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    W E L C O M E !

    Welcome, newcomer! This is a semi-realistic wild rabbit RP thread I decided to start to see where it goes. Feel free to jump in (no pun intended...unless...) whenever you'd like!

    C H A R A C T E R S

    S E T T I N G

    Have fun! :D

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    She knows there's great risk with visiting the meadow, especially on a warm clear day such as this. There's no doubt in her mind that there are rabbit-eating birds circling the skies, foxes on the prowl within the tall grasses, and probably more predatory dangers the dark-furred doe couldn't name off the top of her head. Nevertheless, the craving for those sweet blossoms that bloom under the sun has been tugging at her gut for too long and Blaze is certain she'll go mad if she resists any longer. Just for a moment, right? Just a quick nibble and she could bound right back into the woods before she's seen by anything.

    Her wide bright brown--nearly orange-- eyes stare out into the meadow as she gulps down her anxiety. After just a few more seconds to let herself think, Blaze lunges from the edge of the forest and into the wide open meadow. Her heart is fluttering in both fear and excitement and the scent of her destination fills her nostrils. Before the doe knows it, she's reached the flower patch and near-frantically begins nibbling on the blossoms.

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