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    Briarheart thought for a moment, what did she want to do now? On the one paw, she wanted to collect their prey and drop Webpaw off at camp and call it a day, but on the other...Webpaw didn't seem exhausted yet. Briarheart needed to set a precedent of how their training would be, and she knew just the thing. "Come." she meowed simply, befoer standing straight and walking back the way they had come, back towards the sandy hollow.

    Briarheart hadn't planned on practicing combat for their first outing together, but she intended this time to be one of assessment. She had witnessed a bit of Webpaws hunting and quickly determined the young she-cat needed strengthening in her hind legs. Briarheart would have her walk away from this lesson bruised and exhausted; only then would she be satisfied with her teachings. As the pair came upon the sandy hollow, she was pleased to find it vacant. The tortie she-cat dropped deftly into the center and turned to face her apprentice. Her eyes betrayed little emotion, and her face was a mask. "Attack me as you would an enemy, Webpaw." she challenged. Her stance betrayed nothing, if anything she looked quite relaxed. "Claws sheathed, though." she corrected with a snort. She wouldn't have her apprentice actually harming her, that would be downright embarrassing. Briarheart was eager to see what the cats of outside-clans had in terms of combat abilities. It may be useful information to know.

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    Following Briarheart to the new destination she was surprised when they arrived at the sandy hollow the place Briarheart said they would learn combat training in and to watch her eyes in case other cats used the sand to blind her when Briarheart settled herself near the center and asked her to show her how she would attack another but with claws sheathed the young she cats ears pinned back for a moment this was the part she always found difficult to do even when Whiteheart had trained her receiving many corrections to her leaps or slides as she left herself a little to open for counters, Webpaws blue eyes narrowed as she took a brief second to path out her attack before setting it in motion seemingly rushing Briarheart head on keeping her claws in she pretended to launch herself at her mentor but used her momentum to stop and turn her direction remembering to her paw pads spread so she wouldn't slip and slide through the sand stopping a tail length she rolled her weight turning to the right easily keeping the tail length distance she attacked launched once she had more of an angle aiming for Briarhearts shoulder.

    "Speech" -Attack-


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