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  • The Way of The Gods


    Welcome to the world where the Gods have been sent to live among the mortals and no one seems to know what is going on. A war rages on across the lands, causing a rift between the creatures that inhabit the lands. The Gods have to figure out how to return to their godly forms and at the same time figure out how to not die from the war.


    Many centuries ago the Gods of the Isles were created, made to protect the land and those who inhabit it. For a long time the Gods were worshiped and took great care in their responsibilities of watching over the Isles. As the years passed the Gods fell out with watching over and protecting the Isles, allowing things to go chaotic and war to break out. They chose to not interfere in anything and instead let the inhabitants of the Isles to fend for themselves. Now it's present day and the Isles have turned into a wasteland of war and nothing else all because of the Gods. Some unknown force was tired of the childish, irresponsible behavior the gods were giving off and laid a curse upon them. Each God was turned into an animal that inhabited the Isles, forcing them to learn of what was going on and the ways of the Isles. Now they must figure out how to break the curse without revealing their identity and live among the creatures in harmony until they can return home once again.

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    Billions of centuries ago



    The land as been split into three factions. The Storm faction, those who side with the bears, the Lunar faction, those who side with the canines, and the Solar faction, those who side with the felines. The island has river that runs across the border of each faction, meeting in the center of the island where a small island resides, known as neutral territory.

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    ~ Vekros - God of The Sea 'King of the Gods' - reserved by me

    ~ Xalene - Goddess of The Skies - open

    ~ Yrus - God of Dreams - open

    ~ Phelzotl - God of War - open

    ~ Qoxla - Goddess of Peace - open

    ~ Utia - God of Dawn - open

    ~ Nidysus - God of Dusk - open

    ~ Phyxena - Goddess of Wind - open

    ~ Vazta - Goddess of Life - open

    ~ Ihla - God of The Afterlife - open

    ~ Ikheia - Goddess of Hunting - open

    ~ Dragtia - Goddess of Health - open

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