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An announcement concerning sensitive clan-wide plots has been released! You can view it HERE!
Check out Ivoria in Agrelos! They are an evil backboard group situated on the waterway. Successful completion of a trial is required in order to join. We have a great OOC community and would love to have you!

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    ~~ INTRO ~~

    Deep in the forest near a river resides a small clan. Both the current leader, Honeystar and the former leader Quickstar founded Rainclan but it is known that this clan is especially skilled in hunting during rainy weathers and are excellent fishers. Rainclan is considered more of the peaceful aspects of the forest dwellers and do not wish to entangle themselves in war that could happen other clans. Honeystar, the current leader of Rainclan had left her own home and became part of a small group of rouges who, at the time were not called Rainclan,

    Eventually the rogues settled themselves down near a river and develop into a clan. At the time of the current event Honeystar had been a young warrior and when the first leader who use to be known as Quick had heard stories from a friend who had been once a member of a clan, and that is when Quick had decided to form Rainclan, and Honey became Honeywater and was the first deputy of Rainclan.


    Rainclan follows the lore that most clans have. They believe in a clan called Starclan and highly respect them. Quickstar, did not believe in Starclan and so only had one life which made his reign on the newly found clan short. However, Honeyfeather (now Honeystar) believed in them and gained the 9 lives from their ancestor.

    Past Leaders: Quickstar

    Current Leader: Honeystar

    ~~OOC RULES~~

    • No more than one HP
    • Keep names realistic
    • One cat per prefix
    • FF Rules apply
    • 3 day inactivity for HPs/5-6 days for Members
    • No one liners, please more than 4 sentences
    • NO OOC FIGHTING/IC Drama is okay
    • Please respect one another
    • Do not leave anyone out of the rp
    • You cannot play your own mate or apprentices (kits are fine)
    • Reserves will last ONLY 24 hours
    • Keep gender number equal/close to equal

    ~~IC RULES~~

    • Leader's words is law
    • You do not have to believe in Starclan, but respect them
    • Kits cannot leave camp until they are 6 moons of age
    • Fighting will not be tolerated inside or outside of clan and punishment will follow


    Kits: 0-6 moons

    Apprentice: 6-12 moons

    Warriors: 13-100+

    Elders: 100-200+

    1 month=1 moon age up

    Current Season: Newleaf



    Honeystar-Fluffy Cream she-cat with light blue eyes


    Open (will be chosen IC)

    Medicine Cat (1/2):



    Medicine Cat apprentice (0/2): ICly chosen

    Senior Warrior (title given to by leader:


    2. Open

    3. Open

    4. Open






    Queens (0/4):




    Chatting/Plotting: Here

    Discord: here

    RP Thread: Here


    Name: Honeystar

    Past Names: Honey, Honeyfeather, Honeystar

    Age: 25 moons

    Gender: Female

    Current Rank: Leader

    Past Rank: Rogue, Warrior, Senior Warrior, Deputy

    Rank wanted: N/A

    Crush: Open for plots




    (wonderful art by Stiner! <3)

    You might know me as Rin

    ½ of Reina


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