have any questions, you are all welcome to begin!" With that, the doe gave them all a wide smile and stepped to the side to see who would be the first to enter.




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    Once again Ulla had outdone herself. The canine sauntered over with jaw slightly propped open in amazement as he gazed at the various plant life cascading and forming entry ways and walls. Eyes turned to Ulla who went about explaining the rules and he'd give her a light smile. It had been hard as of late for the canine to interact with the rest of the world as he lay dormant inside his room contemplating his life and the mistakes he had made. Still, he tried to come out once in awhile and when he did he tried to smile and participate like he did now as he helped himself to a little of the snacks before making his way to the entrance. He turned around to see if anyone was going to follow suit but gave a light shrug of his shoulders. "I suppose I shall be the first to head on out." Fiore would chirp as he entered the maze.

    Paws would carry him through as he looked around in wonder before he came across a path that split into two. The canine would attempt to sniff the ground, perhaps a clue would help him to decipher which was the correct way to go. After some deliberating he took the right path and continued onward.

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    Man, there certainly were a lot of fun little events popping up here and there. It felt like that as soon as one would end, another one would begin. Ambrose very much welcomed these events with open arms, participating in nearly all of them. It was a great way to keep their mind off of things while also having something fun to do. Not to mention, they were all quite impressive just to look at, and the maze that Ulla had created honestly might have just taken the cake. The plant life that twisted around the tunnels combined with the lighting effects gave the maze a mysterious vibe to it, one that Ambrose really liked. Anyone could make a maze, but Ulla had turned hers into a masterpiece.

    "Time to get my ass lost, but at least the maze is pretty!" laughed Ambrose. They stood by the entrance of the maze, peering into its magical depths. Well, there was no use in delaying the inevitable! Head held high, Ambrose walked into the maze. They really had no strategy in mind, just aimlessly wandering in hopes they would make it out. Unfortunately, this caused trouble for them right at the start. When they had come across a fork in the road and randomly chose a path, they found themselves face to face with a dead end. Cursing, Ambrose spun on their heels and headed back.




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  • Well, fuck. This was a cool event, even though at first Calina had been worried that the tunnels would just collapse. She found them to be an incredibly useful feature in Shadow Veil. They could surely be used as an evacuation method for children if anyone ever decided to raid Shadow Veil again. She didn't want them to come crashing down, but Ulla had reassured her that they would stay stable, and she trusted Ulla enough to let go ahead. The lupurca was glad that she had. Although she couldn't see the fine intricacies of Ulla's work, she could see vague flashes of light like fireflies, and that was enough to make her happy. The same with the snacks. A good choice by Ulla, for sure. "Looks amazin'," She mentioned, before scarfing down a pastry, for added strength and courage. She thought that this would be a walk in the park for her, since she had spent some time mapping out the tunnels.

    She first watched Fiore vanish into the tunnels, and then Ambrose. Off to be consumed by the darkness and plants! "Farewell, Ulla." She said seriously, and padded away from the snack table into the catacombs. Like Ambrose, she did get her ass lost, immediately. One turn and she was already going the wrong way. She almost smacked her face straight into a wall, muttered a string of expletives, and then turned around to the last fork in the road that she had encountered. Her pride was a bit bruised, and she took a moment to just breathe, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness. They had always done better in the nighttime. She just needed to take a moment and figure out which direction she wanted to take next. Guess she didn't have the maze mapped out as well as she thought.

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    Heavy paws carried the snow leopard toward the maze, a curiosity peaked within her. She dared not part her jaws to speak to another, instead moving swift and silent into the daunting unknown. The maze twisted and turned, the foliage like gnarled rage that taunted her every paw step. Sylvanna moved with grave despite the fear pumping through her veins, her heartbeat fast and unsteady. She moved swift, turning around a corner -only to see nothing more than a thick, dense wall in front of her.

    "Ugh!" Her groan was loud, almost echoing around her. She stamped her paw against the earth, turning away from the wall. I'll just have to take another path.

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  • Maze exploration isn't something she has tried before, but she understands the basic concept of it. There is an entry point and a goal obscured by tall greenery, often hedges. Moreover, she knows that keeping her tail on one side of the entry and following it around will certainly get her to the exit safely. The theory of mazes is wonderfully simple, the myths that stem from them more so. It was her understanding that mazes were typically outside, where the cold night air could nip at one's flesh and coax partners to huddle closer. Somehow, them being below ground and removed from that possibility both comforts and saddens Candyhearts in equal measure.

    "It looks divine, Ulla," she says softly as she passes the doe, giving a smile before moving into the mouth of the maze. Her tail brushes briefly against the plant-lined wall before Ulla's words came back to mind. The sight of everyone else delving in without hesitation or cheep tricks cements her resolve - she will walk through by her own guidance. With that in mind, she walks in Fiore's wake for a turn.

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  • Sunnypaw wasn't too used to attending events because he was usually off doing other things... like trying to read books or trying to keep his sisters in line. Unsurprisingly, the latter kept him pretty busy since they were always getting into so much stuff that he very nearly couldn't keep up with them. Nowadays he had all the time he could ever want for himself, though he always did make sure to keep an eye on his sisters when he saw them, and today had been no different. He had heard them talking about the maze event Ulla was planning for their friends in the Phoenix Eclipse Alliance. Ulla had been the nice lady he had met a couple of times and had been the one to make him some food when he had been decorating his home earlier in the week. He figured he would check the event out to say 'hello' to Ulla and to thank her for the wonderful food she'd made for him, and was surprised to see that the event was a lot more grander than he thought it would be.

    The dappled tom stared in awe, at the crawling plant life and the lights the dimly lit the tunnels. He felt a little shudder of excitement crawl down his spine before he stepped away from the entrance of the maze for now, deciding to go see Ulla first before going in. "H- Hi, Ulla. This all looks really nice... and, uhm, thank you." He offers her a shy smile, the Turkish Angora's ears flicking back sheepishly. He awaits her response before heading off towards the start of the maze, pausing near its entrance once more to look at the table full of pastries and drinks. Bringing his tongue across his lips as he looked over the selection of sweets, Sunnypaw carefully chooses an snicker-doodle cookie before entering the maze.

    He nibbles on the sweet treat as he moves through the dimly lit tunnels, looking up and around at the walls and occasionally murmuring "wow," under his breath. He had never been down here before, he thinks. It was so cool down here - perhaps he should visit more often after the event was over? Maybe he could find some cool looking rocks down in the tunnels to bring back home. While he was caught up in his thoughts of wonderment, Sunnypaw didn't pay much mind to the turns he was making and soon enough ended at a dead end. The tomcat stands stumped for a moment, thinking that this couldn't be how the maze ended. "Oh, I went the wrong way." He thinks, a soft huff leaving him. He wipes the crumbs of his snicker-doodle cookie off of his mouth, trying to think of the first turn he made and wondered if he could backtrack from there. "Maybe this way...?" The apprentice mumbled to himself as he begins walking back.

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  • It seemed it had been too long since she'd taken a day off from the eastern jungle to relax. It was always going here and there for duties, and then going even further to fight raids and help out their allies. She didn't mind doing those things - aside from the fighting, the travels and the talks with their allies were nice, especially when she had some company. But it'd been a while since she'd stretched her paws out into other clans just for some leisure time. And while this was technically an alliance-based visit, it was firstly for fun. And with everything that had been happening, she was pretty sure that the entirety of the Flights needed the day off, too.

    Figuring that bringing any one of her birds would have been cheating if they helped her on the way out, Elowen had instead chose an equally good and familiar friend not only for the trip, but for the maze itself. Maybe games wasn't one of Felix's first go-to's, considering he spent most of his free-time working on contracts and helping around the clan. But, she had convinced him to come with her well enough. Whether it was because he figured it was their duty being they were ambassadors to the Veil, or maybe because he really did just want to come, she wasn't sure. But she was glad to be able to partner up with him, anyways.

    As the duo approached, she was half put into silence by awe of the maze presented to them. Her mouth would part slightly, and her head would tilt as she admired the work of the plant elementalist who did it. Her own paw flexed instinctively - as if trying to imagine the amount of energy and time growing all of that with her own plant manipulation would take. After a moment she decided that she was much more happy growing smaller things, than something this big. Kudos to -- Ulla? Was that the name she heard? -- whoever did it, certainly.

    "Alright," she breathed out with a ready sigh, ears perked and half-blind gaze looking at the start of the plant-made maze - shoulder bumping gently and playfully into the lynx-cat beside her as they prepared to make their way. Moving forward a couple steps to enter and sure he wasn't far behind - she looked side to side at the options they had. Left? Right?

    A small hum would leave her, and her ears would perk as she heard the various sounds of disappointment coming from somewhere near as Veilers turned around. "What do you think-" she'd begin quickly - voice only slowing as she weighed the options based on the sounds, "-Go right?" she'd suggest to Felix after a moment - chin jutting to the tunnel a few paces ahead of them.

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  • It was an understatement to say that things had been chaotic lately. It seemed like there was a sudden spiral of activity, a whirlpool of renewed religions and border skirmishes and alliance gatherings, drowning them all through its pull. Even though he had his reputation, Felix did not dislike having fun. It was just that his definition of fun was different from everyone else's, and it was true that he was apprehensive in wasting time milling around when he could have been doing something useful. Even so, Elowen invited him to challenge Shadow Veil's maze with her, and it didn't sound like a bad idea. An opportunity to relax a little, if nothing else. His acceptance had been easy.

    Blue eyes peered toward the spectacle of natural decoration. Being inside the pine forest was different than just lingering at the border; it was darker, and the smell of soil and ferns made his nose itch. But the tunnels which they approached had been decked out in elaborate live decorations and glimmering lights, a fantastical display that reminded him a bit of a fairytale. He paused at the maze's entrance, taking a moment to admire the sight of it. The clans were different from other strongholds around Agrelos. None were quite so lively, he'd noticed. Felix didn't bother feigning disinterest, but he did eventually turn his gaze to peer at something in the distance to avoid forever gawking like a fool. He heard Elowen speak beside him, ears swiveling toward her.

    "Mhmm," he murmured quietly. Felix felt their shoulders knock and he didn't flinch away from her like he once would have, nor locked up or bared his teeth. It wasn't a sought-after interaction necessarily, but it wasn't unwelcome either, and that was a step up from his usual apprehension. The lynx-cat merely followed after Elowen as she padded into the maze, stopping when they reached a crossroads among the low-light and unnatural plants. He peered down the right hallway critically, raising his nose to scent the air, trying to find a scent trail that might lead them toward the correct path. All he smelled was pine. Pursing his lips, Felix shrugged, then started down the corridor to their right.

    He followed the natural twists and turns of the tunnels quietly, close enough to Elowen that he didn't have to look to make sure she was near. He'd half expected that he was going to be uncomfortable participating in such a festivity. It would be tricky to defend himself if he got attacked in the tunnels, even with Elowen there to help protect him and vice versa. But it was a pleasant surprise to realize that he wasn't nervous at all. A comfortable relaxation settled over Felix's shoulders, a minute difference in his icy exterior, yet there nevertheless. He decided not to question it, instead just living in the moment. Turning another corner, Felix's paws halted on the cool soil when they'd reached another fork.

    He eyed both sides critically. There didn't seem to be any sort of tells that would lead them down the correct path. He gave another thoughtful hum. "Left?" he offered, turning sidelong to peer at Elowen. He really only said it because it was the opposite of her prior suggestion. His head tilted subconsciously as he waited for an affirmation.

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  • Calina could hear the chatter of other voices in the tunnels, and occasionally a figure would flit past her. Most of them were from Shadow Veil, she recognized, but she also caught the scent of Volary Flights in the air. She was glad to know that they were around. Hurrah for ally events and bringing the super alliance closer via a fun maze. She was still staring at the fork in the road. It wasn't like her to hesitate, but she did not want to wind up immediately knocking into another dead end.

    She decided to take the path with more little glowing dots in the air on it. Even if she got lost while on it, at least she would get to admire the faux fireflies. Her pawsteps were heavy as she padded down the path, careful to avoid any roots and prevent her paws from being snagged. While the present moment was lovely and peaceful, she did not fancy injuring herself stupidly and then being out of commission when a less lovely and peaceful moment rolled around. She realized, as she walked along, that she had not hit a wall yet. Incredible. She had bounced back from her former loss. Calina was feeling great until she encountered another fork in the road and realized that Ulla had probably not made the entire thing have one dead end and then a straight line to the finish. Fuck.

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