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Check out Ivoria in Agrelos! They are an evil backboard group situated on the waterway. Successful completion of a trial is required in order to join. We have a great OOC community and would love to have you!
  • ✧ PLOT

    For generations this pride has lived in peace. Not one opposing lion has surfaced, and the same family line has ruled since the beginning of the pride. But, one day a group of (three) nomad lions request entrance to the pride. The king at the time had been a very lenient one, and so had let them. At that point in time, he and his queen had only just had their eldest cub; the heir to the throne. After years of integrating themselves into this pride - finding mates, having cubs of their own, etc - the lions attacked. A long, gruelling battle followed in which some lions turned to the nomad side. However, the majority did not. After hearing of the king's death, the queen left where she had been nesting with her cubs and banished the nomads and any who sided with them.

    However, some of the lions' cubs stayed. This is who the queen took her grief out on. The pride became divided, with more specific ranks. Those of the nomad bloodline were not to interact with those who were not, and vice versa. The dirty work went to the nomad's children. Finally, now, it's time for the eldest cub to finishing training to take the throne. However, the nomads were back, and this time were determined to take leadership.



    not a follower

    they/them . | resident gay . | idk lol .

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    not a follower

    they/them . | resident gay . | idk lol .

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  • white-lion-cub-ei6-canvas.jpg?wait=0&attempt=0


    ✴ Koda

    ✴ Female

    ✴ 4 months

    ✴ straight | asexual

    ✴ Seorian | Monarchs cub


    ✴ parent x parent

    ✴ sibling(s): TBD

    ✴ trusts: she usually trusts about anyone in the pride

    ✴ distrusts:rouges, nomads


    ✴ health: 100%

    ✴ detailed description: Koda is a unusually small cub for her age. She has unusual bright blue eyes and her fur is more white then the average lion. She sticks out easy in a crowd.


    ✴ positive traits

    ~very friendly



    ~level headed

    ✴ neutral traits

    ~ stand offish at times

    ✴ negative traits

    ~ can be quick tempered at times

    ~ tends to be alone or run off

    ✴ speaking mannerisms/accents

    The same as her parents


    ✴ physically level

    ✴ mentally level

    ✴ will start usually try to stop fights

    ✴ will try to avoid confrontation

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    ✴ Samson (Sam,sammy,sonny)

    ✴ Male

    ✴ 4 years

    ✴ straight

    ✴ Nomads,loner, Seorian | Loner, (maybe guard later on)


    ✴ no parents

    ✴ I want him to have a twin sister if anyone wants to play her

    ✴ trusts: his mate (when he gets one) , the seorian pride

    ✴ distrusts: the nomads

    🌟 he needs a mate for the plot at hand


    ✴ health: 100%

    ✴ detailed description: Samson is a pure black lion male from the nomad group. He has ice blue eyes. He eventually decided to leave the nomads and go on his own. He is swift to temper if he gets annoyed or angered but otherwise pretty calm and level headed.


    ✴ positive traits

    ~Level headed

    ~he is able to usually calm.down any sort of commotion

    ~He will sit and listen if anyone has a problem

    ~ Very calm and mostly quiet when not annoyed

    ✴ neutral traits

    ~ He has a swift temper for certain people

    ~ very quick to make decisions

    ✴ negative traits

    ~ Has a nomad personality and doesn't trust the pride too much

    ~truest way to hard to get lions to understand him

    ✴ speaking mannerisms/accent


    ✴ physically level

    ✴ mentally level

    ✴will end fights

    ✴ will confront violence

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    ( ✹ ) jayclan: the new age ( ✹ )

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    edit: can we use un realistic photos or is that a no no?

  • Hailpool they're all great & accepted! :)

    Esveidy.2019 unrealistic is fine! as long as the description is there too, it's cool :)

    we need someone to play the queen & another nomad and we can get started


    just a young gun with a quick fuse ——


    not a follower

    they/them . | resident gay . | idk lol .

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  • 054092a3c9-tumb.jpg

    ✴ Uzuri

    ✴ Lioness

    ✴ 2

    ✴ Straight.Seorian Pride.Hunters apprentice.

    ✴ Unknown

    ✴ Unknown

    ✴ The queen and some others

    ✴ distrusts:not much yet

    ✴ health: 92%

    ✴ detailed description: Uzuri is still a pretty fit lioness.Shes young enough where her agility is great.But her balance isnt great.Shes quiet clumsy for a huntress in training.

    ✴ positive traits: Learns quickly.Kind heart

    ✴ neutral traits

    ✴ negative traits: clumsy.Has a bit of a temper when shes riled up

    ✴ speaking mannerisms/accent

    ✴ physically level:Young and quick on her feet

    ✴ mentally level: Being as young as she is she doesnt think all the way through.But shes very bright

    ✴ will start fights | will end fights | will kill

    size=8]✴ will confront violence | will run away | afraid of confrontation