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  • Hurting others and hurting myself

    my words became blades —


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    The girl was sodden, the rain having poured down on each member of the little group the moment they'd entered the territory, like it was waiting for them to arrive to begin it's downpour. Mother nature sucked, Raeliana decided, as she trudged forward, offering any support to the siblings that needed it, noticeably staying right beside her siblings the whole time. There hadn't been any cuts or bruises, even, not that Rae was complaining, but Sorin had been shaken up by the whole thing in particular. Not surprising, but Rae worried all the same.

    The mouth of the cave was visible, dark and looming, Raeliana pointing it out silently to her siblings and mother, before trudging forward at an even faster pace, yet still making sure none were left behind.

    Through the downpour of rainwater at the entrance of the cave, they emerged, stepping into camp with varied reactions, Raeliana showing no hesitance about stepping a bit further away from the entrance, brushing a bit of fur out of her eyes. "This is the place, right? Or did we just walk into somebody else's cave and about to be shot for it?" The question was directed towards Irene, voice carefully neutral. She didn't know what to think, now. Whether she was 'mom' in Rae's eyes, or just Irene. She wanted to see how her siblings reacted before she did.

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  • It was incredibly cold in the rain. His body was ill suited for this type of weather, and thus he was shivering at the frigidity in the air. This was supposed to be a desert, not a muddied swamp of sand and dunes. He looked pitiful in the storm, his golden eyes darkened by the angry gray clouds in the sky and usually fluffy fur soaked, making him appear skinny and frail. His wings clung to his sides, trying to trap any sort of warmth that he could. This was horrible. Though they had decided to live with mother, Sorin found this whole adventure to be a mistake. They had been captured by the Exiles' leader. They had been kept there to listen to tortures and possible murders. It was traumatizing to say the least, especially for him with his scared tendencies. He stuck close to Irene as they trekked to an open mouthed cave, one that would protect them from the rain. As soon as he was beneath the roof of the cave, he breathed an exaggerated sigh of relief. He still appeared miserable though, even as Raeliana spoke. Her words made him tense up, freezing him in place as widened eyes flicked around the cave for any sign of life aside from them.

    "Sh-sh-shot?!" Sorin squeaked in a rather pitiful, shrill voice, tears coming to his eyes as he looked to Rae. Leave it to his 'older' sister to make things terrifying again. He unfroze so that he could huddle behind Irene, his eyes flickering to her for a moment for some sort of explanation. "Rae, i-if you just led us in here t-to be .. captured again..!" The creamy kitsune threatened in as scary a voice as he could muster, which hardly amounted to anything, give his weak appearance and pathetic tone. "I-I-I thought th-this would b-b-b-be home," Sorin murmured softly, his ears flicking back against his skull, and his wings clamping down further on his sides.



  • TAGS ☆彡so many new, and unfamiliar faces. they appeared, in his eyes, so suddenly too, that the kitten couldn't help but to feel fearful. his ears would flatten, but considering he was very much out in the open, unable to escape the eyes of others, it wasn't as though he could slowly slide away. his nose would wrinkle quietly, as surely these were nice creatures... right? they wouldn't have been allowed into camp otherwise... right? shifting from paw to paw, the kitten would timidly look upon the group, offering a watery looking smile. uh.. hello? his chipped greeting sounded more forced then it should've been, but he wasn't sure how to take the scene that was set before him, especially with talks of capture and the like.

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    The blind femme had to rely on her siblings to help her find anywhere here, and as such she would turn at the voices. The dripping wet liquid pouring off a pristine coat would clatter amongst the ground, making Olive a bit irritated. Then, she would turn and listen to her siblings. The pressure building up in her eyes was distracting, and as such she nearly missed the person who appeared. Turning to their voice, eyes missing the mark of theirs, she smiled. "This is Solaris, right? Are we in the right space?" she asks calmly, tapping a paw and accidentally allowing an intricate vine to weave itself around her leg.

    "please dont hurt me."



  • "You're in Solaris, yes, though I don't appreciate you coming all the way here without permission from one of us," Merlot says, having arrived to the mouth of the cave moments after the others. He's clearly bitter; he hates having people show up and trespass, whether they have bad intentions or not. "And if you were looking for our camp, you've come to the wrong place regardless. Take a closer look." His gaze turns to Angel Who Cries Blue, who seems to have also found himself in the flooded camp, but says nothing. Perhaps the child has a reason he came back. After all, Merlot also had returned, though his intentions had been to try to gather any herbs that hadn't been too waterlogged and wilted by the water.

    "If you've come this far, I assume you all would like to join, yes?" He can't be sure, but he also can't imagine why they'd have come to what they believed was the camp if they didn't have intentions of joining.





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  • Hurting others and hurting myself

    my words became blades —

    "Sorin, nobody's gonna shoot us with a giant crossbow or anything, calm down." Raeliana watched as the eldest brother hid behind Irene, quaking, and despite the open-ended threat, whatever it was, he sure wasn't going to go through with it.

    The 'hello' echoing from the caves, though, made Rae jump, the tiny voice distorted by the water and the cave walls. "Ah, yep, wrong cave. Pretty sure that the one we're looking for isn't haunt-" The woman finally had the courage to turn around to face whatever ghostly apparition was about to plague her, the tiny lynx being a much better alternative to whatever demon-like form had conjured in her mind. Dear lord, she was letting Sorin's paranoia get to her, her nerves frayed as they were from the capture and the worry and the necromancy and the fear that her family had a few screws loose and the dead coming back to life and the goddamn rain that had followed afterwards. Olive seemed to be handling the whole thing well, at the very least, with Rae not having the time to gauge Celestian, Rhosyn, or Irene's reactions to this whole thing.

    "You're in Solaris, yes, though I don't appreciate you coming all the way here without permission from one of us."

    More were arriving, the woman's paws sloshing the water around her as she moved, apparently being the first to speak to the newcomer. "See, issue with that is, it was kinda hard to tell where the desert ended and Solaris began, with all the rain you guys have. Probably wouldn't go out to see if some poor souls were waiting right at the border in the pouring rain, as well, huh?" Raeliana paused, taking not that indeed, the cave was abandoned. Looks like the rain did more damage to these guys than Rae originally thought. "Plus, we have Irene here. She's one of you, right? So we've got permission. We're her kids. You know how proud parents introduce their kids to the clan when they're old enough to the clan? She's about a year and a half late on that. Surprise." It was strange, referring to herself as Irene's kid. But it was better than specifically addressing her as mom, because right now, Raeliana was not sure if she could handle that. It was something she could figure out when she was dry.

    "I guess... we are here to join, huh." The last part was a bit quieter, the words seeming to sink something into the woman, though she wasn't quite sure what it was.

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  • She didn't like how quickly jealousy furled in her chest. How she walked towards the troop and their mother and ignored the water that swelled around her paws. How she gauged each one, taking in their appearances in her mind's eye and looking towards Irene for the resemblance. It was unfair to them - while Merlot and Sangria lost a mother, they still had another. Ver would never be able to fill the empty space, however, and the Tormenta-Million siblings had more than just a missing mother to deal with, "Gun, sweetheart, why are you all the way out here?" she distracted herself, looking towards the child, ears pulled back. She tried to beckon him closer before looking back up and towards Raeliana, who seemed to be the ringleader thus far.

    "I know Irene well," she placed carefully, and though she once loved and adored Irene, in the moment she only felt bitter. She was careful to not let it leak into her throat, "You guys are free to stay if you don't mind a little work. The rain has made the old home rather... uninhabitable, but we've found a new place in the middle of the desert. Just needs a little repairs and cleaning, truthfully," she figured she would warn them in case they'd prefer an easier start elsewhere.

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