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    heartbreaker with an ego

    doin' some things that could've been illegal

    Lilith Wilson-Kowalki | Thunderlands | | PENNED BY GODDESS

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    GENERAL ⁠—

    ⁠— lilith kowalki-wilson | lilith | lil-eth

    ⁠— dfab | she/her | straight but subject to change

    ⁠— thunderlands | pup | no title

    ⁠— 6 months | ages 1 month every 50 IC posts | 03/22/2020 | Aries

    — faceclaim is laylamon from digimon + toga himiko from bnha


    ⁠— deathstroke xx feliks | littermate to cocomero, mateo, and valerie | younger sibling to cody | half-sibling to abner, magdalene, bellatrix, and breakout

    ⁠— single | monogamous | no crush atm | ½ n/a

    ⁠— no children

    ⁠— no notable friends


    eurasian/timber wolf mix [birth + main] — as a pup, lilith is small. her legs are quite stubby and she has difficulty walking compared to her siblings. she will be the smallest of her siblings when it comes to brute strength, always struggling to keep up and considered the runt. her pawpads and nose will be a light shade of pink that will contrast with her coat. her body is covered in a light chocolate fur that gives off the appearance of fluffiness, however, its texture is very coarse. her eyes will be a light lilac that one would say have the power to dazzle those who look into them. as a pup, her voice is reminiscent of that of a bubbly child. it is very squeaky and loud.

    as an adult, she will grow into those stubby legs and find herself being taller than the majority of her siblings though her body will be slim and lean. her fur as an adult will have been well maintained, groomed frequently and highlighting her more desirable features. her face will go from plump and sweet to angled and beautiful. she walks with pride and knows that she is attractive, his posture always ladylike and when she walks one could practically see her snout raised in the air in an almost noble-like manner. she is a fan of the colder climates, her fur being thick enough to handle the brunt of it and keep her warm.

    she has a rather elegant sounding voice as an adult, having grown out of her more childish features and becoming a more refined woman. her voice could be compared to honey due to how sickly sweet it is.


    — charming, sweet, friendly | peaceful, curious | narcissistic, calculating

    lilith as a puppy is very bubbly and on the hunt for new and exciting things. she finds herself running into mischief constantly due to her extreme curiosity. she is very affectionate as a puppy, clamoring for her siblings and parents affection and showing her loves towards her friends willy-nilly. as a pup she will try to be one of her father's favorite daughters and if that happens she will develop a very spoiled attitude. she is not a careful thing as a puppy, but she is a follower of the rules and is not likely to break them. she would be the first to go and tell and authority figure if one of her siblings or friends were to do something that went against the rules she knows. as she grows older, however, that desire to follow rules will start to dissipate. though she will still follow them, she will find workarounds so long as they suit her needs. the bubbliness of her youth will turn into a more mature friendliness that she will display to only those deserving of it and that curiosity that had gotten her into so much trouble as a pup will turn into a passion. she will be more cautious as an adult as she knows that she is not very strong and needs to use her wits to survive. lilith is the type of individual as an adult to use her more womanly charms to get herself out of troubles. she is a charmer through and through and excellent with her words, knowing exactly what the other wants to hear and being able to slip away easily. she is a princess whether she was treated as one as a child or not and she acts as such. she talks down to those she deems inferior and she is not against taking what she believes should be hers. she will love her siblings and she will love her family, but her needs will always come first before them. she is not the argumentative type and would rather use logic and patience.


    — as a pup lilith's curiosity will get the better of her and she will run off to an enemy clan in order to see what they are like. possible she will be captured and need to be rescued. during this time she can be mild tortured or she can make friends. regardless the experience will be the catalyst for her more manipulative tendencies as an adult

    — she has a childhood crush that becomes a long-term relationship. as she starts to become more self-absorbed as an adult that relationship can falter and she can be dumped. if the relationship stays strong she will have one single litter with them. bonus points if they were from that enemy clan and were a friend she made

    — due to her small stature and being weak she will learn about medicines and poisons in order to better protect herself

    — more tba


    — low physical difficulty | low mental difficulty

    — won't start fights | will end fights | will show mercy | will kill

    — no mentor/no apprentice | no weapon | basic medical knowledge

    — powers [0/100% mastery]

    — can powerplay peaceful actions | won't provoke violence

    — attack in #b3a1c4 | tag goddess.

    heartbreaker with an ego

    doin' some things that could've been illegal

    Lilith Wilson-Kowalki | Thunderlands | | PENNED BY GODDESS

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  • march 2020-april 2020

    On March 22nd 2020, Lilith was born alongside her siblings, Cocomero, Valerie, and Mateo during the Sanguine Ruins take over of Thunderlands to Deathstroke and Feliks Wilson-Kowalki. During the first bit of her life, it would be uneventful. She would host a meet and greet in order to introduce herself to more of her clanmates. Much of her life would consist of greeting joiners on the border and participating in games in the clan. By April 11th, 2020, she would be promoted to Raindrop.

    heartbreaker with an ego

    doin' some things that could've been illegal

    Lilith Wilson-Kowalki | Thunderlands | | PENNED BY GODDESS

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    name / ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


    = regret

    = fear

    = hatred

    = disgust

    = dislike

    = unease

    = neutral

    = acquaintance

    = friend

    = close friend

    = crush

    = romantic love

    = family or considered family

    = respect

    = trust

    heartbreaker with an ego

    doin' some things that could've been illegal

    Lilith Wilson-Kowalki | Thunderlands | | PENNED BY GODDESS


    love taste - moe shop

    "you wanna have this,

    don't you realize

    infatuated, with a little taste "

    bad girl - macross 82-99

    "i'm a bad girl"

    are you kidding me - psyqui

    "i don't wanna be an easy girl

    don't talk to me, I'm not kidding"

    blush - fusq

    "maybe i like you

    you make me go

    you make me go, oh

    you make me go, oh, oh"

    heartbreaker with an ego

    doin' some things that could've been illegal

    Lilith Wilson-Kowalki | Thunderlands | | PENNED BY GODDESS