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  • It was an otherwise calm, serene, sunny day when


    The sound could be heard for miles across both continents as a huge, pulsing white meteor entered the atmosphere and began hurtling down towards Agrelos. Warning quickly went out among the trade center and many of the merchants and travelers began fleeing as fast as they could. Those there from Earth wondered if it was all happening again, was the world they've finally accepted as their own going to be destroyed once more?

    White-blue flames flickered around the rock, making it look like liquid crystal. The air felt heavy with power, a blanketing pressure all around.

    Some made it out before the meteor collided, many weren't so lucky.

    With an enormous crash and boom, it hit directly at the center of the Great Talon Bridge. Old stone cracked and buckled beneath the impact, creating waves down all six routes. Water exploded up from below as the bridge entered its depths and sunk beneath the surface.

    Be it because of the strange magic imbued within the meteor or dumb luck, the shock wave onto land was minimal. Groups may or may not have felt the tremors pass. However, the meteor broke into chunks that flew every which way, some shooting straight for mainland Orcadia and Delos, some arcing north and south undoubtedly reaching the farther edges of the continents.

    Where they landed, strange things happened. Some stayed speared into the ground, making the rocks beneath it glow an eerie white. Others smashed into the soil and seemed to melt, pooling into white gleaming vortices, wisps of smoke trailing out from the center.

    The great connector between continents was gone, leaving behind a large, broken white rock. Things stilled after a time, but the atmosphere now felt different. A soft humming could be heard from the six swirling vortices scattered across both continents.

    What were they? What could they mean for Agrelos?


    The Vortex in Lake Minos

    The Vortex in Cinnabar Lake

    The Vortex outside the Yawning Grotto

    The Vortex on the Wild Peninsula

    The Vortex in Middle Eastern Orcadia

    The Vortex on the Cuneus Islands