OOC Plotting thread: Is there any bounty hunters here?

Check out Ivoria in Agrelos! They are an evil backboard group situated on the waterway. Successful completion of a trial is required in order to join. We have a great OOC community and would love to have you!
  • Hi! This boyo here, Heilong, has organs and body parts that can easily be used for magic. His blood, organs, and body parts have highly potent magical properties, and so I figured at least someone would want to get their hands on them. So he is Target No. 1.

    I apologize if this is not the place to put down an OOC plotting thread, I am still new to Extended.

    Tears falling down at the party

    ( Saddest little baby in the room )

  • Generally this board is more for rp threads, there is an extended plotting board here where you'll probably get more replies! You can find it as a subboard of Roleplaying Resources

    I don't have any bounty hunter characters sadly

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    plot with me?