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    The registered teams are all lined up and the biggest sled dog race of the year is about to begin. Mr. Jackson Mareno and his professionally trained team are ready as they'll ever be, they've been training all year for this race and both musher and dogs are certain that they can brave the Alaskan wilds and be the first to reach the finish line together! However, disaster will inevitably strike along the way and the team will be stranded and wounded in the snow miles from human civilization. Man and dog must work together to survive, or at least try to thrive as long as they can in the wild. Jack may not ever make it home, but maybe his dogs will have a chance. The starting gun goes off...


    The dogs are all currently waking up and getting ready for the race. Jack goes through his routine of feeding the dogs before loading them and the sled on the back of his truck, anticipation is thick as the mushers get their dogs prepared to start the biggest race of the year, the "Against The Odds" Circuit...

    Admins: ~:Wanderer:~ and ShatteredDimensions


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    Ahh, welcome to the roleplay thread of our dog sledding rp! Im pumped to get this going so feel free to track until I can the starter post up! We'll be starting with everyone getting ready for the race to start, basically just waking up and getting their breakfast before moving onto racing prep!


    ShatteredDimensions wrote:

    I'm never gonna come to terms with the fact these zombies can open doors. They can run, that's a nice twist. They can climb, thats cool I guess. They can sniff you out, that's honestly terrifying but okay. But they can opEN DOORS HELL NO???? Even in the future when we're all floating brains in jars driving spaceships I'm still gonna be dunking on Kushala's bs smart zombies that can open doors


    We do what ever it takes to make it

    Break through anything we're face to face with

    Victory is ours and we will take it

    Oc: Feel free to post your starters!

    Ic: The morning sun glowers over the ice, showering the snow with reflective light that makes the crystals shine beautifully. A single man walks by the yard on this beautiful morning, his breaths puffing out in from of him in vaporous plumes. The shed just behind the house is a bit of an issue, it's hard to yank open as the door seems to have frozen over with snow and ice last night. The usual. Jackson Mareno's first task of the day is to find the pot that he's taken to calling the chow bucket in the neatly organized contents of the shed. Once the stainless steel pot is found and pulled from the shed, the man whistles merrily and returns inside to the kitchen where he and his wife, Natalie, are now getting on to preparing... Something over the stove.

    Regular soup for himself and his wife is being cooked in a normal soup pan, and of course a 3000 calorie warm soup broth for the rest of his team in the pot. Talk about a power packed first meal of the day! Jack and Natalie are used to preparing this sort of soup daily. Made of a meats such as chicken, pork, and beef, the soup would pack the dogs with necessary fats and calories to sustain their energy while they work. This is considered just another normal morning of making breakfast in the Mareno household for the two, preparing a large pot full of soup broth that would keep his running team hydrated and energized for the day until dinner.

    Humming softly in the early morning, the musher expertly prepares the dogs' breakfast as Natalie finishes up with their own soup, and he starts carrying the pot (plus a ladle) outside to the kennel yard where each one of his active sledders are chained to their respective boxes. Although he has a dog yard (he prefers that term instead of kennel yard, silly man) and boxes outside as most mushers do, the man usually lets his doggos inside the house or kennel when they aren't working too. Natalie even had a rather large doggy door installed in the front door, lockable of course, to let them in and out as they please.

    The chains are more or less just precautionary to make sure nothing happens to them during the night, usually they are left unchained to wander around the yard and go in and out of the house. Usually they sleep outside though. Of course there are some nights where Jack feels it's too cold or stormy for his pups to be left sleeping outside and he'll herd them, all twelve of them, inside the house to sleep inside with him and his wife, but most of the time it's good enough weather to have them sleep out in their boxes which are always kept clean and warm for their comfort. Of course, some of the dogs don't sleep in their boxes and instead burrow under the snow as they always did when Jack and the team would have to camp out on the road during a run, and even then he made sure they were happy and comfortable. Mr. Mareno takes very good care of his dogs, and everybody around these parts of Alaska knows it!

    As he walks outside to stand out of the dogs' reach so none of them might bowl him over and thus spill their breakfast into the snow, he goes through the usual wake up call, loud and clear so everybody can hear his voice, "Rise and shine, y'all, breakfast is ready!"

  • 2 brown ears popped up out of the smooth pile of snow right in front of Jackson. Suddenly the large brown alaskan husky head popped up, barking. Dakota slowly stood and stepped out of the hole he had slept in and shook the snow from his pelt, sitting down patiently to wait for his meal. He perked his ears and looked around at his comrades waking up to join the meal.

  • The smell of food so carefully prepared for the dogs followed by Jack's voice compels the large red husky to pop his head out of the snow, turning soulful brown eyes over Jack and the other dogs. Tehoronianhen heaves himself up out of his snow burrow, shaking the snow off his vibrant red coat with a grunt. It's still a mystery as to why why the swing dog chooses to sleep in the snow rather than his warm box given his background of neglect, though the dog himself figures it to be because he has long since become used to the Alaskan cold. He even welcomes the cool snow against his fur. The Mackenzie River husky waits patiently for his food to be given to him, plodding around through the snow at the end of his chain. He knows the day of the race they've been training for is upon them, and with it comes a stoic excitement. Teho is ready to run.

    At Jack's call, a brown and white head pokes out of her comfy warm box. Slowly, the fluffy body of the Alaskan Malamute called Siqiniq slides out of the box. Being a timid and laid-back dog, Siqi prefers the warm darkness of her box as opposed to sleeping under the snow. The brown malamute yawns widely and stretches out before her ears perk towards Jack and the others. Wagging her tail excitedly, the timid team dog jogs over to her musher and the other dogs waiting for food. She pads in short little circles impatiently, whining softly. She wants her breakfast now, darn it!

    ShatteredDimensions wrote:

    I'm never gonna come to terms with the fact these zombies can open doors. They can run, that's a nice twist. They can climb, thats cool I guess. They can sniff you out, that's honestly terrifying but okay. But they can opEN DOORS HELL NO???? Even in the future when we're all floating brains in jars driving spaceships I'm still gonna be dunking on Kushala's bs smart zombies that can open doors

  • A golden brown pelt stirred in the box at the sound. A bright pelted chinook stepped from her box, stretching forward, then standing and stretching each leg individually. She shook herself, then yawned, blinking against the light. It only took a moment for her eyes to adjust, and she wagged happily at the thought of breakfast. She trotted over, sitting at the end of her chain and waiting patiently for the meal. Amka had always been the patient and observant type, though usually she could be rather excitable, she felt today was a bit more important than other days, and thus, her more serious side was showing in the forefront this morning.

    A lighter colored chinook also stirred, poking his head from under the snow. He crawled out, then shook the snow feom his pelt, yawning, then letting his jaws come back together with a quick snap. His ears pricked toward Jack, and he bounded to the end of his chain to sit in front of Jack. Kallik was ready for the day, more so than some. He had been awake for a little while, and wondered if he should've slept more, but he figured it didn't matter too much. Not with breakfast so close he could almost taste it. He wagged, standing up and prancing with his front legs a little in excitement. Breakfast was his favorite. You know. Besides Dinner. And Snacks.

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