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  • —— AZUREGAZE ——

    Lady justice

    With the morning light taking it's sweet time to warm the night's chilly touch, Azuregaze would be found nontheless at attention. The deputy licks her chest into smooth compliance, before lifting her gaze towards the cats milling about. Some do chores, others eat before a patrol, some just talk as they rest from whatever efforts they've put in for the day. All working as one to keep their clan alive. It almost brings a smile to her face.

    "ATTENTION CATS OF OAKCLAN! It's time for some weekly tasks!" her voice rings strong, cutting through the swell of murmuring conversation. That's all she needs to say, so she falls silent as she waits for her clanmates to heed her announcement and make their way over.


  • Dove marched up to Azuregaze, the stern look locked onto the apprentice's face not changing as he looked to her. "I request a task, if you would."



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  • Mapleroot {Bark}

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    The deputy's call rang out, he'd lift his amber gaze from the NPCs he was speaking with to look at the cream-point and then his sight fell upon the young tom marching to his own cadence up to the molly. His deep brown tipped ears would perk and he'd launch upright from where he sat, hurrying over to catch the words of the trainee- Ack, this child was so serious it hurt his soul! "Dovey! I could just pinch your fuzzy little cheeks." Mapleroot would wrinkle his nose and shake his head with his baby talk, "Lighten up, kiddo!" He'd attempt to playfully push the young tom's shoulder, before looking to Azuregaze. "Azzy, I'll take a task from you any day."

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  • —— AZUREGAZE ——

    Lady justice

    Stern and stony expression meets stern adn stony expression - it almost put a smile to her face how similar she was to the young knight. In fact, he was her complete copy, save in male form. She wondered somberly what it might've been like, having a tom like him, her age, in Skyclan during her time of great loneliness...She wondered how Dove would do in Skyclan, if he'd go through the same as she. Good thing he's here then. "Certainly. Dove for you I suggest you take a patrol towards the tribe border, see if you can find any prey on the way but do mark the border. Be pleasant to any cats you meet"

    Then comes the bane of her existence. Where Dove is her equal, this one is her complete opposite. She glares daggers at the cheerily bright man, wondering what sort of pun he'd subject her to today. None, save for that infuriating nickname. "How about you put that silver tongue of yours to use and host a community session, whether that be a game like two lies and a truth or storytelling that's up to you and your creative genius" Her deadpan attitude didn't reflect that she genuinely knew the tom who could impressively bust out a pun in every sentence if he chose to was rather ingenious at thinking on his feet. If anyone could hot a fun and exiting activity for all the clan to partake in, it would be him.


  • "Time goes by..."



    Smooth movements of a small body could be heard from underneath the Great Oak as Sporelight poked his head out of the den to see what the role of deputy had install for Azuregaze. With his paws hanging out the front of the den, the lithe golden tom watched curiously as she delegated tasks to the cats of Oakclan. With a sweet sigh, the lonesome man wondered what it would be like to head out on that patrol to catch prey or be in charge of rebuilding the elders nests. He would get to spend more time with his close friends that was for sure.

    Mapleroot, then cropped up into his vision and the slight warm smile that rested on his small maw would disappear in an instance. It wasn't that he hated his brother, he definitely didn't! It was just the tom's choice of living was a little hard on the ears sometimes and the eyes, and the whole mind. In honestly, Sporelight wouldn't have his brother any other way. He complimented the family perfectly and the clan for that matter and honestly without him, Sporelight would probably loose his mind with the constant serious talk. Mapleroot had an incredible talent of putting smiles on certain cat's faces and it was something Sporelight actually wished he was better at. However, he believed with a boring job like medicine cat he couldn't entertain the way his brother or the rest of the clan could.

    With all that being said, Sporelight still desperately wished that when his brother spoke to Azuregaze he would recognise that his colourful way of life was more inconvenient than pleasing and watching it would make the medicine cat shudder and itch his mind? Something about it felt off. Really off... More than him hitting on the Queens which felt really off although it seemed that some actually enjoyed it. Well Sporelight wasn't one to sit around and do nothing about it. If it was something that require physical strength maybe but this was different. The fragile tom padded over to his brother and purred, "AZ, if you have another one that involves talking I'd love to help," as he turned to his brother "means I can keep an eye on Barken for you" he added sending a unimpressed look towards his brother with a glint of playfulness in his eyes.

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  • "I TAKE TASK TOO!" The deaf tom mewed, scurrying towards the gathered group. {And my muse just left me crap}

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