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    If one were to ask Pierce where he had been for the last few months, or maybe it had even been years, he would have no idea what to say to them. The truth was, he wasn’t quite sure. He had had quite the rude awakening not too long ago, finding himself in the middle of the Thunderlands with no idea where he was, who he was with, or where he was from. Aside from that, though, he wasn’t sure what had happened. As time passed and he took more time to himself, however, a few things began coming back. He was Pierce Parker, and he had grown up in a place called Blizz- or, didn’t they call it, like, Elysia or something, now? He didn’t know, but that was what he had heard from one of the travelers he had come across during his time alone. Whatever they had decided to name it, it was still his home, the place he had been raised, where he had put so much heart into to help lead and take care of. With the change in name, as well as the passing of many, many moons, he didn’t doubt there had been a multitude of changes to his old home.

    Regardless, here he was, wide-eyed as he approached the floating islands that made up the land that belonged to the Coven of Elysia. They were not exactly the same as he remembered, but his memory was certainly skewed, so maybe he was just mistaken. Either way, there was something familiar about the scent on the air and the appearance of the islands. The serval stepped toward what he assumed was the border of the group’s territory, amber gaze flicking over the view before him. He cleared his throat, attempting to ignore the shaking of his leg as he prepared to speak. Pierce hadn’t struggled to talk to strangers since he was extremely young, but something about returning to this place, which was both so new and so familiar, arose a sense of nervousness. With a deep breath, however, he spoke, "Uh- hello? My name is Pierce Parker, I’m back." He couldn’t help but wonder if anyone here even knew him- it had been so long, and he was somewhat worried, with his recent struggles with memory, that he may not recognize those who knew him. "I’m from here," he elaborated, “It’s just, uh, been a little while. It felt wrong to say that when he didn’t know the place at all, but it wasn’t like he could say he was from anywhere else - this place had been his home for the majority of his life, whether it was exactly the same or not.


  • Mulder can only imagine what it's like to return back to your home, to see it's changes and advancements. And to be welcomed to it, as Mulder is stepping over to the island's edge to do so. Neither his childhood home or the Exiles would probably ever really provide a happy reunion (despite having led the place, maybe that makes it worse even?) nor does he see himself stepping paw into them again so he can only observe the way this man seems to feel. Most certainly, he seems to be nervous and it's momentarily surprising to the fox before his mind rationalizes it on a myriad of mundane explanations rather than his memory being scrambled.

    Mulder pushes his scarf back, shaking his fluffy pelt lightly in the wind before raising a small paw to wave. "Hey Parker, welcome back." It's a quaint greeting, feels sort of flat for a former home and maybe he was expecting someone familiar, even someone he loves maybe, but it's not like he can provide much else for the stranger right now. "Are youuuu, back back? Or looking to visit? I'm Mulder. I'm sort of new here myself, but you'll probably be happy to know that things are pretty peaceful here so far." He wonders what the former Blizzardclanner would think to hear something so sugary from an old Exiler but hey, that life is behind him now. Nosy as ever, Mulder takes a little sharp breath and adds, "Oh, were you born here?"


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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Pierce . . did she recognize that name? The girl wasn't too sure - Perhaps it had been too long and she'd forgotten. It would be a shame. The deputy makes her way over beside Mulder, her gaze falling on Pierce with a bright smile displayed on her maw. "Welcome back." She says with a gentle purr rumbling in her soothing voice, "I'm Aphrodite."


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  • — Pierce, Pierce, he felt like he knew the name. Perhaps in passing? He wasn't sure but maybe when he used to he Radioactiveplague that the other had been around too. Yet he can't be too sure about that and so he decided not to bring it up. It didn't matter anyway when he was changing himself and living a more peaceful life. He flew with a steadiness to the area, wings beating a slow and gentle pace as he lowered himself to the ground near his mate. He made sure to land just behind him as he walked forth, eyes focused on the guy that said he was back. Mulder asking if he was back back which brought some amusement to the canine's face. "I would assume back back since he is returning home. Welcome back by the way." The ethereal hound would turn his words to the returnee, tilting his head slightly as he took in the other. Truthfully he was curious about the other coming back to the Coven. Was it Blizzardclan the last time he was here? Did he know it had once been named Hyperia?

    "How long had it been for you? Not much has really changed here in the Coven except maybe the name and the people." But it was the same in spirit perhaps. He wouldn't know afte all he didn't find himself living in pro or neutral groups all that much. Which some thought was a surprise and he chuckled to himself as he sat down, given Aphrodite a light welcoming nod.


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  • Indeed, it was odd to return to the place that one had once known so well, just for everything to be strange and new. When Pierce closed his eyes, he could still see his old home, the main island which was often covered with a layer of stark white snow, the camp that was almost always bustling with life, filled with the many diverse characters of Blizzardclan. His Blizzardclan. He had resided just a few minutes’ walk outside of camp, having made his home under a stone overhang. It had been a small place, but it was enough for him. He’d decorated it with his own paintings and hung up warm yellow lights, and it had been his safe haven for over a year. He could still remember dinner parties with friends, special moments with those he was particularly close to, but... he couldn’t quite remember who they were. His lapses in memory, though not nearly as frequent as they had once been, still occurred quite often, and he couldn’t help but be slightly irritated by his inability to recall the simplest of things. Something was certainly missing, but he couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was.

    Pierce’s head raised slightly when an approaching figure came into view, lips tugging up into a tentative smile. Being welcomed to his home was certainly an odd feeling - usually he was the one doing the welcoming, but it wasn’t necessarily bad. In fact, the speckled feline’s tail gave a slight wave at the other’s words, though he couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed that it wasn’t someone he knew. He was aware there would be very few people he recognized, possibly even none, but the hope was still there. His sister had lived here, though he knew she was gone, as had many of his closest friends. He couldn’t remember all of them, though one face remained burned into his memory- Hana, with her kind smiles and that mischievous gleam in her lovely brown eyes. Pierce had always loved the girl (not like that- gross!), and they had been through quite a lot together, but it had been so, so long since he had last seen her. There were many others, he knew, but his memory was murky. Regardless of who was here now, Pierce was glad to be home. He stood quietly as Mulder spoke, taking note of the other’s name. He had always been good with names, so hopefully that hadn’t changed. He opened his mouth to answer the other, but as he did so, two more of Mulder’s clanmates approached. "Oh, yeah- back back," he confirmed with a faint smile before continuing, "Thank you! It’s great to meet you all." He paused, mulling over the questions posed to him by Mulder and the most recent Covener (Elysian? He didn’t know what they called themselves) to approach.

    "I wasn’t born here, no,” he addressed Mulder first, "I came here when I was just a boy, though, a few months old, I think, so I lived here most of my life." That question was rather straightforward, but the one addressed to him by Barghest was a bit trickier to answer. The truth was, he didn’t know how long it had been. Months? Years? If so, how many? He wasn’t sure. With a light laugh, he responded "Uh- good question.” A nervous smile found its way to his freckled features, tail giving a slight wave. "I was a Blizzardclanner at the time, though, if that gives you any sort of idea?" He paused, a soft sigh escaping parted lips as he considered whether or not he should explain his lapses in memory, but chose not to for the time being.


  • It hadn't been long since the clouded leopard herself had returned, and so far, she figured there would be no one she remembered here. Well, there were maybe two faces whom she'd seen before, but no one she ever really knew. No Jerseyboy, Jacob or Mike. None of those she considered friends or acquaintances, but it seemed she'd been proven wrong. Having heard a familiar voice, and the mention of BlizzardClan, London just knew she had to greet this person. Though perhaps for Pierce, it would have been better if she hadn't shown up at all, how awkward would it be if he didn't recognize her when she definitely knew him. Probably not as awkward as what had happened with her own amnesia and Jacob all those months ago, but certainly still awkward. "Pierce, goodness it's so lovely to see you again! How have you been?" she would ask with a bright smile. Though they hadn't been close the albino was still very much glad to see someone she had once admired.

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ spiritline has never thought of returning to any of the previous clans he'd been in. perhaps it was because he had never stayed long enough to have ties there, or perhaps he doesn't want to face the changes that have inevitably happened in his absence. perhaps it's because they never truly felt like home, not as elysia does. the floating islands had captured his heart, and spiritline couldn't imagine himself ever leaving, therefore never giving him a reason to return. despite not having been around in the blizzardclan days, the veiled vulpine is glad that someone has decided to return. "welcome back, pierce!" he chirps brightly in greeting, waving a dark paw as he speaks. "the name's spiritline, by the way. it's good to have you back."

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