• How did one know when enough was enough? How did one figure out that it was time to let go, fade back into history? I don't know. Time was a river, it never truly stopped, you couldn't stop it, nothing could.

    She was exhausted, her limbs ached as sounds became something of the world again. They were distant, she could hear the soft twinkling of chimes fade in and out. Vake up, mein liebling. Dull blue eyes stretched wide, meeting the sunny landscape around her. It was blurry, as if she had fallen into a deep sleep, but as it focused a painfully familiar feeling took over her. Home. It was home... but why? Why was she here, a cruel prank perhaps? One of life's many ways of making you feel like you just barely had a grip? Her head spun and she let out a soft hiss, her paws clumsily dragging forwards.

    Paws that she didn't recognize stretched out and she looked down. Fluffy, sot fur that was so unlike the windblown brown tabby pattern that she once held so much pride over. Confusion gripped her heart and she hesitantly reached up a paw. Her face was more sharp, angular rather than round- what was rolling down her cheek? Was it tears? She lowered her paw to look at it and she gasped softly at the red rolling down her legs. Blood. It was blood, whose? Whose was it? She struggled to her paws and nearly heaved up her stomach, her ears flattening as she felt herself on the brink of panic. Eyes looked up and she realized where exactly in the territory she was. Just further now, the Gaia- And so she stumbled forwards, frantic tears rolling down her cheeks as her breaths began to pick up. The mother felt broken, scared, she just wanted sleep.

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  • "What the fuck?"

    When you're just trying to lay down and take in the sky, the last thing you're prepared for is a lady walkin round like she's come back from the dead. Hey, considering some shit round these parts he couldn't rule that out completely.

    Seems if he wasn't being interrupted by Timekit he was having to be witness to a lass stumbling like death. Damn the slight good in him ignoring the part that says 'pretend you didn't see.

    "Oi! Lady what's the deal? You alright!?"

    Lifting himself to large paws the beast made his way over, suddenly all the more aware of the sticky blood dribbling from her face. An ugly mix of salted tears and copper blood. A foul taste.

    "Aw shit- oi lean on my tail- I can drag you to camp a lot quicker than your half dead waddle."

    His hearts beat a little quicker.

    "Who are you, can you tell me what happened?" His voice fell to a kinder volume. The poor thing looked so shaken and weary.

    "We'll get you some help."

  • She didn't think this through. Being gone for several months and forgotten into the history book pages, she now realized that she wouldn't have been met with open arms as she once would have. She was no longer a prominent figure of hope; Joshua's voice stopped her right in her tracks and she flinched, stumbling on barely used paws and cowering with fear. Oh, my love, you would be so disappointed in me if you could see me now. "Don- Don't hurt me." she gasped like it hurt to talk, her eyes flittering from space to space, looking for a way out, desperately trying to just disappear.

    She had to face him and finally snapped her head towards him, shaking like a leaf in the wind. "My- my babies... My babies!" a mourning cry left her mouth, a fresh wave of tears rolling down her cheeks as her legs nearly buckled beneath her. "Oh god, i'm such a horrible mother!" she sobbed, her voice now shaking as she struggled to keep her panic down. Where are they? I want my babies, please, if I can't have Magi I have to have my babies! "Aylith? Heavensward? Lincoln?" each name that she cried out brought fresh pain as she finally fell to her paws, her heart aching. Oh god it hurts so much.

    His softer toned voice brought her back and yet she couldn't stop the hysterical sobbing. "I'm- I'm Silverlanterns. I don- I don't know! I woke up, I don't know how long I slept! My nymph, my- He should be the shepherd! Survivalinstinct! Anyone! I'm looking for anyone!" she can't calm herself as she falls over the ledge of a panic attack. "Anyone, anyone, my babies, my husband, I- I feel sick." the world was spinning and she struggled to her paws once more, gritting her fangs. She stumbled forwards once more, only to lean on Joshua's tail as he said. She needed sleep, she felt like she'd implode if one more thing went wrong.




  • YOUR LOVE IS SUNLIGHT — liquidgold — the sanctuary — tags

    Liquidgold didn't know Silverlanterns. They knew of the former Shepherd, Winterhymn's predecessor, soft girl with too much on her plate - but Liquidgold had lived in the Cartel when she lad led here and they had never interacted. They'd been passing nearby, on their way south to speak to their former home (ambassador duties were a pawful on top of everything else, but it kept them busy) when the distinct phrase of what the fuck reached their ears. The sound was accompanied by the distinct tang of blood, faint on the breeze, and the ink which ran in the former Nurse's veins ran cold as ice as they trotted over.

    Blue eyes gingerly traced the unfamiliar form of Silverlanterns, not quite sure where to start when looking for the source of the injuries. That's ... a lot of blood. The thought surfaced unbidden, and Liquidgold swallowed harshly against the discomfort in their chest. Damnit, they had to look out for another potential healer among their ranks, they couldn't do this by themself for much longer. they looked up at Joshua.

    "Joshua, can you carry her back to the camp? I'll get started on collecting herbs so that we can get her stabilised. Just keep her awake, please." They ordered with a nod, barely waiting for a response before they set off towards camp in order to gather their supplies. Their healing power wouldn't exactly cut it here.

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    ☾・゚. you were the brightest shade of sun i had ever seen

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  • ◞➳ hysteria crisped into midspring breezes, soaking into fae touched meadowlands like rain fall pitter patter, pitter patter. tragedy strikes all over again it fe like, a madness brewing in the lulls of serenity that has only just begun to blanket lush earth once more. the babbles highstrung and tearful, weeping willow tongues and heavy metallic copper stench are what draws her close at an eager pace firsrlh, alarm beginning to rise and claim her phantom flesh, and joshua's own brass based words surely do quicken her steps but then other voice, the oddity, the unknown, the unfamilair one slurs out a name, his name.


    and breath snags itself in throat, lungs fire eaten and smoke stained drag; bucket of ice water dumped over head, adrenaline shoots lightning bolt into veins laced blues and knotted reds.


    her son, her son, she knows who her son is? does she know where he's gone? oh, the thoughts invade heavy rot and fog of a sinking mind, ever so damning. chicago is running before she even realizes it, dead on bolt where long caramel and ivory striped limbs streak into blurs amber and moon waning, waxing, breath rattled heavily in gunpowder chest, the stench of blood phantomly yet thick insulting nostrils, so much, oh so much, her lungs are shot—

    she arrives, a tangle of dizzy mindedness and exhausted limbs, but sugar plum eyes are wide, wide and its only taken moments, moments to get to where she is now but it felt like eternities she had blitzed through instead. blood, blood is everywhere, crimson streaks marring flowery grounds like ropes of sticky snakes, flushed into fur of strange woman— she knows her son, she knows him— all of an angel's mercy, crimson moon stains cupping at her cheeks almost in tendered of embracea and slathering her limbs long and slender. a mess, hysteria bubbling, screaming, and crying, she's broken wind chimes and past misfortunes; unease drops like stone heavy in dead girl's stomach. liquidgold gives the order, turning away as she arrives and chicago merely moves forward to joshua's side all neon brights and battery acid flesh, exhaustion finally catching up to her, words a breathless offer singed into tongue, "i can— i can help you get 'er up." stumble, stutter, she chases her breaths before eyes gleaned sugar plums finally return to woman all bloodied and panicked, panicked, trembling creature emotional and lost and making her stomach twist,"an' you— deep breaths. yer okay now, s'all gonna be okay. we got ya, we got ya."


    ◜ . burning but still cold┊ information . ◞

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  • Ah. So another ancient has returned to the Sanctuary; as a place where the afterlife lived among the living, it seemed often that faces of old returned to the place. They briefly remembered their time in Valhalla, but that was only as far as their memory of the clans went as far. They weren't around during Silverlanterns' time nor even the time of her successor, Survivalinstinct. When the modified snow leopard quietly floated over with wisps of lavender trailing after them, all they saw was a lost and hysterical lady blurting out names that they did not know.

    Yellow eyes were narrowed as the attempt to haul Silverlanterns onto Joshua came into play. "It's fine, I can do that," they'd state towards Chicagocrimes. They had no way to comfort the injured woman so the least they could do was haul her safely up was via the use of their Psychic. The Nymph was better off providing emotional support because oh howdy, they were going to need lots of that.


  • Her lungs tighten and she can't breathe, eyes stretching wide as the scent of creatures coming towards her sparked instant fear. Terrified, Silver was terrified and she started to wave her paws, churning the air in a desperate attempt to do- to do what? You have nothing left. Throw up, she wanted to throw up, scream to the high heavens but instead the rush of blood loss made her faint and she'd finally slump forwards, fluttering sky blue eyes in an attempt to regain control.

    "My babies." it came out in a sound akin to deep mourning, raw emotion leaving her mouth and making her breathless. "Dead," she struggled to get the word out as creatures pressed themselves against her, talked, screamed, murmured with anything but lulling lullabies. "Aren't they? They're dead. My dear shepherd, where... Is he?" her voice was growing quiet, now, exhaustion was dragging at an already weary body but she fought like high hell to keep herself awake, keep the terrors that the abyss would bring at bay. "Dead, all gone." she repeated and another cry left her, tears rolling down her cheeks. If they are gone, where is my legacy? Where is my family? She would have none. A terrifying thought, she was getting sicker, fainter by the growing minutes. "I want sleep."

    // deep cuts on both flanks! a semi-deep throat scratch.




  • Gently the beast hushed her, encouraging her to offer him her weight.

    "That's okay, please recall to breathe- we'll get you help and someone will help you with this family business."

    He moved slowly, allowing her to control the pace. He feared if he tried to pick her up (be that teeth or claws) he'd simply hurt her further. Swaying like that would surely make that sickness true.

    "Now, now, I doubt you're a horrible mother. Many who are horrible would not worry about being so. I'm sure you're a wonderful parent."

    There's a flurry of others - the leader, Chicago, that ghost of flames - and some seem to know her. The wailing woman is moved by them to the safety of the thick curls of his tail. He'll need to follow Liquidgold as they'd instructed.

    At least now Fireghost and Chica could help keep the poor thing from tumbling off his tail. The red of her blood stuck out on neon feathers. This poor lass...

    "No, no, I'm sorry, but you cannot sleep yet, okay? You need to stay awake until you're sorted."

    At least now camp was in sight, a possibility. Liquidgold could fix whatever was plaguing the poor thing.

    He chuffed.

    "Keep talking to her," he told the others, tone sharp and orderly. Last thing they needed was for her to close her eyes and never open them again.

  • ◞➳ "keep talking to her,"

    the words are sharp utterance curving over ears like thorns, snappish order that any other day she'd have bared own fangs and clamped teeth together, a snarled rumble spat from hallowed chest. instead, corpse of a queen moves in pace with fireghost and joshua, her strides quick and sure as they move toward camp all swift-footed, and her mind a whirlwind of thoughts bruised blues and peaches, thoughts drowning as woman murmurs still, cries of her children piercing and barbing her heart, one mother to another, but she can't bring herself to touch on that; she doesn't know what she might hear. "yer . . . yer shepherd. what was he like?" chicago says finally, forcing books on gravel like voice rasping and harsh to mellow and soften as best as it ever might, like she would talk to constellation child endearing and beloved.