Anyone wanna make a beginners RPG thread? - from someone who is feeling a bit lost on how everything works but wants to join a RPG

  • So, I used to use this site regularly as a 11-14 year old (I made this account back in 2012 when the site was still Warrior Cats RPG), and with everything thats going on in the world and having to stay home as much as possible (Australia hasn't gone into a full lockdown yet but we are being strongly encouraged to only go out for food and getting some fresh air) and the fact that I have no job or university to attend, I have found myself with an enormous amount of time on my hands. I was thinking of things I could do with my time and I thought of this site as I used to love a good ol' Warrior Cat, Vampire, Apocalyptic and general human RPG when the site turned into Feral Front. I thought that maybe I could get back into this as its a great way to be creative and to also escape the real world for a bit (which is what I feel like I need at the moment)

    Seeing I haven’t been on the site for a veryyy long time, I feel like my writing skills aren't good enough (or I'm not too ready to be writing huge paragraphs yet as I haven't written creatively in a long time - I'm doing a Science degree) to join a 'moderate writing level' RPG as all the ones I've seen have huge paragraphs and I don't want to start a in a thread and be stressed about writing a tonne. I have looked for some apocalyptic threads or any other adventure threads, but all of them look like moderate level writing and its all nice and fancy and I'm still figuring out how the site works :-\

    Anyway, the point I'm trying to get across is would anyone be interested in possibly making a beginners thread where theres no pressure to write paragraphs but you are more than welcome too if you feel like it?

    I thought I'd post as maybe some other new users (or 'old users' like me who have just found this website again) are feeling the same way I am.

  • firstly, welcome back to feralfront! the site have definitely changed a lot since then and I would say that the member base have shifted to more older role players so a lot of writing have improved and become moderate to advanced writing. however, that doesn’t mean the members always write advanced! a lot of paragraphs doesn’t necessarily equal best writing and there’s no need to crank out 5 paragraphs to match someone. we all understand it can be hard to write and we value quality over quantity.

    i don’t really roleplay on the human section as much so i’m not all familiar with it, however, i can do warriors if you’re looking for that as well. i’m sure there are plenty of role players out there who can write with you as well. (=

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  • Oh welcome back! As someone who re-joined, yeah, the sites really different, but hopefully it doesn't take long to get used to!

    I'd be down to make a beginners thread, do you have a thread idea in mind? I'm usually down for anything tbh

  • hey there!! i used to be around at that time too, and i've also recently rejoined! i'd be happy to do a roleplay with you!! i prefer to write smaller posts anyway so it would work out perfect i think : D i can help with any questions you have as well since i've been stopping by the website on and off for the past few years but haven't tried to keep active until now haha.

    what do you want to try?? i usually do fantasy human roleplays, animals, or warrior cats but i'm ready to try whatever!

  • featherblossom

    lol did everyone join around the same time? I joined when I was around that age too, but I couldn't stay away lol. Pm if you need any help! I practically live in the free roleplay section so I can help you with stuff there!

  • haha its so funny that so many people have had the same idea! Im thinking about making a post-apocalyptic thread, but I'm super vague on the details. Maybe like zombie apocalypse or some type of thing where the world has ended because of a natural disaster or a bomb or something and after so many years people are getting curious and want to get out of their bunkers/living underground (if anyone has seen the movie City of Embers or the series Rain on Netflix, I'm thinking something along those lines) and when they come out they have to learn to survive in this new world..? would any of you be interested ?