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  • ———— Seamus Dillon ————


    The tiger had left his family. There was no true explanation as to why, but Seamus felt it was right. Days of travel brought him to a jungle, a jungle where he heard people lived, kind people. Walking through the brush, the extremely lithe and small Bengal was frightened, not only by being lost, but he thought of being attacked. He was clearly the runt of his litter and he was still an adolescent, meaning he probably was full grown, and he was the size of a puma. That wasnt great. "Hello? Is anyone here?" the Irish tiger asked in a small, heavily accented yet surprisingly light and wispy voice.


  • Oh, family was a touchy, touchy subject for the girl. After the death of her big sister, her family nearly went crumbling down to nothing, and it was all little Elowen's fault. Grieving was never easy - but even more so for someone like her who had never had to do such a thing before. Her sadness quickly launched itself into anger and blame, and she called out her older brother for doing nothing to save her dearest sister. And from there, it had all gotten worse. She was mean and she yelled and screamed at them, and despite how right she was in her observations, they still hated her.

    In the beginning, all her siblings had left her. Marigold first, then Amelia. Soon after Sage and the Rosemary and then herself. She had loved them so much before all of that happened. She looked up to and adored them, and everything she did revolved around them and what they would like. But they left - one by one. That hurt. It hurt more than she ever truly knew, actually. She had always been so quick to ignore anything bad with any of them. It was funny how quickly the tables turned when her breaking point for them had been reached. And now, in the end, she was the one leaving them.

    Despite that tragic, tragic tale, however, Elowen had a new family here in the Flights. She had Mister Atlas and Miss Freya, and now she had all her adorable little unofficial siblings in the form of Alby, Emil, Radey, Winter, and Divy. It was free from conflict and tensions and toxicity, and instead it was.. it was happy. They each made her happy, and her little brothers were always quick to cheer her up when she was having a bad day. She'd found something much better here, and she was going to hold on to it forever. She was going to hold on to them forever. She hoped Mister Seamus could find the same here.

    Luckily for the bengal tiger, the first one to approach was probably the least threatening creatures. She was a small cat - smaller than the average domestic, with rounded features and not a single sign of battle upon her skin. So, maybe that would make him feel better about being smaller. But what she found was that even her bigger friends here were mountain-lion sized anyways. He'd fit in just swell.

    At his call, the girl couldn't help but smile a little, troubles pushed aside. Her certainly had an odd way of speaking - but then again she kinda did too. But in any case, his voice sounded nice, even if it was gentle and quiet. "Nope-" Elowen would begin with a tease, as she emerged from the dense bushes, "-Just me," she would finish. She wasn't just anyone, but she was someone, and that counted, she thought.

    Approaching closer to the big-cat that was still likely more than 5 times her height, she would take a comfortable seat with a warm smile - tail curling around her paws as she looked upon him. "Hi. 'M Elowen. I like 're-uh.. accent? Yeah." She had to stop herself from saying I like your words because that certainly didn't make sense. Thankfully she remembered that accent was a word. "Do y' need anything?" she would prompt after a brief moment of silence, head tilting slightly to the side. She was getting accustomed to greeting ambassadors, lately, and she was curious if this fellow was one. However, he didn't smell like any clans she'd come across lately, so she figured that she'd wait to see what his answer was.

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  • ———— Seamus Dillon ————


    Seamus looked down to Elowen and smiled, nodding. "Hi! I was hoping I'd be able to join you guys." the tiger mewed quietly, irish accent thick. When she said she liked his accent, he smiled and dipped his head. "Why thank you. My parents, they were Irish, I guess I get it from them." he explained and nodded, smiling again.



    Ignis made his way over with an almost overbearing inquisitiveness as he sprinted up towards the tiger and began to sniff at him, clearly not having much fear towards the larger beast or any respect for boundaries, but he was only a few months old. He cooed lightly in wonder as he eventually plonked himself down on his haunches and gazed up at Seamus whilst his blue tongue lolled out the side of his mouth.

    "I'm Ignis! Are you gonna be a new friend?"


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  • ———— Rhapsody Valentine ————

    she planned ahead for a year

    Rhapsody had a weird thing with tigers. They reminded her of people that she had once knew who had passed, and also people who had aided in said passing. A shiver rippled through her pelt. Tigers were bad in her book and having one in the Clan meant that she would sleep a little less soundly.
    Still, in true Rhapsody fashion, she put on a big welcoming grin. A fake grin, but a smile nonetheless. She stood close to Elowen, their fur touching. It made her feel comforted. No tigers would eat her or drag her off to the Exiles or cheat on her if Elowen was here, right? That just wasn't how it worked. She wanted to tell Ignis that tigers didn't make very good friends, but she held her tongue. She couldn't just be rude to this man, she had to at least get to know him first. "I'm Rhapsody Valentine. Welcome."
    Though her voice didn't betray it like Seamus's did, Rhapsody's mother had been Irish. An Irish accent was something that she hadn't heard in months. It was strangely comforting.

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  • ———— Seamus Dillon ————


    Seamus looked to Ignis and Rhapsody, starting to lose his ability to speak as what he saw as a crowd formed around him. "H-Hi, can everyone please t-take a st-step back?" The tiger mewed softly, feeling a little uncomfortable.


  • ★ ★ ★ accents were partially lost on the near - deaf ragdoll . he saw the crowd forming and came to join them , unable to hear whatever it was that seamus was actually saying . watching his lips didn't help either . he could read the heavy accent , couldn't discern where it was from , and struggled to make out proper words . the ryuku squinted slightly , picking out just a few choice words , just enough to quit leaning in and instead shift backwards . " ah , welcome to the flights , " the frenchman offers , his own accented voice attempting to remain level despite his inability to hear it's volume . " i didn't catch your name , sorry . what is it , again ? i'm , ah , enjolras , by the way . "

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  • Sensing the vibrations of a crowd gathering near the border, the mountain lioness trotted over with curiosity as to what the occasion was. She wasn't surprised to see a new face - thankfully friendly looking enough - as there had been quite a bit of joiners as of late. She was hesitant to approach when she overheard the tiger's last comment asking them to take some steps back, but as she still wanted to wish the male a welcome to the clan, she decided after a minute or two to slowly make her way to the outskirts of the group so she didn't invade his space. "Welcome to the Flights," The smokey feline added onto her clan-mate's greetings, lengthy tail waving calmly in his direction. After lowering her head in a bow, she continued, "My name is Freya. You're welcomed to fetch me any time if you need anything or have any questions. For now, we can show you back to our camp to get settled if you like?"

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  • ———— Seamus Dillon ————


    "N-no, thats quite alright, I think I'll be fine. Seamus said softly, not trying to be rude, as his rper shouldnt be awake at the moment. The tiger turned to Enjolras and dipped his head again. "I'm Seamus, n-nice to meet you, En-Enjoy- ah Im terribly sorry, Enjolras." Seamus would stutter out, mearly unable to say the others name.

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