full name:

    pronunciation: "goth-um sit-tee"

    nickname: "gotham, devil"

    titles: n/a

    pet name/s: n/a

    signature: writes in comic sans ms

    gender: cis female

    gender role: leans more masculine, sometimes androgynous. never girly/feminine.

    sexuality: pansexual/panromantic & monogamous

    age: immortal spiritually and mentally, 3 years physically

    birthday: october 31st, 2016

    birthplace: unknown

    zodiac sign: scorpio


    celestialchart x npc

    siblings: tbd


    celestialchart (celestine) ecuador is a former second tier (semi-hp) of bloodclan (now sanguine ruins) and the granddaughter of coppermine and therefore connected to his extensively hpr bloodline. she is also formerly married to jace ecuador, former leader and current warlord of sanguine ruins." this makes kali coppermine's great-great granddaughter.

    friends: n/a

    neutral with: n/a

    enemies: n/a


    CURRENT body: hellhound x lupurca hybrid

    facial features: strong jawline, strong cheekbones, long snout, very feminine features

    eye color: glow white & pupiless

    fur color: pitch black

    fur type: thick, medium in length, slightly curled, soft

    build: muscular, broad shouldered, very tall and long legged, but thin

    height: 6 feet at the shoulder

    weight: 200lbs

    birthmarks/scars: n/a

    distinguishing features: long fangs that hang slightly out of her mouth, huge triangular ears


    accessories: golden bangle bracelets around two front paws, wears huge golden sickle strapped to her back

    grooming: very neat, never tangled or messy unless fighting/angry

    posture: very confident, stands tall with shoulders back and head high, wide stance

    gait: decently slow paced, takes her time

    coordination: physically extremely fit, very quick reflexes

    habits/mannerisms: flexing her jaw

    scent: smells of fire smoke, blood, and lotus flower

    "goth aesthetics + aesthetic + kali aesthetics"


    calculating - aggressive - intelligent - cold - protective - destructive - loyal - chaotic - destructive - intimidating

    mood: usually neutral

    attitude: usually neutral

    stability: very emotionally stable other than anger issues

    expressiveness: emotions can be easily seen on her face

    when happy: eyes are bright, expression is very calm and gentle

    when depressed: hides herself from others

    when angry: extremely dangerous, eyes shift into a deep red, shadows cover entire body and surrounding area

    note: these are generalizations. different situations will create different reactions.


    current residence: whispering pines

    community: anti or neutral (not sure)

    friends: n/a

    enemies: n/a

    relates to: n/a

    room: dark cave with a fire pit, skulls, animal hides, severed heads as trophies, red wine bottles, very cold and dark.


    past lovers: none

    marital status: single, looking

    non s*xual turn-ons: powerful, doesn't judge her, doesn't try to calm her down but instead hypes her up, usually feminine

    non s*xual turn offs: weak, timid, hates violence, usually masculine (but there are exceptions)

    position: aggressive, dominant


    work ethic: interested in warfare & battle strategy

    rank: member

    organization/clan: shadow veil


    main goal: reward the good, punish the evil

    minor goals/ambitions: become feared among enemies

    dream career: leader

    desires: to be respected, to be remembered

    wishlist: someone to match her energy, a little group of like-minded people, more skulls and trophies from tortures/murders, gifts of any sort, more weapons

    accomplishments: n/a

    greatest achievement: being the reincarnation of a goddess

    biggest failure: n/a

    secrets: is genuinely a good person if you stay on her good side

    regrets: n/a

    worries: n/a

    best dream: n/a

    worst nightmare: that people will view her as weak, never having children, being genuinely feared by those she loves

    best memories: n/a

    worst memories: n/a


    hobbies/interests: fighting, combat training, weapon training, battle strategy, spars, torture, witchcraft, magic, elementals, poisons

    skills/talents: anything combat/battle related

    likes: wine, anything dark or twisted, witchcraft, torture (to those who deserve it), children, weapons, the color black, fire, natural disasters, dead flowers, skulls, reading, her pet snake "shiva" who is a melanistic cobra.

    dislikes: not winning, being told no, having to apologize

    sense of humor: has a very dark sense of humor

    pet peeves: chosen weakness, anything bright

    superstitions/beliefs: is a reincarnated goddess, so she believes in a variety of gods/goddesses. believes in magic, witchcraft, and reincarnation. believes in the universe as the only higher being.

    dreams/nightmares: never remembers them

    quirks: n/a

    savvy: war

    can’t understand: why people would choose weakness

    closet hobby: playing kid games, gardening


    strengths: brute strength, powers, weapons, battle strategy, spying, agile, good stamina

    flaws: controlling her temper, speed

    perception: is rather judgmental

    conflicts: n/a

    instincts: puts children before her, as she believes they are the future

    lures: drawn to those who are beautiful, powerful, or violent

    soft spot: children

    cruel streak: when someone ticks her off or messes with children or those she cares about, she turns incredibly violent and will show no mercy whatsoever.


    powers/abilities: shapeshifting (30%), shadow elemental(10%), the sight(20%), venom glands(20%), teleportation (20%)

    source: anywhere in her body

    ability: extremely skilled

    weaknesses: other elementals

    immunities: n/a

    restrictions: n/a

    alternate forms: crow, dragon, tiger

    extra anatomy: n/a


    languages: english & hindi

    accent: slight hindi accent

    voice: otherwise sounds like halsey

    face claim: halsey

    speech impediments: n/a

    greetings and farewells: "greetings" "farewell"

    state of mind: usually answers "how are you?" with "well"

    compliment: tbd, rarely compliments people

    insult: "weakling" "mortal" "worm"

    expletive: rarely curses

    laughter: soft, rarely laughs

    tag line: tbd

    signature quote: n/a



    shadow veil — lupurca/hellhound hybrid — tagspinterest

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