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  • Something of a smile tugged at his lips as he looked over the Clan before him, almost every cat willing to fight- and those who could not promised to help in another way. His eyes lingered on the medicine cats and their back-and-forth for longer than most, Bisoncharge deciding to stay back and heal. Tawnydove had volunteered, something not at all surprising to the leader... he would expect nothing less from his former apprentice. Natalina, though... he was surprised she even wanted to come, to defend the Clan that had only just taken her in. But he wasn't going to turn her away; they needed all the help they could get, and having medics on the battlefield was likely a smart move. He watched, pride surging in his expression as everyone came closer, eyes blazing and ready to fight. "Of course, Veil. We're glad to have you among us," he said, a smile in his voice that didn't quite transfer to his lips. The former Tribe leader must know how to look after himself on a battlefield. He nodded with pride and determination to every cat who came to volunteer, and everyone who stated a reason to stay. Everyone was doing their bit.

    Virgo, kind and gentle, but with a passion for protecting those she loved beyond anyone he'd seen, especially for a former loner. Mothpaw, his brother, named after one of the strongest warriors Juniperstar had ever known. Amberlight, a former Shadowclanner who was not afraid to defend a home that had only been hers to call as such for a few days. Dustdevil, cool and calm, with a wit Juniperstar often found rather amusing. Cloudednight would not have missed the concerned glance that Juni offered her, but he did not speak up against her joining them; she seemed defiant, and he would not attempt to persuade her otherwise. He simply wished her well; she felt like part of his huge, Clan-sized family more than ever, now he had almost lost her. Mothshine, his deputy, the glimmering hope ever-present in his life that he relied on through and through, and wished with all his heart never to fade away into nothing. Kestrelswoop, a cat with a similar attitude and ethic to himself, who he trusted because he felt they were rather similar- and, whom his mother had entrusted with the role of senior warrior, and he had been a wonderful example for that role. Ternpaw did not offer to fight, but he was grateful to have someone like her around to help manage the camp; loyal and unafraid to speak up.

    "Our plans," he murmured, addressing them all with a revitalised expression. "We will keep a consistent line, a wall to push them back with, back in the direction of the city where they came from. We've gotta stay on our hind legs as much as we can, so they can't jump on our backs." Juniperstar paused for a moment, allowing his commands to sink in. "Dart from side to side. Stomp and tear them up with your claws- don't bite, because then they can scratch at your eyes" He... hoped this was all enough. He didn't know how rats worked as a unit, and if he had the choice he would have asked for more time to think about it. But fate did not grant that time.





  • The frantic expression of more hurt cats spurs him from the medicine den. He would join his medicine den friend for the last few weeks, Cloudednight, as Juniperstar explained his plan. "I'll be coming on the patrol." The dark tabbies wounds were healed, but not the strike against his clan with all the blood those rats had shed. He nods at the tactics, casting a thankful glance with his working eye to Ternpaw as she volunteers to stay behind. He had instructed Slatepaw to wait in camp as well, despite the subtle protests. The battle plan seems sound enough.



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        - Mottlewish just watched, knowing she wouldn't be of much help. Virgo would though! She was much more able-bodied than her. All Mottle could do was smile encouragingly as her friends, her family signed up for this one by one, although she felt like crying and yelling at them. Really, she's gotten protective over the SkyClan cats... But she'd be here to protect the little ones and other apprentices. They'd do this... right? The last patrol was a disaster, and even if they won- which they would of course- they would no doubt end up in a bad state. StarClan, please protect them... please may no one join you this night. She gave a nervous nod.. "Great guys, you... you can do this! StarClan's on our side!" She wasn't so sure about StarClan helping them out with this, but there had to be some hope to hang onto, right? "You'll all do great," she added, a hum from the background, visibly shook. She was so stressed out... something was telling her this would not go well. Doubt, maybe.