Great Talon Bridge Destroyed + Teleporters

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  • A large white meteor made of the same magical material found in different structures throughout Agrelos has breached the atmosphere and destroyed the Great Talon Bridge. Shards of this meteor have scattered across both Orcadia and Delos, some morphing into swirling vortices.

    These vortices are TELEPORTERS which send your character to the vortex they are connected to. Each vortex only connects to one other vortex.

    The Lake Minos vortex in the Bleak Wilds connects to the Wild Peninsula and vice versa.

    The middle eastern Orcadia vortex connects to Cinnabar Lake in Vessel Lake Meadow and vice versa.

    The Yawning Grotto vortex connects to the Cuneus Islands and vice versa.

    They are propelled through once most of their body enters the teleporter and can take with them anything they can carry. Objects thrown or pushed through the teleporter end up on the other side as well.

    It is completely safe for anyone to travel through to the other side, however, if they remain standing still near the teleporter for too long, or use it multiple times in quick succession, your character will begin to suffer magical burns which glow white.

    Have your character experience the wreckage or explore the vortices HERE