Notice on Sensitive Clan-Wide Plots

An announcement concerning sensitive clan-wide plots has been released! You can view it HERE!
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  • Hi everyone! Staff wanted to send out a reminder that with group-wide plots that mimic extreme and stressful world events, it's important to move forward with them cautiously and get input and feedback before rolling it out.

    Please keep in mind that FeralFront also has the trigger warning label, which should be used in cases of roleplaying out events that might upset others (i.e. COVID-like illnesses, torture, rape, etc.) This can help members avoid the topics that make them uncomfortable.

    With sensitive, clan-wide plots, it is important to keep in mind how it might affect the others roleplaying in the group. If you are ever unsure whether a sensitive topic is appropriate for a clan-wide plot, please message a staff member and we can help!