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  • That day, the day that Ver had arrived bleeding on the borders of Wind Haven, begging for a shelter as a Ward, a place to escape, she thought she had saw something within her. Even though the two had never met before, the scent of fleeting scent of Shadow Veil on her, as Ver fled from the wooded clan to the open meadow, she saw a glimpse of time frozen from the past. I'm proud of you, Charlie. The whisper of the words, voice of chimes, disappeared as soon as it came and was lost into the wind. She had pushed it into the back of her mind to focus on trying to get the Ward to safety to their infirmary and try to get patched up by Lemon or Juba and then had truly forgotten about it. But the thought had come back just briefly as she thought of visiting Ver. Those memories of the past, they had come in and out, always fleeting. She didn't question that they were indeed a time from a past life, as her father had noticed this odd behavior of her acting differently, but she never thought of visiting the past. Never thought of visiting Shadow Veil. So she had chosen to forget it. Ver's health and safety is more important than her broken memories.

    Chionodoxa had been preparing a small basket of baked bread and berries along with a bouquet of sunflowers for the patient. It's unfortunate that the clan had been forced to leave their cottages from the landslide. Although her home hat she shared with her family had not been completely destroyed, much of it was unrepairable, including the garden that her father had tended to. Chi had tried to salvage as much as she could to regrow them again in her own garden and the evidence of hard work would provide a wonderful reward of blooming spring and summer flowers and plentiful of crops. It had been a while that she had felt this relaxed and at peace since the natural disaster. It felt that perhaps, there is finally some peace in this world after so much chaos. Humming to herself, the feline would carefully arrange the basket. The little crocodile hatchling that Windwaker won for her from the BoneClan crawls on the table, curious eyes staring at the basket. "Hey now, Baby, we're going to visit someone, want to come along?" she pats the top of the reptile's head and would pick up the baby and put her onto the floor. "Alright, let's go."

    Grabbing the basket into her maw, making her way out to the door into the sunlight, the Wind Havener would take in a deep breath of nature. Baby scuttles after her, obedient as always (unlike Windwaker's crocodile who gets easily distracted and loves to chase the butterflies). Making her way across the clearing of the new camp that the clan calls home, Chi would make her way to the other building that would be the place of the infirmary. Chi lightly knocks on the door to announce her presence and pushes the door inward to reveal the lit up large room. Stepping inside, feeling the woods below her creak just a little, the feline makes her way to the table and put down the basket.

    "How are you feeling, Ver?" the former honorguard asks of the patient in the bed, making her way over. Baby chirps as she runs after her, and Chi would pick up the hatchling and put her onto the bed of Ver. Two pairs of inquisitive eyes would gaze at Ver curiously.


  • It's rare that Ver slept willingly at all - she normally crashed from exhaustion or drifted off into her mind when curled against the soft pelt of one of her lovers. Yet she'd dozed now wrapped in silken sheets in a nest that felt so unfamiliar and in a place that was even farther from being called a home than the Veil was. She's tired and she's not sure if that's from her pushing herself around the camp or from months of constant labor and suffering it's like it all hits her at once and more often then not she found that it was easier to sleep easier to rest her head without nightmares being brought to her mind. It felt like she was finally at peace for the first time since she was born - for the first time in two years. She stirs at the sounds of low chirping close to her ear and the feeling of talons pressing against her blanketed form. They were alerting her of something or at least Ghost was. The thing that'd set her companion off though however was a welcome face and she stirs eyes blinking to rid them of sleep as she sits up her tail grazing against something unfamiliar and scaly before she brings her tail back to her haunches. She looks down at Baby and chuckles slightly.

    ”What a wake up call, good afternoon little guy” she comments a faint smile tugging on the corners of her maw before she grimaces as she shifts again to make herself more comfortable and so she could look at Chiondoxa. Ghost leaps off of her yet stays in the bed pale head tilting as he watches her orient her damaged body eyes shining with what she likes to think is concern. ”I'm doing great!” she manages painting on her most genuine grin while resisting the urge to groan as she feels a shockwave of pain near her ribs. ”Well as well as I can be doing” she admits with a shrug and a laugh just as her nose begins to twitch at the smell of something different in the room.

    It stands out among the aromas of blood and herbs that coat the area around her it's a floral sweet scent and she thinks she can smell food beneath it but she resists the urge to poke her nose into whatever it is. She needed a little more time for her system to relax and pushing Chion aside just for whatever gifts she brought her just wasn't something she would do. ”So what's the occasion? Or did you just feel like randomly stopping in to say hello to your friendly neighborhood ward?” she winks in a friendly gesture tail slowly wagging.


  • Wind Haven is generally peaceful, quiet and an escape from the shaken reality. Typically the clan did not struggle too much with troubles, although it happens once in a while. But that aside, it's truly a place you could feel comfort in as for disturbances rarely happens. It's a wonderful place, Chi thinks, a place that she could just forget the outside world for a bit. But perhaps, maybe that's why it's also too peaceful. The clan becomes soft and most members don't really have much skills in fighting, but only in healing, gardening, and other areas that don't require sharp movements and self-defense. Perhaps that also gives the reason why the neutral clan is easy to pick on by outsiders. While Ver could finally feel safe within the walls of the cabins, it doesn't necessarily one hundred percent guarantee safety, especially if certain individuals are looking for her or any other Wards sheltering in their home.

    Ver is stirring from her bed, waking up to see Baby chirping and eyeing the wolf. "Ah, I'm sorry, did I wake you up?" Chi startles in mild surprise, offering an apologetic tone. The raven of hers, Ghost, hops to the side as Ver tries to sit up, grimace clear on her face as she does so. "No need to push yourself," Chi steps forward, as if trying to hold Ver from going too far. A pained laughter escapes the Ward as she makes a comment about her health.

    Turning on her paws as the patient mentions of her occasion, Chi would make her way to the basket to grab a bouquet of sunflowers. "I brought you some get-well gifts, if you didn't mind," she says as she moves the sunflowers to an unused sky blue vase, placing them inside it. "There isn't much happening around here so having a Ward around is something different." The feline looks over to Ver as she heads back to the basket to pick it up off the table and bring it over to the sitting patient, putting it on the stand besides the bed. "I brought some baked bread and berries." Stepping back, she would gaze at Ghost curiously for a moment then to the former Shadow Veiler. "I'm no expert in medicine like my dad and other healers, but those injuries look bad so you'll probably bedridden for a bit longer." An offer of a small smile. "What's your companion's name?"


  • Ver was used to be surrounded by people trained to fight, used to being around both monsters and heroes - she was neither or. She's used to going to battle and used to seeing her clanmates throw themselves into the thick and thin of it, it was always worrying to her but she was always right besides them letting out a warcry and tearing into their assailants holding nothing back. War had been a constant since she stepped out of the Blackheart Rogues and towards the other clans. It's the Rogues in particular that remind her so much of Windhaven now, they were not warriors and though they fought tooth and nail for their home whenever they were hit they were more akin to a family and a community then a group with a organized military. It's good to have a balance of both and deep down Ver knows the haven was vulnerable but there's nothing she can do for them like this but hope they didn't face any danger until she could stand besides them. They've been hurt before ripped apart like any other clan of their ilk and it was always so wrong.

    She notices the surprise and guilt on Chi's face and she's quick to speak ”No, no! don't worry about it I needed to wake up anyway” she clarifies even if she's almost certain she has nothing to do at all but stretch out her wings a little bit. She's told to not push herself and she almost looks like she's pouting at that, she would for sure push herself the most she could get away with. She slumps slightly though almost accepting of her fate of being a lazy puddle of fur on the bed.

    The girl turns to fetch the gift and as soon as she spots the healthy bouquet of sunflowers her tail begins to bang against the sheets in a wag, they're healthy looking as if they were just recently picked and the petals have yet to droop their perfect in her eyes. ”These look so good” she gawks ”The ones I've tried to grow on the Veils border always turned out so horrible but these are beautiful” her garden couldn't grow them there was so little sun shining through the canopy and pine and fog that permeated the Veil. She never thought of just how much more variety she had to work with here, maybe she should start a garden. She whimpers beneath her breath when she feels a shooting pain run up her spine and she'd force her tail to stop right after even if the tip still urged itself on in a wimpy wag. She'd take the basket when it was offered to her and would shoot a thankful grin ”This is really to much but thank you! I'm sory i'm pretty boring ward so far but i'll work on it the minute I can get out more” she tells her earnestly her unbroken paw reaching into the basket to scoop out a slice of bread to throw into her jaws.

    She'd chew while Chi spoke though her eyes would remain rested on her curiously - she can't remember who her dad was and she fights the urge to ask for now she's sure it'd come up later besides soon she's asking her a question. She'd swallow the bread down and lick her lips and move her paw over to Ghost to pat his head once which urge him to squawk up at her indignantly. ”This is Ghost, I hatched him myself a month before my first litter was born” she says it with a melancholic smile - it was before Saoirse had died, before so many things had happened. She shifts her eyes downwards and luckily there's the little gator to look at which quickly snaps her from any revere she could've fallen in. ”So who's this little guy? I don't think I've ever seen anyone in my life with a pet like him” she woofs with a laugh as she drawls her eyes back up to Chi.