and they were roommates! //BxB pafp// oh my god, they were roommates..

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    "Everyone seemed awfully suspicious of me in all of those stores," Sammy giggled as he walked with his friend after going into the stores Phil wanted to go into. "I have no clue why, though, I'm just as fancy as you," he teased and walked with him. Despite the fact that the employees seemed to be staring him down the entire time, he had fun with the handsome man. As long as he was with Philip, he didn't care what they did or who gave him weird looks. "Now.. you wanna get bubble tea? I'll pay," Sammy offered sweetly.

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    Philip smiled at Sammy, one hand full of shopping bags and the other one clapping Sammy on the back. "Oh, they just don't known normal clothes when they see it."

    As they made their way towards the food court, passing by a wide variety of stores. Half of them, Philip had half a mind to visit. Some of them had art in the windows, or nice shirts, or books, or—Philip did a double-take as a familiar brunette strode out of a bookstore, two books clutched to her chest.

    "Hey!" Philip exclaimed and bounded away from Sammy. "Lilly!"

    Lilly whirled around, eyes wide, but her face broke into a beautiful smile as she caught sight of Philip.

    "Hi, Phil," Lilly said softly. "It's nice to see you outside of work. Who's your friend?" Her eyes had already flitted towards Sammy, and she smiled brightly at hime,

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    The blond grinned and walked with his friend. It wasn't until the other nearly sprinted off. Sammy quickly looked to where he was going until he heard him calling for Lilly. Oh. His heart fell a bit at the sight. He knew he shouldn't have relied on this being a good day.

    He quietly walked over but kept some distance between the pair. Sammy offered a little smile when the woman looked to him, offering a wave. "I'm Sammy, Phil's roommate," he explained before looking between the pair. "Um.. Phil, I'm just gonna go get hair ties, I forgot to get some earlier. Just call me when you're done," the blond spoke before stepping away to go do what he said. Sammy sighed and rubbed his eyes before focusing on finding a pack of hair ties to prove that that was what he was actually getting that.

  • Philip blinked, startled by Sammy's sudden disappearance. He would've thought Sammy would want to meet Lilly, to welcome her to New York and offer to guide her in the way he had guided Philip. Maybe he only took one foreigner under his wing at a time. The thought made Philip smile.

    "Well, I can see you're out and about with your...friend," Lilly said, and Philip didn't understand the pause before 'friend.' "How long have you two known each other?"

    "Oh, three years? Since I left uni and needed a place to stay," Philip explained, running his fingers through his hair. "Normally, he'll stick around for a conversation. Don't know what's gotten into him lately."

    "I should be going," Lilly said, checking her watch. "I picked up a shirt today. Probably shouldn't have, but, well, I don't know New York too well. Field work, I think, will set me on the right track."

    Philip and Lilly said their goodbyes, Lilly reminding Philip of the time they had set for tomorrow, and Philip rushed off in search of Sammy, a million questions racing through his head.

  • Sammy had just finished paying for the pack of hair ties at a little outlet, thanking the young man once he finished his purchase. He left the store soon enough and sighed, looking around. He just didn't want to stick around for the interaction. The blond was convinced his heart wouldn't be able to take it so he thought it'd be best to stay away from the situation in general.

    So Sammy was stuck aimlessly wandering around the mall. He saw a D&D type store earlier so he might just spend his time in there. But then he saw Philip. His stomach felt it just dropped right there. He was terrified of what he was going to say about Sammy's sudden disappearance. He took in a shaky breath, just mentally preparing himself for whatever his roommate was going to say. He forced a smile when he approached, "Hey, I got my hair ties, wanna continue going to the food court?" Hopefully if he played the disappearance off as nothing then Philip would do the same.

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    "Hey," Philip said softly, placing both his hands on Sammy's shoulders and looking up in the eye. "Whatever I've done wrong, I want you to know I don't mean it. I really don't. I want to stay friends, Sam. Please."

    He held the eye contact for a moment longer, then broke away. He started walking, checking back over his shoulder to make sure Sammy was following and plastered his usual smile on his face.

    "Come on!" he said. "Let's get something to eat, and then I need a sketchbook."

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    Sammy flinched as the other grabbed his shoulders, watching him as he spoke. He looked down and nodded a little. It felt like he was getting scolded for some reason. He wasn't a fan of it. The blond trailed after him and sighed. Why did he have to see Lilly? He had nothing against the woman, just the idea of them being together. She seemed awfully nice but he just wished he was in her shoes and have Phil be into him. But they didn't live in that perfect world.

    "I'm not that hungry now, I'll just get bubble tea.." he admitted quietly as he walked with Philip. He kept most of his focus on the ground now, unsure of what to look at other than the mall floor. Samny chewed the inside of his cheek as he tried to sort his feelings out.

  • Philip worked his jaw as he took in Sammy's dejected appearance. Lilly was the cause, then. Twice, Sammy's mood shifted, and twice Lilly had been involved now. Not work. Lilly. Philip frowned as he led the way to the food court. He ran his fingers through his hair and adjusted his grip on the shopping bags.

    "I'll get a table," Philip said, pulling away from Sammy to figure out all the thoughts running through his head. He needed advice, but he had no one to turn to. Not really. Not about something like this. They were all back in England.

    Philip sighed and sat an empty table, lacing his fingers under his chin and gazing up at the skin. He wished he could read Sam's mind, but he doubted it would be appreciated.

  • Sammy nodded and watched the other man go before rubbing his face. He felt bad. He ruined everything by being in a shitty mood about running into Lilly. The blond just felt so stressed over this. But the young man got their regular order and paid before reluctantly heading over to the table Phil had selected.

    Sam sat down, across from Philip, and gave him his drink. He sat his bag down and quietly sipped his tea. He couldn't meet the other's gaze or even look at him because he felt so guilty. So Sammy took to watching the mall in silence.

  • While Sammy watched the mall, Philip watched Sammy. He swirled his straw in his drink, contemplating his new revelation. Lilly was the source of Sammy's bad mood. Philip didn't understand why. Maybe Sammy thought Philip would leave him for Lilly, now that he had someone from England to talk to. Philip frowned at that one. Sammy knew him better than anyone in the US. Did he believe Philip would just leave him?

    "Are you ever going to tell me what's wrong?" Philip asked softly. "Because this isn't you, Sam. Not anymore. What happened?" Oh, he doubted he'd pull an answer out of Sammy in the middle of the mall, but he wanted to know so badly it hurt.

  • He frowned slightly and considered his next few words. Samny focused on his drink as he thought before swallowing and looking at Philip. "There's nothing wrong, social battery just sorta died, yknow," he explained quickly. "It just happens sometimes." Hopefully that was believable. It has happened before if Sammy was out and about so it wasn't out of character for him.

    Besides, he wasn't going to admit what he was feeling. He didn't want to discourage Phil from seeing Lilly, they both seemed to enjoy each other's company. Who was he to get between that? It was better to just let them be. Sure, his feelings would be hurt but at this point it was a tiny sacrifice for Philip to be happy and thats all he really wanted in life.

  • Philip hung his head, an admission of defeat. There would be no pulling an answer out of Sammy, or forcing one. No, Sammy would not be so easily dissuaded. Philip would just have to make the best of what they had.

    "Tell you what," Philip said. "I need a new sketchbook. I'll pick it up, and we can go home. No people there. I'll even leave for the tonight. Got to a bar. You'll have the flat all to yourself. How does that sound?"

  • He listened and took another sip of his drink. Sammy frowned a little at the suggestion but hid it by looking away. "If that's what you wanna do then fine, go ahead," he spoke but immediately winced at how that sounded. It sounded awfully aggressive and he didn't mean for it to come out that way. It just felt like all his emotions were overloading his thoughts. He covered his face as he slowly took in a deep breath, trying to just regulate his thiughts and feelings. "I'm sorry, I'm not feeling to well right now," Samny admitted

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    Philip adjusted his tie around his neck, a silky black-and-blue one he had brought over from London. He smoothed the front of his shirt, nitpicking at every little detail until his outfit was perfect. Only then did he smile to himself, run his fingers through his hair one last time and head out into the kitchen.

    No sign of Sammy. As expected. Philip sighed and decided to just write him a note while he made lunch. In all honesty, he wasn't expecting a goodbye at this point. Sammy was just acting so strange, and Philip had no idea how Lilly could be the cause. Maybe he knew a Lilly, and she'd broken his heart. Maybe that was it. He didn't like the same...

    The explanation failed to convince him as Philip scribbled out the address and when he intended to return—before dinner, if Lilly didn't want to spend the evening with Philip as well, wandering around New York City.

  • //alright! That sounds great

    Sammy was dressed and trying to build up the courage to leave his room. He'd be fine. Philip wouldn't do anything to him. But he was still a little scared. But he had to get to work. So the blond bit the bullet and left his room silently. The young man quietly walked to the kitchen, pausing as soon as he saw Philip. His heart felt like it was going a mile a minute.

    He passed him by, though, getting his regular granola bar before quickly going to the door. Sammy pulled his shoes on before grabbing his keys and jacket. "What do you want for dinner," he finally asked, looking over to his roommate as he rested his hand on the door handle. He didn't want to leave without saying something to Philip but he wanted to limit his conversation out of fear of being asked what was going on.

  • Philip looked up from his note, smiled and crumpled the paper in his fist. He leaned against the counter and shrugged, running his fingers over gelled-back hair.

    "Whatever strikes your fancy," he said. "I might not be back for dinner tonight, so it's up to you."

  • The young man nodded and tapped the door handle a few times. Oh. Right. Philip would be on his little date. Sammy sighed and rubbed his face slowly. "Alright, bye," he mumbled before quietly leaving the apartment. He tugged his jacket on, holding it shut in an attempt to make himself feel a little better.

    Sammy went to get in his car, quickly getting in and sighing. He slowly started his car before resting his heading against the wheel. This was gonna be a good day, why was he so down? He needed to fix his attitude soon. He should be happy for Phil... but he couldn't bring himself to be happy..

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    Philip watched Sammy go, his lips pressed tightly together. Nothing he could do, now that Sammy was gone. He realized now spending time with Lilly wasn't the best idea, but surely Sammy could at least let him get to know Lilly. What was supposed to happen, anyways? Philip shook his head and went to get his wallet. He'd figure it out eventually.

    Philip and Lilly, as it turned out, had a lot in common. Hell, they had even been to the same university, though Philip wouldn't have known Lilly, especially because of the age difference. Still, that didn't stop either of them from hitting it off almost immediately as they reminisced about England, discussed their love of journalism and otherwise got to know each other quite well in the span of one afternoon.

    As evening rolled around, Philip and Lilly found themselves walking down a street running parallel to Broadway. The streetlights were coming on, and as Philip decided they ought to head onto Broadway itself to experience New York City's night life, a bang ripped through the air. And not just any kind of bang, but the bang of a gun going off.

    Somewhere up ahead, people started to scream. Philip grabbed Lilly's hand and adjusted his position so he stood a little ahead of her.

    "Call the police," Philip said to Lilly as he rummaged around in his pocket for his phone. "I'm going to see what I can do to help."

    "Against an active shooter?" Lilly exclaimed, her voice rising an octave. "You're not serious?"

    Philip flashed her a quick half-grin. "Well, we'd have a much better report to write up if we got in close, and besides, I'm not about to write about someone's death knowing I could have been there to stop it."

    And with that, Philip took off at a run. He heard Lilly start speaking on the phone, and he almost sighed in relief. She was smart enough not to follow. Philip didn't like the idea of putting himself in harm's way, but he wouldn't let anyone die. Not today. Not while he was here to stop it.