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  • — Welcome to my character storage! Obviously, I'll be storing my characters here. You're welcome to look, but please do not post.

    In the spoiler below, I'll be pasting the code used for my characters. It was not created by me, and I am simply putting it here for the sake of convenience.

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  • Table of Contents.

    I. Bertolt Varco-Schmidt.

    II. Cecilia Varco-Schmidt.

    III. Alaric Grieves.

    IV. Margaret Roux.

    V. TBD


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    NAME Cecilia Varco-Schmidt.

    — Nicknames; Cici, Lia.

    GENDER Cisgender female.

    — Pronouns; She/her.

    SEXUALITY Heterosexual.

    — Relationship status; Single.

    — Significant other; None, currently.

    AGE Twenty-seven moons (two years, three months).

    — Aging rate: Cecilia ages in real time.

    — Date of birth: March 17th, 2018.

    AFFILIATION The Thunderlands.

    — Rank; Skychief and Cloudwatcher.

    FAMILY Feliciano Varco, mother; Deutschland Schmidt, father; Tiramisu, elder sister; Neve Blitz Varco-Schmidt, sister; Gabriel Varco-Schmidt, brother; Rosangel Varco-Schmidt, sister; various other characters.



    silver German shepherd.

    BIRTH BODY: lynx point domestic feline. Description below.

    Cecilia is built like a castle of glass: beautiful, yet fragile. She possesses a small, delicate frame, coated by lilac fur in a lynx point pattern. From her father she came to possess the ojos azules mutation, leading her to have icy blue eyes without the white fur color associated with blue eyes in cats. Because of this her tailtip is slightly flattened. Her fur is of a medium length; not too long, and not too short, but very fluffy and soft. Despite her fragile appearance, she is rather tough physically and is able to ignore her wounds for a while to continue fighting. She wears a golden necklace with a small green emerald.


    Cecilia is highly driven individual, having both an optimistic attitude, yet a no-nonsense personality at the same time. She can sense the potential inside of other individuals, and believes in their ability to accomplish their goals and dreams. She is highly opposed to all forms of evil and will fight valiantly to contain or eradicate the evil forces around her. She is also somewhat hard-headed, but as a result she is mentally durable. It also demonstrates a strong sense of self. Cecilia also makes herself clear through her actions that she has no time for nonsense, and is quick to shut someone down if they are unreasonable. She is quite wise and intelligent, and shows strong leadership capabilities. Despite her strong qualities, she does possess several negative traits. She is very short-tempered and blunt, which is not assisted by her no-nonsense attitude. Cecilia is not afraid in the slightest to speak her mind, and will often say exactly what she's thinking about a particular being.


    POWERS; — Wind elementals

    — Shapeshifting

    PLAYLIST; — "I Am Your Leader" by Nicki Minaj, feat. Cam'ron & Rick Ross.

    — "Power" by Kanye West.

    — "Bottoms Up" by Trey Songz, feat. Nicki Minaj.

    — "Diva" by Beyoncé.

    — "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj.

    — "Money Trees" by Kendrick Lamar.

    — "Feeling Myself" by Nicki Minaj & Beyoncé.

    — "Hold my Liquor" by Kanye West.

    — "Know Yourself" by Drake.

    — "Swimming Pools (Drank)" by Kendrick Lamar.

    — "Diamonds" by Rihanna.


    — Overarching plot: Cecilia is highly ambitious, and she hopes to one day become the leader of the Thunderlands, following in Deutschland's footsteps.

    — Develops powerful wind elementals and possibly fire elementals.

    — Loses her faith and optimism for a short period of time, before meeting someone or seeing something that brings it back in full force.

    — Leaves the Thunderlands at some point to see the outside world, before returning later.

    — Gains knowledge of medical practices by watching medics work and practicing with them (perhaps becomes a medic instead of leader?)

    OTHER INFORMATION; Loosely inspired by Tsunade from the Naruto series. This character originally belonged to another user, but I was given permission by that user to play Cecilia.

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    NAME Alaric Grieves.

    — Nicknames; No nicknames.

    GENDER Cisgender male.

    — Pronouns; He/him.

    SEXUALITY Bisexual.

    — Relationship status; Single.

    — Significant other; None.

    AGE Fifteen months.

    — Aging rate: Alaric ages in real time.

    — Date of birth: March 27th, 2019.


    — Rank; TBD

    FAMILY Alaric's father is dead. His mother, who he no longer associates with, lives in a neutral territory. No siblings.


    Alaric is a particularly lithe feline, especially so for his gender. However, despite his thin frame, he is not necessarily small. He is taller than the average tabby, owing to his longer-than-average legs. His fur is short, but not incredibly so, and his coat is consistent with the normal striped pattern of tabbies. His gray fur is somewhat darker than the "normal" color that gray tabbies display, and in the right light it may appear black. It is normally well groomed and Alaric would not be caught dead with it matted or mangled. His face is the same gray color as the rest of his coat. His eyes are icy blue, and they are shaped in such a way that they appear to be constantly narrowed, creating an unapproachable appearance.


    Alaric is somewhat abrasive; those around him would describe him as thoroughly cutthroat and apathetic, while simultaneously being one of the most competitive creatures that one can come across. He doesn't view everything as a competition, but you better believe that when he does, he will do everything he can to come out victorious, and if he doesn't he is prepared to make the life of the winner a living hell. He is also incredibly blunt and tactless, and he often finds himself unable to hold back his razor of a tongue. This is not to say, however, that he doesn't know he shouldn't say these things; he is well aware of the fact that he probably shouldn't, but doesn't really care all that much about whose feelings he hurts. On some level, though, this can be attributed to his tendency to bottle up his emotions. Whether he wants to admit it or not, deep down he is scared that if he lets his emotions control him then they will eventually overtake him and he will hurt himself or someone close to him. As such, he chooses to process what he feels at a later time, during which he will explode into anger, sadness, or any combination of other negative feelings. On the bright side, though, he tends to be caring on some level to most other creatures, although his way of displaying isn't of the usual sort. He is adaptable as well, and is also generally very calm.


    POWERS; — None at the moment.

    PLAYLIST; — "Leave My Body" by Florence + the Machine.

    — "Black Sheep" by Gin Wigmore.

    — "Be Brave" by My Brightest Diamond.

    — "I Am Not a Robot" by Marina and The Diamonds.

    — "Elastic Heart" by Sia (feat. The Weeknd and Diplo).

    — "The Art of Forgiveness" by Maria Mena.

    — "Don't Believe In Love" by Dido.

    — "Hurricane Drunk" by Florence + the Machine.

    — "Without You" by Ingrid Michaelson.

    — "I Was Here" by Beyoncé.

    — "Like a Virgin" by Madonna.

    — "Keep Breathing" by Ingrid Michaelson.

    — "Oh No!" by Marina and The Diamonds.

    — "Caring Is Creepy" by The Shins.

    — "She's So Gone" by Naomi Scott.

    — "Young Pilgrims" by The Shins.

    — "Suffocation Blues" by Black Pistol Fire.

    — "Black Holes (Solid Ground)" by The Blue Stones.

    — "Drop Me in the Water" by Our Lady Peace.

    — "Rolling with the Punches" by The Blue Stones.

    — "Thank God I'm Not You" by Himalayas.

    — "Nomad" by Death From Above 1979.

    — "Grim" by The Blue Stones.

    — "Broken Bones" by KALEO.

    — "I'm Just Waiting for My Time" by The Sheepdogs.

    FUTURE PLOTS; — Becomes a healer of whatever group he joins.

    — After becoming a healer, he trains to become a surgeon using whatever material/patients he can find.

    — Later in life, he will go blind in either one or both eyes.

    OTHER INFORMATION; Alaric is based on Cristina Yang, M.D., from Grey's Anatomy.

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    NAME Margaret Roux.

    — Nicknames; Maggie, Margot.

    GENDER Cisgender female.

    — Pronouns; She/her.

    SEXUALITY Heterosexual.

    — Relationship status; Single, not looking.

    — Significant other; None.


    — Aging rate: Maggie ages in real time.

    — Date of birth:


    — Rank; N/A.

    FAMILY Maggie's father is Selby Roux. Siblings include Simon, Ivan, and Scout. Her adopted aunt is Pastel Roux. Her grandfather, Corbin Roux, is deceased.


    In stark contrast to the browns and blacks of her littermates, Maggie is an orange Maine coon. She is rather small in comparison to other Maine coons in that she is particularly lithe for her breed. It's not easy to tell this though, a fact which owes entirely to how long her coat is. Despite how difficult it is to keep herself groomed, she makes her best attempt to do so, wanting to be as presentable as possible at all times. Her coat is of the ticked tabby pattern, meaning her legs are ringed by stripes while the rest of her fur is a mixture of lighter and darker individual hairs. She also has forest green eyes that generally convey her emotions without her having to say anything.


    Margaret is an incredibly bright and studious individual. She strives to know as much about a topic as she possibly can, and to that end will go to great lengths to do so, going as far as to isolate herself for hours surrounded by books and notes. She is also very observant, a quality accented by her sympathetic nature. When she sees someone in turmoil, she will often attempt to console them into a better state, and even if she is unsuccessful she will make her best attempt to make whomever is in distress feel better, even if only marginally so. She is also remarkably brave and resolute when it comes to the people she cares about—when she sets her mind to something, you best believe that she will carry it out. However, this conviction lends itself easily to vengefulness insofar that she may end up attempting to exact revenge on those who harm her or those close to her. Oftentimes she will attempt to avoid hostile confrontation, though. She feels emotions very strongly, as well, especially negative emotions like guilt and sadness. And, perhaps the most unhealthy of her negative qualities, is her tendency to bottle emotions in order to avoid said confrontation.


    POWERS; None.

    PLAYLIST; — "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper.
    — "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor.

    — "Gasoline" by Halsey.

    — "Material Girl" by Madonna.

    — "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie.

    — "Flood On the Floor" by Purity Ring.

    — "Cry Wolf" by Luna Shadows.

    — "Shapeshifting" by Great Good Fine Ok (feat. Orla Gartland).
    — "Dark Matter" by Andrew Belle.

    — "Satellite Maps" by Montgomery.

    — "Hold On A Little Longer" by Diane Birch.

    — "Kids (MGMT Cover)" by Wolf Saga (feat. LYON).

    — "Giants" by Savoir.

    — "Dying To Know" by Tegan and Sara.

    — "Good Luck! (Radio Edit)" by Jack Terroni.


    OTHER INFORMATION; Maggie is based on Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things.

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